Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 666

The anti-tank grenade, they did not have a Tokyo now, some unexpectedly people used the anti-tank grenade, who this was, moreover where did their anti-tank grenades from make? Island Country public security on difference to this? This group of people not only so have organization to have the discipline, but also in the hand unexpectedly also has the anti-tank grenade. „ It is not right, the anti-tank grenade can get so far as, that (spear|gun) naturally. „ Xia Tian has thought suddenly this, pulls up that female Ninja to run directly backward, female Ninja saw that Xia Tian must run, was a little immediately blurry, going to war time runs to behind, this is a military deserter, must sentence the death penalty. But when her anxiety, has heard the sound of gunfire suddenly, is the mechanism (spear|gun). The hand grenade and mechanism (spear|gun) unexpectedly appeared. But in these Ninja also has the weapon, but these are the dagger and Ninja blade and so on matter. How human body every embryo resists with the mechanism (spear|gun) . Moreover the opposite party presented 20 mechanism (spear|gun)s all of a sudden, 20 mechanism (spear|gun)s strafe directly, such glance of short distance, ten seconds was less than over a hundred Ninja completely falls to the ground.With the anti-tank grenade, concluded them. „ The leaders in that group of black clothed said. Whistling! This time Xia Tian and that female Ninja ran there.Died, entire, their unexpectedly has the mechanism (spear|gun) and anti-tank grenade, is this possible? We must a bit faster tell the front person. „ On the female Ninja face presented the panic-stricken color, the Ninja training of Island Country is very strict, regardless of there are afraid, must guarantee to latest news belt in the past. It looks like that female Ninja that Xia Tian must kill a moment ago is the same, even if saw that Xia Tian is so terrorist, her first thought also passes on the news.Em. „ Xia Tian nodded. Rumbling!

Two explosive sounds transmit in behind, the person who had not died a moment ago also is dying now. Although here is also Tokyo, but the distance lives in the urban district of person quite to be far, therefore the anti-tank grenade sound cannot pass to the urban district, even if some people hear, definitely thinks that is just the sound of train. „ The mechanism (spear|gun), the anti-tank grenade, these thing unexpectedly can transport to Tokyo comes, it seems like that this was their interior had the problem. „ Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, but this perhaps is the good deed, is more chaotic he to be easier to succeed. They run in the directions of other armies, quick had found other armies.mechanism (spear|gun), anti-tank grenade! Saying that „ female Ninja pants.What's the matter? Other people? „ In endures to have doubts looked that asked to female Ninja.Died, all died, in these manpower has the mechanism (spear|gun), and has the anti-tank grenade. „ After female Ninja deeply inspired, said directly.What? But here Tokyo, will present how possibly the mechanism (spear|gun) and anti-tank grenade, your several, quickly inform other people. „ In that endures to say hurriedly. In front of him that several people diverge directly.All people obey orders, full speed advance, the brigade by the scattered form advance, the independent assassination, on together, otherwise no one can block the mechanism (spear|gun). „ In that endures to shout once more. The Ninja superiority is the sneak attack and unexpected, if a big pile stands, that basic on display any function, finally can only like that two teams, be strafed a moment ago directly. Xia Tian and female Ninja also mixed in the team, once dispersed, then the opposite party did not have any superiority. Although in their hands has the (spear|gun), but did not have the goal, their mechanism (spear|gun) function is not big, nearby all directions have the enemy . Moreover the strengths of these people are not bad. That person skill that killed from Xia Tian a moment ago can look, he fell in ground flash unexpectedly has also made the movement of fast attack, thus it can be seen the opposite party absolutely was mercenary.

Pitiful yell sound continuously.Such gets down is not the means that our two overtake the front army first, here fight will be very certainly lasting, there one will erupt possibly a more serious fight, we must pass to support. „ Female Ninja very earnest saying. She understands that these people are certainly delaying their footsteps, genuine crisis certainly in front.Volume! „ Xia Tian nodded, this is his true goal. Does not overtake the front army, how he looks for the position of air defense unit. They are shuttling back and forth fast, at this time has the fight everywhere, but these Ninja request assistances, but is facing independently, consciousness that each of them has completed dying, this is also Island Country that so-called Samurai spirit. What is main is that leading Ninja does not have the request assistance. Because neighbor absolutely does not have the unnecessary army to be stationed, therefore called, in a short time some people will not support, only army in anti-aircraft armament place. But once he called inside person, then had the possibility intermediate total, once when the time comes there were sneak attacked, they all were the criminals. Moreover the army of anti-aircraft armament place is not casual can transfer, above must need the direct line order.Hateful, actually from where to emit these many mercenary, moreover there is a (spear|gun), hateful, is the ghost who who does. „ That endures angry saying specially, at this time over a thousand people of army remaining more than 200 people, other people all have only joined during the fight. Their these 200 people really cannot divide again, otherwise guarded this batch of armaments on nobody. Xia Tian and female Ninja pursued for a half hour to overtake the leading troops, this time leading troops lineup was very scattered, this can guarantee that cannot be sneak attacked, moreover some surroundings also people investigated, once encountered the situation, they can the earliest possible time react. In here leading troops hand has the weapon, similarly is also the charge, altogether has 40.

Do not walk away, watch here, if died in battle with some person people of (spear|gun), you pick up the (spear|gun) counter-attack. „ Endures to see specially Xia Tian and that female Ninja time orders to say directly. Xia Tian and female Ninja also nodded.Good, remember, must defend these things at risk of life. „ After that endures to nod specially, looked at the vision to the front. The time is maintaining the highest vigilance.Enemy raids! „ At this moment, Ninja shouts loudly, at the same time, his body but actually. Ninja this person of side, takes up the mechanism (spear|gun) strafe directly. But opposite and has adopted the combat method, threw more than ten hand grenades to suppress the attack of Island Country Ninja directly directly. Afterward these people start to counter-attack. Puff! Puff! Some Island Country Ninja here unceasing people were shot dead, Xia Tian focused on front of him on that mechanism (spear|gun)this way not being very good, the opposite party goal was these commodities, if they succeeded, I could not go in the Island Country air-defense base. „