Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 667

Xia Tian has determined, these people are not the China people, but is mercenary, their goals are to rob this batch of commodities, although this batch of commodities do not have with Xia Tian relations, was snatched him only to be happy, but is now different, if this batch of commodities were snatched directly, then the issue was serious. Xia Tian is unable to submerge the air-defense base in Tokyo successfully. Therefore he decided that must help this group of Islander.I really do not want to help you, but is needs you to guide. „ Xia Tian stood up from failure in ground one arrived at that Ninja side directly, after picking up the mechanism (spear|gun). Suddenly! Bang! Xia Tian unexpectedly uses the mechanism (spear|gun) burst. A (spear|gun) hit directly on a body of black-clothed person, black-clothed person has fallen to the ground.Good marksmanship, who to hit. „ Endures to shout specially loudly. Suddenly! Suddenly! Xia Tian stood up from failure, looked for a bunker, later, two (spear|gun)s made, has killed directly two black-clothed person.Attractive, sand, great, kills them, I record merit to you. „ Endures excited saying specially, he was still worrying, actually these many enemies should what to do . Moreover the opposite party also so many mechanism (spear|gun) and anti-tank grenade, they have 40 very mechanism (spear|gun)s. After anti-tank grenade bombing, firepower was suppressed by the enemy completely, their Ninja armies do not dare to clash forward, so long as crops up by the machine-gun burst. But has not thought that unexpectedly presented a marksmanship such good boy. Three (spear|gun)s have killed opposite party three gunners. Pit-a-pat! Xia Tian stands suddenly, afterward waves the arms about the mechanism (spear|gun), three bullets have hit.

He sweeps away. Bang! Bang! Bang!Good, good, such has hit. „ That endures excited shouting specially.When he became such fierce. „ That female Ninja whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. After Xia Tian has killed opposite party six gunners continuously, finally brought to the attention of opposite party.First kills that gunners. „ Opposite person shouts. The opposite party all (spear|gun)s of to Xia Tian here dozen. „, This bunker was so thin, fires several (spear|gun)s to pass. „ Xia Tian ran away hurriedly behind of another bunker, if he were continue hide there, must be punctured.Counter-attack! „ At this time, that specially endured to shout loudly. Ninja this side has launched counter-attack immediately, because that group of people have been hitting Xia Tian there a moment ago, therefore has given the opportunity of Island Country Ninja counter-attack.Other people give me to move away thing, continue to go forward, the commodity cannot delay. „ That endures to shout specially loudly. Since now already opposite party hot forcing, then the commodity can continue to go forward, although the opposite party has the hand grenade, but possibly is not infinite, a moment ago that more than ten anti-tank grenades definitely are their limits, otherwise the matter may be big. They can cause several hundred anti-tank grenades casually, is bringing these many mechanism (spear|gun)s, this may not only be the terror attack, will become the political issue. Nobody can transports these many (spear|gun)s and anti-tank grenades to Tokyo, only if internal management of Tokyo sells these weapons.Chaotic, is this, more chaotic is better. „ Xia Tian excited saying.Everybody insists that waited till the place to have the army to support us. „ That Island Country endures to shout specially loudly, hears his shout, all people have not gone all out.

Suddenly! Xia Tian one will crop up to start out a (spear|gun), he starts out a (spear|gun) every time, can kill opposite party one person, covertness that very even if these people hide, Xia Tian can also it kill in the flash that they crop up.Sand, do not hit, your marksmanship is good, you go to continue with the motorcade to walk forward, protect the commodity. „ That endures to shout specially loudly. Xia Tian had not answered that three and made two steps to follow the commodity vehicles directly. He wants is this result. That female Ninja just about to with, directly specially is endured to block.Takes up the (spear|gun) to continue to fight. „Em! „ Female Ninja nodded, sees the form that Xia Tian went far away, afterward joins the fight fast. Chaotic! This time surroundings can only with acting unreasonably to describe that these Ninja armies are sprinting to protect the motorcade fully, once runs into the enemy, they get rid directly, does not give the enemy the opportunity of any close motorcade. Present Xia Tian suddenly became idle. Because these black-clothed person are unable to approach their vehicles, Xia Tian fires several (spear|gun)s also to help these Ninja again frequently ease many pressures.Island Country also is really chaotic, capital unexpectedly can also have such serious gun battle, if this is in China, some people dare to cause trouble in Capital, that minute of minute of special troops can handle. Saying that „ Xia Tian disdains, he does not understand that Island Country these Expert sent to do. Solemn imperial capital unexpectedly presents such serious terror attack. If this situation occurred in China, then definitely will have Earth Grade Expert and Dragon Group person gets rid, then various types of special troops can also attack instantaneously. Some where people with running, all helicopter support.

The minute minute destroys completely the terrorist. Initially these mercenary just entered the China border time, Xia Tian Teacher|Division Head directly must order with shell coverage -type bombing. Regardless of spends how much money, China does not permit the foreign invasion. China most does not lack is Qian Heren. A missile several hundred thousand over a million, China has 1.3 billion population, a person contributes ten dollars is 13 billion, can explode casually. So long as each China person heard that is resists the foreign enemy to use, they will not have the slight parsimony. Island Country is but different, although their people are also many, 200 million population, however their countries, only then the palm of the hand big point place, the gap between rich and poor is too big. They have their influence and mass organization, lets probably make them donate money, only if the mass organization Boss start to talk. However these mass organization eldest children also all have the political background, therefore they casually will not donate money, this in free increases the prestige to own political enemy.Finally must arrive. „ Xia Tian saw the front electrical network. This place will certainly present several electrical networks and land mines, will have some mechanism, this is to prevent the enemy large surface area sneak attack uses. When Xia Tian their car(riage)s enter the base, inside army also officially came out to greet and help, the flash on building up and more than 3000 people of regular army armies, they hurried to outside directly. Before the commodity has not arrived, they are will not exit to support absolutely, because they worried that is the phony intelligence or luring the enemy out of his stronghod, once the commodity arrives, that did not have any issue. Bang! In these regular armies meet the following army and commodity, outside has remembered a series of explosive sounds.