Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 668

The explosive sound, very loud explosive sound, these explosive sounds solely are not several anti-tank grenades can send out absolutely.Outside exactly what happened, the outcome that this inside installs is any thing, snatching why these people such go all out. „ Xia Tian opens the X-Ray Vision eye instantaneously, when he opens the X-Ray Vision eye flash, he understands why these people were breaknecking. This inside installs is national treasure, the antique, although these thing Xia Tian did not determine that which country came from, but these things absolutely are value priceless. Moreover national treasure value does not spend money to carry on the estimate. unexpectedly of this group of Ninja this sending under custody is this batch of national treasures, they want certainly to treat as the stopover station with here, after research decides this batch of national treasures again the whereabouts.It seems like the person in that country went crazy, this time the fight at least several thousand people participate, now looks like the population must be more, moreover so many weapons, this must attack the meaning of Tokyo simply. „ Xia Tian says with emotion, these people clarified must do with Island Country, their these time will be able be said as all will call in all people of Island Country ambush. Bang! The surrounding land mine all was also detonated.It seems like this group of people know that here is the Island Country air-defense base, some of their people have certainly very high status in Island Country, can therefore know such important news, moreover can find the way to get so far as these many weaponry. „ Xia Tian understands that the opposite party goal is these antiques, once they are unable to ask for the antique, they will launch the holocaust. Bang! During dark night explosive sound continuously. When the vehicle enters to the air-defense base, these people know that the thing definitely could not snatch, because they were impossible to storm into the air-defense base, therefore they ambushed the person in Tokyo to start to destroy wantonly. The explosive sound keeps transmits in the street in Tokyo.

„, This group of people were insane, their unexpectedly attacks Tokyo. „ Xia Tian surprised saying, although the Tokyo surface seems truly defends insufficient formidable. However here after is the Island Country capital Tokyo. When they initiated that moment of explosion to be also doomed they unable to live are leaving Tokyo.Yeah, you were also one group of soldiers, although I did not know you, similarly does not know that you were any countries, but I must thank you, if did not have you, I could not come. „ Xia Tian has directly used Island Country simplest Ninjutsu, the magic of making oneself invisible, hid in the nearby. Afterward the little migration, here monitors everywhere, has the warning in all directions, so long as his is not careful, that will move the warning. Reason that here was called the air-defense base, because of their air defense missiles and anti-aircraft launchers, this thing is uses the technical research and development of America, might very big. Xia Tian wants to ruin these things not to be simple.It seems like ruins these things, only then means that that blasts them. „ Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he knows that he does not understand the science and technology, therefore wants to let using the system their crazy bang explodes randomly is impossible, but he will face a major problem now, although he saw the anti-aircraft launcher, but that thing was really too big. Which as for the missile, him does not know, moreover wants to detonate these bombs not to be easy, cannot ignite with the power-driven device. That thing itself has very strong quakeproof and bombproof outer covering, therefore was throws several anti-tank grenades in the past, will not have any function.Paternal grandmother, the issue may be big now, wanting me to find the missile, did I detonate? After having detonated, do I escape? „ Xia Tian more is more depressed. If the air-defense base that easily can destroy completely, then here already did not exist.

Had! What my really TM is the talent. „ Xia Tian line very good means. Therefore he turns toward inside directly quietly dives, although set out 3000 regular armies a moment ago, but here still has many Island Country army patrol at this time, therefore Xia Tian advance unusual is careful. He starts to look around for the position of ammunition depot, he wants to detonate the air defense missile, arrives at the thing in medical supply store to be essential. Xia Tian this search is one hour, outside war also gradually was near the end. Through this hour of search, Xia Tian had discovered more than 20 Island Country management, are all tampering with, some with own female subordinate, some with own female secretary, but also some with the female officer wait / etc., fill Yin to be chaotic in brief everywhere. What is main was he had found the Island Country ammunition depot, the fuel tank, the missile storage facility and that is loaded with the place of air defense missile. In these places several explosion-proof walls, prevent the accidental explosion, causes other places to explode continually. This type of explosion-proof wall can prevent the explosion large scale the might, the Island Country expert has studied, only if the air defense missile explodes directly, otherwise in several other had the explosion, absolutely not gearing to air defense missile there.Some people sneak, searches to me! „ When Xia Tian prepares to start, suddenly some people have sounded the warning. Originally was that endures to catch up specially, when he came has not discovered Xia Tian, thinks again a moment ago Xia Tian marksmanship, he wants to understand. The Ninja marksmanship may be not much, marksmanship that but Xia Tian shows, that is absolutely best.

This makes him feel that is not right, but his thoughts all on the resistance foreign enemy, had not noted at that time this situation. But when he enters the air-defense base, he knew to go bad, because he has not seen Xia Tian. This showed that Xia Tian has submerged. Hears the alarm sound time, in entire air-defense base thorough chaotic, everywhere is the soldiers, they started to carry on the rug search.Then may be bad, around this is the electrical network, the land mine and mechanism, exiting that even if impossible to turn by my qing gong, wants, can only walk the main entrance, but if I walked the main entrance, will immediately be guarded to kill, I was not invulnerable. „ Both eyes of Xia Tian are searching the surrounding situation fast. He knows now the hero is not good to work as. The surrounding soldier were getting more and more, they were away from the Xia Tian hiding place to be also getting more and more near.All people start rug search, do not miss any corner, even if a fly also kills to me, here does not permit any foreign invasion absolutely. „ A general opens the mouth to say directly.General, that person wears a Ninja clothing, he may also meet some camouflages very much, therefore everybody inspects must pay attention to a point. „ That endures to say specially hurriedly.So long as discovered that person, gives me the chaotic (spear|gun) to kill, I compare to hope that his bullet hole is less than 1000. „ That general shouts loudly. „ It is not good, if certainly tries to find the solution, how long otherwise I could not hide. „ Xia Tian innermost feelings anxious saying.