Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 669

Saw that these people were away from their position to be getting more and more near.Spelled! „ Xia Tian clenches the teeth to say. Bang! At this moment, fuel tank nearby had the huge explosion, hears this explosive sound time, outside these black-clothed person completely not awfully was the same. They are opening fire to inside army directly.Fuel tank did unexpectedly explode? Does here have other people? „ Xia Tian doubts looked at one to the surroundings.Brother, do not draw back, you stepped on to my foot. „ At this moment together sound from Xia Tian transmits, this sound frightened Xia Tian to jump, his turning head discovery of gently. His behind that dark trashcan unexpectedly is the person disguises as, moreover what he said is English.Do not look, we were safe, we already discovered you, but looked that you are also explode the air-defense base probably, therefore we have not spoken. „ That person said.You? „ Xia Tian doubts looks to the opposite party.Naturally, we had certainly the team of specialty, only then the fool meets a person to explode the air defense missile, volume, excuse me, I do not mean you. „ That person just said that thinks Xia Tian is a person comes.Good, I am that fool in your mouth. „ Xia Tian awkward saying. Volume, I am not intend, can explode here, showed that you also jump the dauntless man, we cooperate together. „ That person proposed:” A your such person acts recklessly useless, here design is very special, we have tried to find many solutions, but has not ruined the method of that anti-aircraft bomb to the present. „Good. „ Xia Tian can look, this group of talented people are the most specialized teams, depends on the words that he acts recklessly, the function is not truly big.

Good, we have the most advanced science and technology, the bomb, most specialized personnel. „ That person said the merits of oneself these people directly.So long as you have the means to detonate these ammunition in bomb and missile storage facility in ammunition depot, I have the means to break these explosion-proof walls. „ Xia Tian most headache how to detonate these bombs.Real? This was really good, so long as you means broke the explosion-proof wall, other gave us to be good, I can guarantee that we can certainly raze here. „ That person excited saying.Good, I am China person Xia Tian. „ Xia Tian extended own right hand. I am Taylor of England. „ Taylor also together shakes hand with Xia Tian:” Brother, we will certainly become famous in the world. „Good, first finds the way to allow me to enter the ammunition depot. „ Xia Tian is unable to submerge the ammunition depot now, because that entrance has many guards.This simplicity, after waiting a while they to be attracted, you behind me on the false tree stamp three to put one's foot down, after getting down, first is an ammunition depot, second is a missile storage facility, third is to put the warehouse of anti-aircraft projectile. „ Taylor answered.You were really too specialized, unexpectedly dug including the tunnel. „ Saying of Xia Tian admiration. Now he knows one and between the opposite party some big disparities, he only did not attend actually to at that time western-style brings warm-blooded to rush, if a moment ago were not Taylor they helps, oneself might be discovered very much. The present situation is, if Xia Tian do, the probability that completes is almost impossible, Taylor they, although has the team of specialty, anti-aircraft projectile that but they are unable to affect, because there is an explosion-proof wall . Moreover the anti-aircraft projectile is in itself loaded with the explosion-proof equipment. Although they can ruin the first two warehouses separately, but the third warehouse is they are unable to ruin, because from underground is unable to submerge. The entire anti-aircraft projectile warehouse looks like a giant safe cabinet is the same, its surrounding is a thick wall layer upon layer, all guards against explosions the wall, this wall is harder than the steel and iron. Therefore Taylor they also merely dig the surrounding.

Xia Tian directly entered the first ammunition depot, he saw the surrounding present is a bomb, these bombs were Taylor they install, all was the telecontrolled bomb, so long as Taylor they according to making a sound bomb, here completely will be exploded instantaneously does not have. Xia Tian looked at a surrounding wall, the [gold/metal] blade in right hand has cut into the wall directly. invulnerable, wanted the hard wall compared with the steel and iron, like cuts the bean curd incision by the [gold/metal] blade directly.Really effective. „ A Xia Tian innermost feelings happy, [gold/metal] blade starts a large area of cutting directly, Xia Tian must cut open this entire wall, this nearby wall guards against explosions. Therefore he must the explosion-proof wall incision one after another, after he cuts open, here explosion will affect other rooms. This process becomes in the hand of Xia Tian very simple. Cutting wall when Xia Tian keeps, his eye looked suddenly to the following that wall, at this time there was hanging handle very special Sniper Rifle. He has not seen such Sniper Rifle, this Sniper Rifle outward appearance was really too aggressive. It probably is Lu Bu's Fang Tian draws the halberd to be the same. Is very long, and has two muzzles up and down. Good (spear|gun).” Xia Tian has picked the (spear|gun) directly, afterward he looked at the vision to the (spear|gun) following bullet, altogether had ten rounds, when Xia Tian saw this bullet, his whole person was shocked. Ha Ha, got rich.” That that the bullet that Xia Tian sees initially the Quicksand vice- leader hit. 501,000 rounds of bullets.

Xia Tian, directly takes up the (spear|gun), held the bullet, then walks toward the second channel. Afterward Xia Tian went into the missile storage facility, all cuts open there explosion-proof wall. Here in explosion-proof wall compared with ammunition depot is thicker, therefore Xia Tian has spent very long time. Finally Xia Tian arrived at this to be loaded with outside the warehouse of air defense missile, Taylor they not the wall destruction of air defense missile, therefore they are unable to enter are loaded with the warehouse of air defense missile. It seems like wants to the explosion-proof wall incision this surrounding.” The [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian right hand starts directly. He opened a gap fast, here guards against explosions the wall the thickness, he imagines is thicker, he thinks before here most is also two times of ammunition depot, when he excavates, actually he knows here explosion-proof wall thick. Spent very big Kungfu, Xia Tian has dug up the wall. But when he enters to the warehouse, his whole person completely has actually been shocked, suddenly, actually he did not know should what to do. The present all kept him from continuing their acting, he truly must ruin here right, but he does not want to come a massacre. Once front these things were detonated, he even suspected that the entire Tokyo will be destroyed attacks.