Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 670

Xia Tian looks at front bunch of things, suddenly does not know actually one should what to do, if he has made a connection with here explosion-proof wall, and anti-aircraft projectile incision outer covering, then here will produce the large explosion, the anti-aircraft projectile will raze here. Here person must die . Moreover the explosion of anti-aircraft projectile will detonate here these toxic bombs completely, once front these toxic bombs detonate, may the infection entire Tokyo instantaneously. Kills Xia Tian that these become a soldier not to care, itself that because becomes a soldier is a war weapon, is these people in Tokyo is innocent, Xia Tian may unable to achieve the life to ignore of average person does not attend. In that case, he will create a massacre. „It is not good, although I must cope with Island Country, but I cannot make the toxic bomb explode.” Xia Tian set firm resolve, he is not absolutely cruel, the Island Country common people are innocent, moreover currently in Tokyo also has many China people, Xia Tian is impossible these to be buried along with the dead. Must think that means transport toxic bomb.” Xia Tian turned the head to leave the tunnel directly. Sees Xia Tian to come out, Taylor asked directly: Did well? Quickly.” No, has met difficultly, that puts in the warehouse of anti-aircraft projectile is a toxic bomb.” Xia Tian said. What? Island Country unexpectedly is still studying the toxic bomb, but this thing the world forbids to study.” Taylor's surprised saying. If now I continue, will face very major problem, once the toxic bomb blasted out, these toxic bombs can sweep across the entire Tokyo instantaneously, when the time comes will have the innocent person also to be implicated.” Xia Tian frowns to say. I have the means.” Taylor said directly: One hour wanted dawn, the time should almost.” Good, the quicker the better, here wall is thicker than outside, I also need to spend some time, we move together.” Xia Tian nodded. Good, our gets down, uses the fourth article of escaping channel to ship out the explosion range the toxic bomb, then throws in the sea.” Taylor has sent the signal to his partners directly, afterward these people slowly moves to here, at this time in the entire base was chaotic, therefore they moved quickly, Xia Tian also really admires this group of people, the hiding skill was good. This surrounding unexpectedly has hidden more than 20 individuals. Captain, the signal has interrupted completely, they are unable to call support.”

Captain, their computers all black fell by me, now they are unable to issue any instruction.” Captain, these commanders entire many had been charmed by my fan smoke.” Captain, these soldiers must start to have diarrhea.” People go forward to report, originally Captain of Taylor this group of people, actually Xia Tian hears their words to know this group of people specialized, if no their help, Xia Tian is very difficult to destroy this base. Em, all people obey orders, transports the following toxic bomb to the safety zone outside together.” Taylor orders to say. Yes, Captain.” These people have not asked any question, but is direct to open does. The execution is strong. Xia Tian. After Xia Tian gets down, starts to cut open the wall with [gold/metal] Dao directly. „, What in your hand is any thing, unexpectedly can such relaxed incision also probably guard against explosions the wall compared with the steel and iron hardly.” Taylor whole face inconceivable looks at the [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian hand. Naturally was my weapon.” Xia Tian very optional saying: You think that I don't have a skill to dare to explode the Island Country air-defense base?” I am the super agent in England, I complete this mission have reached as high as more than ten times, but this time is most difficult, I think this time mission was impossible to complete, but has not thought that your unexpectedly also had such skill, you were really my lucky star.” The Taylor excited ear looks at Xia Tian to say. I just am in China a casual agent.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he is just a small Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office chief teacher. Truly can only say that is a young agent.

However his such saying presented a sharp contrast, his China ordinary agent, unexpectedly has these super agents in skill and England places on a par. This appeared the China person the person compared with England be fierce. Volume, good, I also work.” Taylor does not know that should say anything, if China so is really fierce, he goes back to with above research well. Must become friends with China. Otherwise if they had been sneak attacked by the Xia Tian person, that consequence may be dreadful. Both sides move together, quick thoroughly evacuated here. Xia Tian also thoroughly opened the wall. They used the escaping channel to run away. Xia Tian, we must keep name, are you afraid?” Taylor looked that asked to Xia Tian. Leaves the name to mean that must become famous, moreover Island Country also knows that is who does, even the world can know, as the matter stands, they will turn into the Island Country blacklist, figure of war criminal rank. Although I fear very much troublesome, but did not miss this, remained.” Xia Tian very aggressive saying. Good, suffices the man.” Taylor they used the small laser (spear|gun) to leave the name of this group of people on that big stone wall, and has written down the date. They left Xia Tian the first position, because they know, if no Xia Tian, they are impossible to succeed. Therefore Xia Tian must be the first in merit.

Taylor, help me.” Xia Tian looked that said to Taylor. Said directly.” Taylor patted has struck one's chest to say. Helps me transports Sniper Rifle and bullet this to Hong Kong goes.” Anti- Sniper Rifle of Xia Tian on the shoulder has given Taylor. Relax, does not have the issue.” Taylor guarantees saying that where simultaneously told Xia Tian to take. „ Does Captain, when start to detonate? „Countdown, making us witness the time of miracle. „ Taylor's excited saying. They specially excited, because this mission was really too difficult, in the normal condition they were absolutely impossible to have the opportunity, but this time happen to bumped into outside some people to carjack, but also happen to bumped into a Xia Tian such monster. They had this excellent opportunity. Five! All people shout together, the time formally starts to flow backwards, the Island Country legendary profession will also end, after this detonation, Island Country at least took ten years of ten years not to dare in the stage of world to be on the rise to speak. Four! Xia Tian at heart also specially excited, after all this is he makes for the country once again contributes greatly.Father, I have not lost your face. „ Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he wants to tell the father that this time was grows up.