Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 671

Three! The countdown continues, Xia Tian looks at the front that region, there is representing the national defense capability of Tokyo, is representing Tokyo in the right to speak of world. The negotiations in world, whose back is unafraid, whose weaponry formidable, who is in a moment unyielding. Reason that Island Country dares so wild majority of reasons to be because their countries have the air-defense base of cross time, once the base were destroyed, then they said lose the right to speak thoroughly. Although entire Island Country also several such air-defense bases, but exploded the air-defense base in Tokyo to prove a few words, we in your capital can explode, other that say nothing of places. Two! Was getting more and more near from the detonation time. All people have all turned very quiet, is waiting for passing of time. One! All people all were excited look to front. Explode! Taylor shouted, his subordinate presses to start the firing button! Bang! Xia Tian could not forget then scene for a lifetime, although he did not know Heaven Grade Expert fiercely, but he believes that was Heaven Grade Expert can also turn into the flying ash there instantaneously. Xia Tian they have stood beyond ten kilometers, but they can also feel heat wave that there sweeps across. The entire Tokyo as if had the earthquake to be the same. Tokyo was chaotic.

The person and official who all slept all got up, saw that the position mist and dust of air-defense base is billowing, the Island Country prime minister also sat on the ground. Ended, all ended. This huge explosion retarded ten years the economy of Island Country directly, all things in entire air-defense base, more than 7000 people of regular army all flying ash annihilations.Attractive. „ Taylor and the others clapped the hands and shouted praise.We leave this first, the Island Country person should approach fast, here woods all have also caught fire, they should to make the funeral arrangements first. Saying that „ Xia Tian unemotionally.Xia Tian, you are I have seen the most outstanding agent, if there is an opportunity I to hope that we can also continue to cooperate, after I go back, will communicate this matter with my above person. „ Taylor very earnest saying.Your above person position is very certainly big, I have not deceived you, I really am only a young agent, in a China city I can be the second in command in agent, however in entire China my anything does not consider as finished. „ Xia Tian knows that Taylor thinks a moment ago one is sexually harassing him intentionally.What? Person unexpectedly like you are such low status, I had also cooperated with other your China people before, but they truly do not have your such strength, was good, no matter you are any position, but my Taylor only recognizes you, does not recognize the position. „ Taylor admires Xia Tian today.Good, hopes also to have the opportunity of cooperation next time. „ Xia Tian said that direct turn around leaves, Island Country wanted to be chaotic, he needed to rest well. Saw that Xia Tian only walked several steps to vanish in their field of vision probably, Taylor became more excited.Good fierce agent, goes back later to help my his material, this brothers, I handed over. „Captain, you and his status differed was too big, even if were queen Sir sees you also to need very politely, but he lowered in the China status to simply is dispensable. „Fool, his strength does not divide with the military rank. „ Meanwhile, an information passed to world. Each country has own intelligence network, so long as has any international important matter, they can be indirect to the news for a while. At this time any country or the organization receive this news time, fast has organized a conference.

In China.Really is an excellent news, what news now had saying that is who did? „Senior Official, this loss, Island Country is unable to restore in ten years, they can be honestly honest finally. „ „ The person in any country does, was really too attractive. „Island Country for these years also was really too wild, besides America, did not have the person who they do not dare to offend. „From behaving badly, cannot live. „ dīng! On the computers of all people passed on a recent information. Sees this information time, by president that person has laughed suddenly: „ Ha Ha Ha Ha, this boy, unexpectedly is this boy does. „ In the information writes a list, initially Xia Tian they in the name that on stone wall left, moreover Xia Tian was listed at first. The names of several other people were also on instantaneous the Island Country war criminal ranking. Sees Xia Tian this name time, China No. 2 figure could not bear finally, nobody compared with his more familiar this Xia Tian, then top grade meritorious chapter of he has also provided.Volume, unexpectedly is this Xia Tian. „I said that this boy goes to Island Country certainly to do some important matters to come back, the agent cooperation of this time his unexpectedly and England, has smashed the Island Country air-defense base together, moreover this agent I have heard, he is 007 of England, has very high status in England. „Moreover his name unexpectedly is listed at first, in other words these agents in England are convinced to him, 007 of that England also acknowledged his strength, will therefore make his name be listed at first. „ At this time big figure in the world, silently has all remembered this name Xia Tian.

The Xia Tian invisible in reputation has even surpassed his father. Regardless of a person is famous in China, so long as he trod China, that nobody knew him, this probably was these big Boss is the same. They are having the ample fund in China, entire China knows him, so long as his company does not go on the market, he wants the overseas to discuss the business, others only take him to treat as a service to receive. Because others do not know you. But once the company went on the market, that world knew his name, where regardless of that arrives, he is the most famous that person. Xia Tian does not know rapidness that such matter disseminates, he returned to the hotel at this time quietly, when he opens the guesthouse door, discovered Gu Lijing is sitting on the bed static visits him.Where went to fool around? „ Gu Lijing looked that asked to Xia Tian.Volume, handled matters. „ Xia Tian answered.You do not dislike dirty, the Island Country woman you also dares to touch. „ Gu Lijing looked said angrily to Xia Tian. „ It is not right, who said that I looked for the woman. „ Xia Tian then responded that Gu Lijing unexpectedly thinks he was goes to ask the woman to seek and enjoy nature in the spring. Snort, had not acknowledged that you have a look at your neck.” Gu Lijing said that slammed a door directly. Xia Tian arrived at the mirror previous photo, at this time his neck unexpectedly red, he had not discovered before, certainly is that female Ninja while he does not pay attention to the time binds. Yeah, the jealousy of woman is really big.” Xia Tian pursued directly.