Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 674

Island Country wants to develop needs the person in foreign country to come to travel and spend, therefore their here attires unusual is good, livelihood of the people quality and health. Moreover they saw foreigner time also ships out very simple and honorable appearance, to seek the favorable impression of tourists. Like this goes back the tourists mutually to propagandize. This is the Island Country policy, once some people dare to deceive these consumers, that Island Country government has the considerable severe punishment. Therefore they most are afraid is this type has the evidence. Even if Xia Tian does not give their Consumer Associations, but passes to the receipt online, that instantaneously will become the headline, said that Island Country will entrap the China tourist, these friendship that then they will install and hospitable all did not have.Halts, you halt to me. „ That driver shouted, got out, when he got out the later periphery other drivers also to follow. A moment ago what because he shouted, the China person rides the overlord car(riage). Xia Tian really halted the footsteps.Snort, do you know that who I am? „ That driver cold snort said.What mass organization is not? „ Xia Tian puzzled looks to the opposite party.Calculates you to know the limitation, I am the person of hillside fields group, your unexpectedly dares to ride my overlord car(riage), now I want you to compensate my 1 million Japanese Yen, the receipt also came back, otherwise...... „ that driver very aggressive saying. He thinks, so long as from exposing main house gate, this external person definitely will submit. After all the hadrosaurus does not press local tyrant, you are fierce in China uselessly, here is Island Country, if you have had an accident, but nobody takes responsibility to you. Especially offends the local Hei society. Looks that periphery walked more than ten guys all of a sudden, Xia Tian knows the opposite party goal. Gu Lijing too understood Xia Tian, she thinks that Xia Tian this time must act crazy, definitely was coming up is one punches, several child knocked down these fellows, the surroundings have encircled the people of many watching the fun at this time. When ancient Lijing thinks Xia Tian must begin.

She saw inconceivable one suddenly. ! Xia Tian stuck with the saliva under eye, then has cried loudly, his voice was very very loud, Gu Lijing has not listened to such big weeping sound. !Does not have the natural justice not to have the human nature, seizes to seize by force, my laborious most lifetime contributed money Island Country. „ Xia Tian cries loudly, while shouts loudly. Here is the entrance of amusement park, person originally many, Xia Tian such shouted that the flash gathered many people . Moreover the increasing number of people came to here to watch the fun. The person of here various countries all has. !I deliberately considered that Island Country, has a look at the Island Country people earth character and style, who knows that now by others snatching, them not only stole my money, but must silence a witness of crime, they added one are any hillside fields group, my poor student, their unexpectedly threatens me with the Hei society. „ Xia Tian lives to shout in Japanese greatly.Brat, do not make false accusations. „ That taxi driver hears Xia Tian such to shout that the complexion changes immediately. He has not thought that front this China person unexpectedly is so shameless. Moreover words that such shouted, like at that time therefore was discrediting to the hillside fields group, Island Country these mass organizations most paid great attention may be the reputation. Once the reputation were destroyed, then they will reduce in the prestige of market or political circle. The people of any hillside fields group dare to discredit to their mass organization, will obtain the heavy fine, although they usually this matter dry is also very many. However these people do not dare to cause trouble, moreover these went back not to dare to say by the black person, because has lost face, will therefore not cause the too tremendous influence. But front present the China person unexpectedly does not press the repertoire to play a card. His unexpectedly cried and shouted, moreover his voice unexpectedly so is also big, that driver has not seen the voice such big person.

!Do not come, do you want to do? I am the China person, the China brothers and sisters after I died must take responsibility for me, must make the country see this. „ Xia Tian wept and wailed was saying. The surroundings had many people to put out the cell phone to start to photograph and photograph, but they discovered that they pat the face of unclear Xia Tian radically. However they have not cared, what because they pat is the matter, but is not the person.Do not call, so long as you give back to me the receipt, I did not feel embarrassed you, how is it? „ That driver said in a low voice, he does not dare to say is too loud, otherwise showed what Xia Tian said was. !His unexpectedly added that I called to me dismember again, was too terrifying, Island Country was really too terrifying, after this, who also dares to come Island Country to travel, that hillside fields group, Island Country unexpectedly so was terrorist, the hillside fields group said that must kill who can kill anyone. „ Xia Tian shouts loudly. Hears Xia Tian to discredit the hillside fields group once more, that driver wanted thoroughly angrily, he has forgotten this time situation, carried Xia Tian collar directly, at this moment he felt an arm pain, then his hand unexpectedly did not listen to direct, has thrown that person directly. Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, at the same time fast in the opposite party hand Shangzha, has emitted the blood in opposite party blood vessel, then scratched in own mouth. !Silences a witness of crime. „ Xia Tian disguises to fall very miserably, at this time his corners of the mouth all are the blood, these blood are not his, but is that driver. Sees such scene, the surrounding person was all shocked. Island Country unexpectedly is this, before , their does the appearance install? That any hillside fields group, was really too terrifying, unexpectedly dares to commit murder on the avenue, is in front of these many people to kill people.Your Islander too does not reason with, unexpectedly dares to kill people under the broad daylight. „Warning, making the police come, but also wants the embassy to act, this hillside fields group unexpectedly must silence a witness of crime. „Rights protection, we want the rights protection. „

The surrounding person shouts together, the person who here comes majority is a tourist, several China people take the lead, all people all together shouted. Rights protection! Rights protection! The punitive expedition is unfair! Punitive expedition mountain pass group! Just started, only then several hundred individuals shouted together that afterward periphery over a thousand people shouted together. Sees such scene, these drivers hoodwinked, behind that several people planned to dawdle secretly, but they discovered at this time they have had no place to go. Here already completely encircled was watertight. After the shouts of these people, the police came finally, comes is several police vehicles. These people made way a channel.Sir, has any matter, we will take responsibility to you, you follow one us first. „ Police very polite saying. ! Xia Tian unexpectedly has cried once more, but in his hand unexpectedly presented a credential.Was too fearful, the brothers, I know that they were dying, here unexpectedly including the police is the hillside fields group, they will certainly not let off my, I died, after I only asked oneself died, everybody to be able for me to take responsibility. „ Meanwhile all people looked to that credential in his hand, above writes the hillside fields group three characters.