Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 675
Sees hillside fields group these three characters time, the surrounding person was simply insane. They probably had discovered any inside story is the same, periphery these people also surrounded these police all of a sudden in inside.A bit faster gives the China embassy to telephone, dark actually making them have a look here. „This has complete disregard for human life simply, the hillside fields group was really too wild, unexpectedly has controlled including the police, their this was wants to carry off the person first, then massacred. „ „ It is not good, we cannot them to carry off, otherwise he died, we might are next he, we wanted the rights protection. „ At this time the surrounding person are getting more and more, the reporters caught up. These reporters are hillside fields group these enemies send. Among their these mass organizations struggles is very normal matter, now has such good opportunity, they naturally must report. The news travelled all of a sudden. These driver thorough hoodwinking, these police also all hoodwinked. But Xia Tian Gu Lijing already completely by Xia Tian shameless being defeated, he has not thought of Xia Tian unexpectedly to be able shameless to this degree. This attire has looked simply like, did not make him act in a play simply on Bai Xia, these anything movie king with Xia Tian compared anything not to calculate simply. Completely is not a scale.Fellow viewer friends, we now here is the live transmission scene, at this time here scene is very chaotic, it is said was the police and black hiring colludes, stole the money of China tourist, now must silence a witness of crime. „ Reporter started the live broadcast.We can notice that at this time that China tourist had been knocked down . Moreover the whole face is the blood, actually thus it can be seen a moment ago what happened, person unexpectedly of these more than ten black hiring kept on proclaiming one were the hillside fields group, must silence a witness of crime, added that must break to pieces the corpse, how cruel matter. Exaggeration that „ reporter keeps.

What is main, time unexpectedly of that police coming out work is also holding the credential of hillside fields group, shouldn't the police lead the police to prove to go out? „ Reporter has aimed at the hillside fields group the spear point directly. Actually if the Island Country police do not have mass organization to protect, is unable to survive, do not say the opportunity of not having been promoted, the police cannot complete, nobody fears you, moreover you no one dare to grasp. The Island Country police on own initiative join the mass organization, like this their exiting work time, so long as is not looks for person on one's own side's trouble, that did not have any issue. Therefore the body of this police will be bringing the credential of hillside fields group, but is not the police proves. Because that thing led also nobody to look. But he has not thought that credential unexpectedly of hillside fields group fell, this was the impossible matter, that pocket that because the credential put had the knot. These gave the opposite party to attack his opportunity. At this time the scene was getting more and more chaotic, this solely is not the civil dispute, person of China in eastern Beijing embassy also personally caught up to the scene. The senior officials of hillside fields group also catch up to here, they do not hope matter noisy is bigger, otherwise their honors lost completely. This effect on the hillside fields group is very big. Several the management of other mass organizations sit before the television looks at the good play. Can have a such good opportunity, they naturally will not let off, in these crowds that at this time the surroundings cause trouble has their people. The matter makes more and more greatly.Hey, similar, but I today play. „ Gu Lijing helpless saying, she already completely by Xia Tian was defeated shameless.

Good! „ Xia Tian shows a faint smile, several silver needles shot directly on that several calf of police and driver, their bodies immediately slope forward.Ah! saves a life, silenced a witness of crime. „ Xia Tian shouts one, afterward pulls up Gu Lijing to run directly to outside, has Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, he can put on the crowd with ease. Outside these people noticed that these police and black taxi drivers flushed, they roared directly forward, scene all of a sudden chaotic. Stepped on the event to occur, person these police and taxi drivers but who stepped on, they were shot by a Xia Tian silver needle a moment ago but actually, happen to lie on the ground, these people one chaotic, was mutually crowded, happen to stepped in their bodies. Ah! Transmitting that the pitiful yell sound keeps.You were really too bad. „ Gu Lijing helpless saying. When Xia Tian did not know the blood on face wiping off. Wait / Etc., is more interesting. „ Xia Tian shows a faint smile, ran directly to the director:” Hello, the director, I am the warm-hearted audience, I picked this on the ground a moment ago, it is said is the receipt that these taxi drivers detoured a moment ago intentionally. „What? This type of thing, was really thank you. „ Director had not looked from the start this person a moment ago lay down in inside crying father shouts mother's that.Has not related, sound Zhang Zhengyi this matter, is the duty of each citizen. „ Xia Tian has given that director the receipt directly. That director looks at the receipt specially excitedly, she knows that she must render meritorious service.Fellow viewer friends, we obtain the news most newly, taxi driver unexpectedly of that several hillside fields groups gives the tourist to detour intentionally, the evidence that the receipt in my hand a moment ago detoured, we hope that the Consumer Association handles this time event well. „ Director excited saying.Ha, does attractively. „ At the same time, in different rooms simultaneously excited saying.

Their status are similar, is the eldest children of major mass organizations. However the Boss at this time the face is also mad red, he only wants to kill people now, he is the Boss of hillside fields group, sees this video time, he only wants to kill people, kills the fellow who these have not made every effort to succeed, has killed the person of that causing trouble, this hateful reporter.Comes the person, gives me to me to throw into the sea to feed the fish the fellow who that several do not make every effort to succeed. „Yes, Boss. „Hateful, looks up to me, who looks up that person is, I must make him die. „ The eldest children of hillside fields group soon went crazy. Gu Lijing noticed that the Xia Tian action does not know thoroughly said anything: „ I have seen shameless, but has not seen you to be so shameless absolutely. „Thanks the praise, but this is very tired, comes up two feet to be convenient directly. „ Xia Tian very optional saying. Gu Lijing understood finally, regarding Xia Tian, not most shameless, is shameless. The shamelessness of Xia Tian arrived at Realm, this Realm I have combined with Xia Tian, in other words Xia Tian is shameless, the shamelessness is Xia Tian.Walks, I want to go in well played. „ Saying of Gu Lijing face anticipation.Island Country was not quite recently tranquil, you are careful point good. „ The Xia Tian reminder said that he always felt has one unlucky premonition.