Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 676
Where so many dangers, the amusement park has constructed for dozens years, little presents the accident, moreover presented the accident, there is a reserve safeguard. „ Gu Lijing, although has not come amusement park to play, but she has checked a lot of materials. Regarding the amusement park she is quite clear. All dangerous games all have the double protections, occurred for against accident. I go to safety officer that to ask. „ Xia Tian draws Gu Lijing to walk toward the position of safety officer:” Has here had accident? „No, after here since completion, has not presented the accident. „ That safety officer very proud saying. Heard his words, was tighter, dozens years that the Xia Tian brow wrinkled have not had the accident, did that Second Layer safeguard cause fortunately? Should already rust.Walks quickly. „ Gu Lijing could not wait, pulls up Xia Tian to run directly to inside, Xia Tian also can only with, present the accident he to try to find the solution at the worst, his qing gong is so good, should be able to lead Gu Lijing to escape. Therefore he followed directly.I must play this. „ Gu Lijing excited saying.This is the Merry-Go-Round, child plays. „ Xia Tian helpless saying.I must play. „ Gu Lijing shouts loudly.Well good, plays! „ Xia Tian has given tollkeeper money, then has sat in meditation with Guli, this thing regarding Xia Tian simply is bored. But Gu Lijing actually excited serious. Xia Tian does not do clearly, Gu Lijing so will be why excited, according to the truth, this should be the child has played the happy thing.

On her resembles many stories. „ Xia Tian look hi Gu Lijing innermost feelings secretly thought of skin. Gu Lijing as if completely is infatuated with during one type was joyful.Walks, goes to next. „ Gu Lijing pulls up Xia Tian to run like front.I must play this. „ Gu Lijing said again.You are opening Ferrari's woman, unexpectedly plays the bumper car. „ On the Xia Tian forehead has left behind the cold sweat, this was also too terrifying.I must play. Shouting that „ Gu Lijing the girl is mad.Good, plays. „ After Xia Tian made a payment, boarded with Gu Lijing directly, he has given the opposite party 10,000 Japanese Yen directly, should enough Gu Lijing play, otherwise played half car(riage) to stop, Gu Lijing definitely did not meet happily. They boarded the bumper car, Guli have sat in meditation in the driving position, Xia Tian sit in the position of copilot.I must start. „ Gu Lijing drove the bumper car directly. Gu Lijing the beautiful appearance immediately caused the attention these men of surrounding person to drive to their there to hit, including man came, he noticed that Gu Lijing time both eyes shone. As if saw the shocking treasure is the same, his corners of the mouth have even flowed out the „ That man is driving the bumper car directly, effort steps on the accelerator, directly hits to ancient Lijing here. Bang! The bumper car that he drives hit directly in Gu Lijing their behind, Gu Lijing the body that hit has almost hit front hand.

Luckily the Xia Tian right hand grasped Gu Lijing the waist directly, therefore has not bumped into. Plays the bumper car, you hit me, I hit you am very normal matter, but directly clashes to hit from that far distance almost does not have. Xia Tian saw that male poured once more car(riage), was a long-distance range sprint, wanted to hit Gu Lijing once more their car(riage). Plays this set.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward the right hand double refers to the fast point on vehicle that in that man flushed. His speed is fast nobody to see. Everybody only saw collision that the bumper car of that man makes an effort to Xia Tian their car(riage), then vehicle unexpectedly turned, body collision of that man maliciously on the ground. Meanwhile side several other bumper car, as if lost the control to be the same, all hit on the body of that man. Hee hee, this, making him hit me.” Gu Lijing had not discovered that is hand that Xia Tian leaves, but also thinks that he is flies. Your this is any broken car(riage).” That person hit old was miserable, immediately angry shouting. Outside staff flushed hurriedly: Sir, your this has seriously violated our custom, therefore our authorization made you pay indemnity for our damages.” At this time that car(riage) has been injured by falling down. What? Your car(riage)s are unsafe, I must consider you, your unexpectedly also dares to make me accompany.” That man angry shouting. Our car(riage)s are very safe, but this after is a bumper car, you from that accelerate to hit the person, like this not only the vehicle can damage, but can also injure to the person.” These staff looked to Gu Lijing: beauty, you are all right.” Oh mother! My arm elbow, my wave Ling Gai, my waist plate.” Shouting of Xia Tian very exaggeration.

I had not hit you a moment ago, what do you exaggerate?” That man angrily looks at Xia Tian to say. Oh mother, my head so is how dizzy, certainly was the cerebral concussion, ended, my leg cannot move, my next half a lifetime life cannot take care of oneself.” Exaggeration that words of Xia Tian one hear of men, said. Now we must report to the police, we not only need make you compensate our car(riage)s, but also you must be responsible for treating the illness of this gentleman, if causes the serious results, you will be in custody.” These staff excited saying. Ok, is different from him, we walk.” Gu Lijing knows that Xia Tian is installs, pulls up Xia Tian to walk toward outside directly. Sees Xia Tian that jumps for joy, that person had almost not been irritated. Gu Lijing has not placed the matter at heart, turns toward her next goal directly, big windmill. This big windmill is that fast revolving of revolving, making everyone in airborne be as if same, that exciting feeling is very strong. This is enters dangerous ranks the recreational facilities. This position!” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, this facility in the peripheral zone, outside is the forest, this deep forest Xia Tian feeling is very familiar. Looks at anything, quickly comes up.” Gu Lijing drew Xia Tian to run directly, Xia Tian has made a payment directly, then they sat, the quick person was filled. Prepares, must start.” Gu Lijing hopeful saying. Xia Tian has also prepared, the wheel started to rotate directly, just started the speed was not fast, it bit by bit accelerated. Well! Why I felt is inclined?” Xia Tian doubts looked to the following pillar, when he saw the pillar the complexion big change, has turned the head to come to see afterward to the front woods, he understands why finally this woods such looked familiar.