Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 678

This female is not others, initially and Xia Tian, in Jiang Tianshu bets on the ship to carry on the island Sichuan plums of three gambling, the competition with Xia Tian made her taste the taste of losing, she did not have this feeling. She loses repugnantly, this feeling almost lets her thorough collapse. After returning to Island Country, she carries on gambling with major Expert, but has won, she did not have any feeling again, regarding present her, even if will be wins completely the person of world not to have any sense of achievement. In her heart had that [say / way] to take a step throughout the past ridge, this kept her gambling technique forever from progressing, her master has looked for her, but did not have any using. Finally her master thinks that must kill that person to relieve the knot in her heart. She comes out to relax today, but has not thought that saw by chance Xia Tian acts perversely there, just saw Xia Tian time, she has not dared to recognize, Xia Tian that because this rascal person and that aggressive four shot at that time acts like a different person simply. That Xia Tian dares face to face and Jiang Tianshu speaks the last words, even also threatened that must kill Jiang Tianshu, walks sideways in the Jiang Tianshu gambling ship, nobody dares to say a non- character. Moreover she discovers in own impression that Xia Tian appearance to be very fuzzy, therefore she cannot determine that this person was that has won her Xia Tian. Therefore she followed quietly, just started her not to see any is not right, only discovered that this person a little rascal, until that moment, he confirmed that this person absolutely is that Xia Tian. I will not misread, can have the formidable strength that moreover in fuzzy the image with my impression is somewhat similar, that absolutely mistakenly.” Island Sichuan plum excited saying. When she sees the Xia Tian life-saving that flash, she confirmed that this person that has won her Xia Tian. Has not thought that your unexpectedly came Island Country, this time I must win you, if cannot win you, I have killed you, I must make you die, the master has said that only then I can remove the heart demon like this truly.” In the eye of island Sichuan plum has been full of the hate. She has dialed the telephone of oneself master directly. Master, did I find that man?” Who?”

Has won my man, he now in Island Country.” His unexpectedly also dares to come Island Country, this time cannot certainly make him live departure.” I knew the master.” The master of island Sichuan plum is the Island Country gambling king, he since knows after own apprentice lost, is not very happy, because his apprentice talent is very high, in the future might exceed him, therefore he will regard as important to the island Sichuan plum. But the island Sichuan plum comes back after China, her whole person changed, gambling technique is unable to obtain any progress again, even started to regress. He knows that the island Sichuan plum presented the heart demon, so long as she can break through this heart demon, then her strength suddenly to increase, but she, if the breakthrough, that were miserable, will halt for a lifetime. He is young time also has bumped into the heart demon, afterward he used a special method to defeat the match, although method dishonorable, but he has truly won, then the homicide fell the match, from then on his heart demon thoroughly vanished. Finally smooth became Island Country bets the king. Therefore he thinks that must remove the heart demon of island Sichuan plum, that must make her kill this person personally, this will relieve her heart demon, naturally can win the opposite party to be also good first. Sometimes the victory and defeat may not only on betting the table, may be outside betting the table. „Who no matter you are, I need you die.” Island Country bet in the king vision to reveal murderous aura. flatter seeps! Xia Tian has sneezed. Paternal grandmother, grows leads is a crime, Tiantian must be thought.” Xia Tian depressed saying.

Gu Lijing does not know thoroughly should say any was good, the Xia Tian narcissistic degree has surpassed her toleration limit, she cannot guarantee when one will get rid to kill Xia Tian directly. You, if dares again such narcissism, shameless, I have killed you.” Gu Lijing looks at Xia Tian to say wickedly. You are envying me.” A Xia Tian face shuts out looks at Gu Lijing. Sees vision that Xia Tian shuts out, Gu Lijing has almost not irritated. Now you have not resulted in have played, then we stroll!” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say. Which goes to stroll?” Gu Lijing asked. Naturally was the first treatment place, the words that did not go to how stole the thing.” Xia Tian very optional saying. What? Your unexpectedly plans to steal thing.” Gu Lijing whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, she soon this matter forgetting. She has regarded is takes vacation, the matter that but Xia Tian unexpectedly was impossible to complete this bears in mind. Naturally, I must win.” Xia Tian serious saying. „Do you know that dangerously, even if steals the day they unable to guarantee that said certainly can be successful, you by what? Depends on we two hands, frank and upright walks?” What Gu Lijing said is the irony, is stimulating Xia Tian. I have not thought that but must have a look first.” Xia Tian said direct leading stand forth. In China. His unexpectedly succeeds!” Steals the day whole face inconceivable is looking at the information in hand, when he heard the Island Country air-defense base was exploded, has been shocked, at that time he is thinking can have the relations with Xia Tian, but afterward this idea had written off by him, because he does not believe that Xia Tian can complete.

When but he reads on the list, he completely does not know that should say anything. In the list placed the first name is Xia Tian, second is the top agent in England, this represents this matter is being Xia Tian does. Moreover that agent in England to his special being convinced, will therefore place first his name. extraordinary, he so was too young, unexpectedly has such skill.” Steals naively does not know how should appraise Xia Tian. Sir, that side matter arranged was similar, almost can get rid.” The female secretary said. Em, I knew.” Steals the day to nod. Xia Tian, it seems like I need to extend the olive branch, although present I the reputation is very resounding, but I live every day am with trepidation, if followed him, perhaps I can sleep well.” Steals day secret saying. Xia Tian does not know from the start the prime minister where work, all he looked for a long time had not found very much, afterward he arrived at a side of police directly: Hello, I want to ask how a Prime Minister's Residence does walk?” „Are you China person?” That police asked. Right, how you know that I am the China person!” Xia Tian nodded, his nearby Gu Lijing has covered his face, she wishes one could a foot to kick dead Xia Tian. Comes the person, catches to me him.”