Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 679

Guli listens quietly to words that Xia Tian asked that almost collapsed, now Island Country is declaring martial law, all people know that China had any robber gate congress, must come their Island Country to steal the thing of prime minister. Therefore everybody is grasping, but Xia Tian unexpectedly asked on own initiative police prime minister the place of work in, this is delivers simply. This was just like a person unable to buy the ticket in the train station, worried to ask the police to ask: Policeman, you knows where ticket scalperi is at?” Fuck! Policeman looked was very long. Bang! A Xia Tian fist that police knocks down: What called to be, repugnant.” Also is gawking doing, a bit faster runs, you had not looked that the surrounding police came.” Gu Lijing draws Xia Tian to say. „!” Xia Tian nodded: „The Island Country person is really unfriendly.” Fool, your crying foul, your unexpectedly asked the police.” Gu Lijing must thoroughly collapse, is good because of the rapidness that Xia Tian runs, otherwise they must be grasped directly. Island Country Prime Minister's Residence! Prime minister Sir, that side situation has stabilized basically.” Em, I knew, gives me to be included in the war criminal list that several people completely, all adds on the high quota to post a reward, unexpectedly dares to destroy our air-defense bases, we must retaliate.” Has arranged.” That Xia Tian, is he, previous DR10 matter because of him, therefore has not transported, and has killed our that many Expert, I must make him die.” I enhanced his monetary reward to 1 billion dollars.”

Good, these 1 billion dollars our Island Country took certainly, then the big air-defense base has destroyed, did not miss this money, right another matter has also arranged.” Arranged, at this time around Prime Minister's Residence altogether ten Daogang, even if were a mosquito do not want to fly . Moreover the electronic eye, the laser net everywhere was, bumped into one casually, will cause the warning, a warning sound, even if were an army comes, will be eliminated within five minutes completely cleanly.” Sufficing that don't general idea, now our honor lost in a big way, if this matter made them succeed again, our Island Country may be the face countenance completely lost, when the time comes the world can scoff our.” Prime minister Sir, you felt relieved that other insurances did not say first, this last insurance is absolutely safe, so long as some people approach the hat 0. In 3 meters, around the hat instantaneously will present the bulletproof glass, periphery also will present then the steel box to surround it, finally enters the following channel, once enters in the channel, even if the missile cannot explode.” Good, is very good.” This news has spread instantaneously over the world. The rewards of some unexpectedly people have reached as high as 1 billion dollars, moreover this person is a new person, before never had the person has heard the new person. Sees this large amount reward time, some from all over the world people are ready to fight. However these genuine high levels are scoffing Island Country, thinks that they were really as useless as the family, finally can only frighten the person by the monetary reward. China high-level meeting. Ha, I said that this boy, monetary reward unexpectedly reaches as high as 1 billion dollars, broke our China recorded high.” Monetary reward is high, the reputation is big, follows the formidable crisis.” President, you felt relieved that the boy ghost fine ghost essence, certainly will not have the matter, I also in the future the class that waits for him to meet his father.” Em, he is truly good, has the qualifications becomes Dragon Group Leader, but is now young, needs to discipline again.” In China.

Stole the day just to plan to rest, then, but a recent information has transmitted at this moment, saw this information time, he has almost not smiled. 1 billion dollars!” Such the monetary reward of high quota was really too fearful. Intruded the world first three. Now the Xia Tian monetary reward ranks third in the world. At the same time, knew that Xia Tian and did not know the Xia Tian people have expressed the different opinions. The monetary reward arranged at the first two people have also had the strong interest to Xia Tian, after all can on the people of world monetary reward ranking be the celebrities. However their change scopes are very big, perhaps today placed the first person, tomorrow will see the yama. Xia Tian does not know that own monetary reward unexpectedly became such high, present he is still looking for the Prime Minister's Residence, he shuttled back and forth in the main street and small alley was very long, but still did not have the trail in Prime Minister's Residence. Our two such look is not the means.” Gu Lijing also a little walked until tired. This, you go to that side cafe to rest, I look, one will come back to look for you.” Xia Tian proposed. Good, do not go to be too long.” Guli calmly nodded, afterward she entered the cafe, sat by the position of window, Xia Tian confirmed after her position, started to continue to search. The Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step speed is quick, but he will not use in the crowd, in the crowd, he just walks compared with other people quickly, once left the crowd, his speed will launch, moreover his vision is very good, can discover these monitoring with ease. He will certainly not be monitored to pat. Even if the monitoring pats radically is unclear his face, he does not want to be monitored to pat. „, Actually to be at where, does not know that on the map has, I buy a map.” Xia Tian walks toward nearby supermarket directly, after arriving at the supermarket, he directly has bought a map.

After turning on the map, he wished one could to burn the map directly, this was not because the map recorded insufficient detailed, because was too detailed, in detail had the mark to the position of public toilet and trash can, but only did not have the mark of Prime Minister's Residence. Oh! At this moment, a man lay down on the ground directly, he had hit Xia Tian a moment ago intentionally, although Xia Tian has avoided, but he was lies down on the ground. Oh, the deceased person, your unexpectedly such made an effort to hit me, now I have been injured, you must lose money.” The men fit out to get sick the dispirited appearance to say. shit, the Island Country bumping porcelain technology was also too rotten, have I bumped into.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Surroundings fast encircles several people, is directing to Xia Tian, Xia Tian understands that these people and lie down in the people of ground are one group, they drag. Good, you ask for money, here has 200,000 Japanese Yen, gives you.” Xia Tian said that has kicked two feet on the body of that person directly maliciously. This also 200,000, were I a moment ago kicked the medical expenses of that two foot.” Xia Tian Qian Reng on his body, leaves afterward directly. These people start to pick money hurriedly, that lies down in the person of ground sees these much money, thinks that picks money, but he suddenly discovered that his bone broke probably. But the person who these pick money has not waited excitedly, discovery own wallet unexpectedly disappears. One group of idiots.” Xia Tian collected their money, then has thrown into the trash can the wallet: Really could not find, first goes back to look for bo Sister Ba.” But when he goes to the cafe discovered that Gu Lijing disappears.