Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 680

Xia Tian originally relaxed coming back, when he goes to outside the cafe, he discovered that Gu Lijing unexpectedly disappears. Goes to WC?” Xia Tian walked directly, when he walks he discovered that the situation is not right, because Gu Lijing there this time sat a person, this woman he still remembers. Initially on Jiang Tianshu that gambling ship with that female who oneself bet. Is you!” Xia Tian sat directly. Has not thought that you also know me.” The island Sichuan plum shows a faint smile. Her person?” Asking that Xia Tian comes straight to the point. You could rest assured that she now is very safe.” The island Sichuan plum emphasized the present two characters specially. My previous time should forgives your life, it seems like you do not treasure.” Xia Tian coldly looks that the island Sichuan plum said. I must actually thank you.” Saying that the island Sichuan plum disdains. Although I do not want to kill woman, but if you force me, I will kill you absolutely, nobody can move my Xia Tian woman.” The body of Xia Tian sent out murderous aura, his murderous aura was more terrorist than anybody, because he has killed people , and has killed many Expert. The island Sichuan plum felt this murderous aura instantaneously, she felt that she has fallen into an ice hole probably. The surrounding several tables of people of are also the whole body tremble. Service person, your family's air conditioning opens was too cold.” Sir, my this changes.” The service people ran hurriedly, when he takes up the remote control discovered that air conditioning unexpectedly has not changed, in other words, the temperature in room should not be low now. I warned you, do not threaten me, your woman now in our hands, if I had an accident, I can guarantee she can die unusual was miserable.” The island Sichuan plum thinks one have this card in a hand, that Xia Tian does not dare to be what kind. Facts showed that she is right. Good, you can say the condition now.” Xia Tian sits there said that he knows the opposite party goal is he, therefore Gu Lijing is safe temporarily.

Is very simple, participates in a tonight's unrestrained gambling, but you must win 50 million dollars above, you are qualified for attending the final with me together, so long as you can win me, I ensure can put your woman.” The island Sichuan plum said. Good, I complied, address.” Xia Tian complies directly. This is the address, remember, do not make a show, but here Island Country, is not China.” Island Sichuan plum reminder said that afterward she stands up, walks toward outside directly. Xia Tian has patted on the body of island Sichuan plum: In the evening saw.” Snort, since you must play, I accompany you to play one well.” Xia Tian cold snort, opened the X-Ray Vision eye afterward. When he opens the X-Ray Vision eye, the luminous powder appeared, that he patted a moment ago, is not the casual racket, he arranged the luminous powder at the body of island Sichuan plum, but he has not worried, but was waiting for silently. Curtain of night arrival gradually, Xia Tian arrives at the gambling house that the island Sichuan plum said. This gambling house in a close building, the entire building is a gambling establishment, can enter the person who here gambles, is the rich man. Beautiful rabbit girl can be seen everywhere, their wear are very attractive, the upper body only then wraps half the bonnet cover of jade hare on the moon, the lower part of the body is small Bo Si **** behind the buttocks also has a small white tail. The head wears an card issuing of white hair. Here dealer female, their wear expose, in the upper body has not brought to cover the cover, but is a white X-Ray Vision clothes, inside beautiful scenery can be clearly discernible, Xia Tian is a black silk, anything does not have besides the black silk. Moreover front also stands the female who is accompanying to play, these females are appearance attractiveness of , uniform one meter over seven, have the makings, which Boss has the interest, 200,000 Japanese Yen can take away for one hour, in this hour, why wants to let them. Naturally, did not affect in the situations of other people. The erosion, here has been full of erosion everywhere! This in the circle money, can to win money blame under such multiple enticement simply, moreover here in all directions is a camera, wants to walk from here to win money, simply is impossible, only if the request, or is others makes you win intentionally.” Xia Tian came to give to see through here. However all these have not related with him, he must win 50 million US dollars now here, is good to participate in the following super big gambling house.

Xia Tian went to the exchange chip place directly. Trades 1000 US dollars chip to me.” Xia Tian exchanged the chip the Japanese Yen in hand, the person of that exchange disdained to look at Xia Tian one, Xia Tian was least people who today comes here to exchange, others got rid several hundred thousand over a million, his unexpectedly value has exchanged 1000 US dollars chip. Master, is he!” The island Sichuan plum referred to video that slurred person saying. This boy is a little strange.” The master of island Sichuan plum nodded. I exit to be able he.” The island Sichuan plum stands up. Good, but do not fight, the good play still in behind, he has big using, but all will turn over to finally our.” Very confident saying of island Sichuan plum. Master, I understand.” The island Sichuan plum walked directly. At this time Xia Tian is taking the 1000 dollar chips in hand, moved toward directly has been away from his recent dice stage. Big! Xia Tian threw directly in a big way the chip on. 456 points are big! Xia Tian sat directly. 1000 dollars chip turned into 2000. Afterward Xia Tian continues to chip, he has pressed 12 big continuously, the result 12 all, saw such situation, the surrounding person has all encircled. At this moment the island Sichuan plum has arrived rear area, has been giving a hand signal of killing to that female what Guan. Female what officer nod of slightly.

Also presses in a big way! Xia Tian small part Qian Ya on big, all people all followed. When the female what officer must open, Xia Tian all pressed the remaining money in the leopard six on. Opened. Three six kill! Your how this, pressed obviously, then suddenly has pressed greatly the leopard.” Is, isn't this pit we?” We trusted you in vain.” These want with person very discontented saying that the Xia Tian luck walks. I have not let you with, idiot.” Xia Tian shook the head to say. These under the person with Xia Tian all lost, but Xia Tian unexpectedly pressed the leopard, this was gains greatly, looks the chip in own hand turned into 500,000. Xia Tian turns head to show a faint smile to the island Sichuan plum. Hateful, I make you smile a meeting first.” Island Sichuan plum angry saying.