Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 681

The reason that Xia Tian is not willing to gamble is because, he thinks that gambles is unclean, therefore he who wins was to win money also few flowers, many were contribute. However now he has to bet. Because the island Sichuan plum sent for seizing Gu Lijing. Will monitor to me regulates him, making him lose, I do not believe him to enter the finals.” Although the island Sichuan plum knows the plan of her master, but she is unbearably angry, she most wants to see is Xia Tian is getting more and more miserable. Loses bright light. Village! Before Xia Tian arrived at a playing cards table, directly! Pressed all chips in the village. 20 Zhuang Ying! 1 million dollars!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, just started to win is very truly easy, but behind arriving will be getting more and more difficult, because each gambling table has the quota. Hey, how many are this table of quotas of?” Xia Tian looked that asked to female what Guan. 3 million dollars!” Female what Guan answered. Good, my entire pressure, gives me to work as a village.” Xia Tian has all pressed 1 million dollars. Monitoring analyst, all prepares to me, I must make him lose bright light.” The island Sichuan plum saw Xia Tian to sit on that gambling table, directly has issued the order. Her order is very simple, but the day after tomorrow of this gambling establishment the full speed revolution, the camera of each angle has aimed at the sign in Xia Tian together.

Computer data analysis, 60% are nine, 40% is five, 10% is seven.” When Xia Tian looks own sign, the computer has made the quickest analysis. In his sign surface is eight, the card in a hand possibly is nine or five, since he wanted the sign, that might be five, sent to him nine, making him lose.” Island Sichuan plum order said. Female what Guan hears the words of island Sichuan plum, the right hand moves directly, has replaced the next sign fast. Each female what Guan have some thousand technique background, in addition these dealing machines seem ordinary, actually has the mystery. Therefore the female what officer can relaxed trading walk the sign in hand. Her trump card changed into nine. This looked how you die!” Saying of island Sichuan plum coldly. Sees in the sign surface is nine times, Xia Tian turned head to look at an island Sichuan plum, saw the island Sichuan plum self-satisfied expression, Xia Tian turned head directly. I, have not a very good custom, which in likes cutting the fingernail, I used the fingernail to put on the sign a moment ago, the following person will see to think that was nine or five, actually this was three.” Xia Tian has shown own card in a hand directly. Banker 20 points, idle family 18 points, Zhuang Jia wins. Hateful!” The island Sichuan plum had almost not been irritated, her unexpectedly had been suspended one by Xia Tian. Plum!” The earphone sound of island Sichuan plum. Master!”

Comes back, making him win, the final money will return to our hands in any case, you such noisily make others look that went bad.” I understood, Master.” The island Sichuan plum said that went upstairs. When he arrives in the building. Plum, your talent is very high, however your is inexperienced, this person strength is not bad, his small method are many, this small method will usually let your general idea, like a moment ago, you thinks that you have the most advanced science and technology, therefore you think one won, finally has done the bridal clothes for him on the contrary.” Island Country bets Wang Jiaoxun to say. Master, I knew mistakenly.” The island Sichuan plum said. This boy knows that the mechanism trap on playing cards, on our playing cards has the special symbol, the average person cannot look, but he can actually discover, and covers it, this indicated that he had to be vigilant, therefore he lives with the above flapper intentionally, usually in this case, you should not use the normal repertoire, if you made the person send several Zhang Little to him a moment ago, then comes to ten points, you said that he also does have the opportunity?” Island Country bets the experience of king to be much more than island Sichuan plum, reason that he a moment ago has not reminded, to let the island Sichuan plum suffers a loss, because he knows, only will then suffer a loss this apprentice to have the progress truly. I understood the master.” The island Sichuan plum nodded. I have taught you, sometimes victory and defeat not necessarily on betting table, like present him, he won, our exceed gains, finally can take away money, is the genuine winner, today arrives here is Island Country richest a group of people and rich men from world, on them the total fund reaches as high as tens of billions, this person strength is not bad, he can help me win light the money of all people, but there are that woman, he on must lose to me finally.” Island Country bets the plan of king to be flawless. He does not care about temporary victory and loss, but must look at the result. Master, I must make him die.” Island Sichuan plum wicked saying. Relax, he is impossible to live is leaving here, after he all lost money, he will be thrown in the sea to feed the fish with that woman.” Island Country bet Wang already to plan all. This time Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to this group of people from the start, he in to win money wholeheartedly. Now his chip in hand turned into 10 million dollars, around him has encircled many people, the gambling establishment is this, after Expert, everybody with, moreover with detaining. The female what Guan hand a little shivered, she felt that was too inconceivable, how regardless of she deals, Xia Tian can win.

Was good, looked that you were also very miserable, told me, which was here upper limit biggest gambling table?” Xia Tian takes up the chip in hand to look that asked to that female what Guan. Hears the Xia Tian words, female what Guanru releases the replay. Front show-hand! A single game of upper limit 10 million.” Good, said goodbye beauty.” Xia Tian takes up 10 million chips in hand, moved toward the show-hand stage directly. In the gambling establishment is this, if you can win, several million radically are not anything, but gambling establishment where has the winner. Wins bright light that ten lose one to accompany. The outfield be only this show-hand stage, this stage one time can only sit ten people, only then the fund surpasses 1 million people have the qualifications to come to power. Here victory and loss is very big, many people just came up to play one to lose money. However here person plays will be very discrete, not having the good sign they rather to lose deposits not with, here depositing will be 50,000 dollars, in other words, you will sit did not want here, will return every time losing 50,000 dollars. Xia Tian arrived here time, happen to the person has stood, his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step dodges, sat in that position directly, his behind that person has almost not irritated. Although here does not have what lining up, but everybody also silently is observing, but Xia Tian unexpectedly fled to sit from behind directly in that. Comes, hands over the bills in your hand!” Xia Tian very aggressive saying.