Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 682

The average people enter in this big gambling house are low keys, because nobody can determine that actually sits in that person of your side is any status, nobody can determine that here does have Expert of any gambling king rank. In brief all these are the unknowns. If too the high-sounding talk has caused everybody's disaffection, or which gambling king wants to make you lose, plays in view of you, you really had no way to play. But Xia Tian unexpectedly sits down on pulling taunts. Nearby these people like are looked immediately fool looks to him, everybody thinks that he is a real fool. He is sick, coming show-hand unexpectedly also to dare such high-sounding talk.” The island Sichuan plum looks that Xia Tian on screen said. No, just the opposite, he is very fierce, generally is thinking few that the low key to win money person, can win finally truly, because their imposing manners are insufficient, sometimes, can win obviously, but they actually do not dare to press finally, moreover he does not want to come low key to win money, therefore his such high-sounding talk, for occupies in the imposing manner intentionally completely takes the initiative, you look that the good play must start.” Island Country bets Wang Fenxi to say. Idiot, he is an idiot, unexpectedly dares certainly such high-sounding talk.” Everybody will certainly aim at his, when the time comes, he must die without doubt.” Such rotten hand must snatch our positions, a bit faster gets down.” Xia Tian behind these person of discontented saying. On the table other nine people were very discontented with Xia Tian. The playing cards that the show-hand uses altogether have 52, the big little rascal does not have, therefore these playing cards happen to can issue ten people. Quick first round dealing ended, in a Xia Tian row of surface is spade A. I spoke, Ha Ha, 1 million dollars.” Xia Tian throws 1 million dollars directly. Snort!” Xia Tian below family cold snort, the direct trump card has dropped. Afterward several people abandon the sign, comes up to press such in a big way, they how possibly with, only then two people followed the Xia Tian sign. Afterward continues to deal. The Xia Tian sign surface is a spade three. The remaining that two face card surface are the pairs.

This I spoke, 1 million.” Sits said in the Xia Tian opposite that person. With!4 million! „ Xia Tian throws 4 million dollars chip directly.Your lunatic. „ Sat in the Xia Tian opposite that person also abandons the sign, only remaining another people.I will not be fooled by you, I with. „ That person followed. Afterward deals once more. A Xia Tian row of surface is one three, the opposite sign surface is A.This I was big, I all detain. „ Xia Tian all detained front 5 million dollars chips.He was insane, his sign surface one pair three, but the opposite party was pair of old K, only if his card in a hand were A or three, otherwise he lost. „ „ Can this boy gamble, he obviously does not get the advantage now is right. „Hateful, will not play quickly makes way. „ Surrounding person very discontented shouting.This boy, has real skill, opposite that person this not with. „ Island Country bets Wang Dandan saying.Master, why not with? „ Island Sichuan plum puzzled asking..So-called onlooker is clear-headed, but is too close to the problem, now that person has been covered by the imposing manner of this boy completely, the opposite party has been afraid. „ Island Country bets Wang to say. As if to confirm Island Country bets the words of king to be ordinary, that people Qi.Yeah, I told you, you have not detained are pick, I was three three. „ Xia Tian has shown own card in a hand directly. But when everybody saw when his card in a hand was shocked completely, that person of abandoned sign had almost not shouted a moment ago'mother-fucker'.Hey, you saw clearly, your is four, is not three. „ Side a Xia Tian person opens the mouth to say.

Well? How isn't three? I remember a moment ago obviously is three. „ Xia Tian puzzled looked that then said to the playing cards:”, I possibly recorded to mix, played in other place a moment ago, the card in a hand was three. „ Puff! To gambling held together to spit blood with that person of Xia Tian a moment ago. „, It is not bets a money, unexpectedly has also spat blood, quickly changes one. Saying that „ Xia Tian disdains. At this time in front of him had 16.5 million dollars. That person was lifted, afterward sits a person fast, but this person has 1 million dollars chip. Nobody is willing to play with capital few people, because of him can the show-hand, unable to see clearly his at heart. Second round dealing started, Xia Tian unexpectedly or spade A.Really was too skillful, was I speaks, show-hand. „ Xia Tian all detained front 16.5 million dollars chips. Show-hand! Sees the Xia Tian show-hand, the surrounding person was all shocked, his unexpectedly comes up first on the show-hand, moreover is 16.5 million dollars. This gambling was too big, naturally cannot some people follow. One, only then that led 1 million people to follow. His sign surface is one three. Afterward deals fast. However what made all people surprised was, Xia Tian unexpectedly was sent to four A, in other words his card in a hand anything was not, is his unexpectedly, when anything not on show-hand. The opposite party stood up to leave directly. Did not use the card in a hand, he lost. The Xia Tian present chip turned into 18 million dollars.

„, unexpectedly was shaken to select by him, next time cannot let off him absolutely. Root that „ the surrounding these people hate straight itchy, if a moment ago they followed, Xia Tian could not attain four A absolutely.He was really too can deceive. „ Island Sichuan plum surprised saying.Therefore I said him to be fierce, true Expert must deceive, deceives all people, even must be deceived including oneself. „ Island Country bets Wang to say.These people had been deceived two games continuously, this third game should not be deceived again. „ The island Sichuan plum looked that asked to master. „ The third game, he must leave the real skill. „ Island Country bets Wang Kaikou to say. The third game must start immediately, when dealer must deal immediately, Xia Tian opened the mouth: „ I must cut the sign. „ Cuts the sign, his unexpectedly must cut the sign, generally this type of show-hand, everybody is nobody cuts the sign, because you have cut, has the next person to cut, cuts instead possibly to make the bridal clothes to others finally.Good, please Nin Qie. „ Xia Tian has thrown playing cards in the sign piles directly. The movement forms a coherent whole, as if like moving clouds and flowing water. Sees his technique, everybody is clear, originally this fellow is Expert, everybody had been deceived by him a moment ago, his unexpectedly has been playing the role of the pig to eat the tiger. Really, after Xia Tian all signs, all people cut the sign. This time sign messed up thoroughly.Can start. „ Xia Tian shows a faint smile, round dealing ended. The Xia Tian platoon surface is a spade two, other people spoke, everybody started to chip, nobody abandoned the sign, but the gambling stake was not big!Show-hand! „ Xia Tian the front 18 million chips all will have detained directly.