Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 683
Xia Tian unexpectedly the show-hand, saw that some of his show-hand people could not bear once more finally, if makes Xia Tian so noisy, their depositing lost do not have. The Xia Tian below family arranges the surface is A, he looked at his card in a hand, is A. I with you, show-hand.” That person has also detained front chip. Although everybody is not convinced very much, but the amount number is too after all big, therefore most people also abandon the sign, they can only look with the virulent vision to Xia Tian. Finally is counted Xia Tian altogether to have four people. Now the above fund has reached as high as 60 million. So long as Xia Tian has won this, he was enough 50 million dollars. Since the show-hand, that naturally has been able to start to deal fast. The surrounding these people have all turned very quiet, does not dare to speak, because this scene was too big, few this over 60 million gambling houses. Fellow gentlemen, your chipping in have exceeded the single highest chipping in amount, I need repeatedly to confirm now, even if the show-hand, you can also choose high only next 10 million.” dealer said. This table also has the quota, is the single bureau single upper limit 10 million, once over 10 million, had the right to place in 10 million that files their maximum amount, naturally, this has also calculated the show-hand. Does not use!” All people all said. At this time Xia Tian front playing cards are three three, under him the family is three A, behind, separately is three Q and three nine, looks at each of them is very self-confident appearances, was needless saying that also knows their cards in a hand definitely were fourth open. Big that bets, moreover sign probably is the enemy sign, if this lost, but was miserable.” Big gambling house, wins is 60.01 million.” Three that A cards in a hand probably are also A, then this winning was he.”

The surrounding person is very tense, the people who at this time they compare the gambling on the scene are tense, nobody worries to go to the card in a hand, but they all have been ready. Monitored to see a moment ago, that with three A person cards in a hand is also A, this game should be he wins.” The island Sichuan plum said. This is uncertain.” Island Country bets Wang to say. „? The master you also thinks that person will win? Only if he leaves thousand, but here monitors everywhere, once he leaves thousand, some people will search, hold him to leave thousand evidence, he died.” The island Sichuan plum said. From now on, making the monitoring give me to open all focal distances, cannot miss any detail.” Island Country bets Wang Mingling to say. On this time gambling table. „Didn't boy, you like the show-hand a moment ago very much? Your Xian Kai.” Saying that Xia Tian Xia Family disdains, he has thought at this time one must win. Good, I operated the sign.” Xia Tian has shown own card in a hand, four three. Ha Ha Ha Ha, originally you have four three, you lost, I am four A.” That person said greatly with a smile that afterward he had revealed directly own card in a hand, is at this moment, surroundings peaceful. That person is waiting for everybody's the words of cheers and worship, but he discovered that the situation is a little not probably right, because everybody looked that his look is not right. How possible?” When he lowers the head looks, unexpectedly discovered that own card in a hand is one nine. Sees such aspect, the remaining two people lift their card in a hand hurriedly, three Q person discovery own card in a hand turned into A, but that three nine person discovery their card in a hand unexpectedly turned into Q. All people hoodwinked, was participating in the person in gambling house to hoodwink, the person who the surroundings watched the fun also hoodwinked. Their three definitely are unable to believe their eye. This was also too skillful, sign unexpectedly in their three hand all each other needed, so long as exchanged to compare that person to be big.”

Is impossible to be so skillful, if this may really on too the enemy.” „, Will not look at they three expressions, probably the sign made a mistake.” The surrounding person all does not know that should say any was good, this coincidence was really too horrible, they a little cannot believe. That takes three A people to look angrily to Xia Tian: You leave thousand.” Evidence, you said that I leave thousand , because I have stolen your three?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. No, was you have replaced we three signs, you two said was right!” That takes three A people to say. Right, is you leaves thousand, this game does not calculate that comes again.” Another two people shout, although they also lost, but they cannot make this game calculate absolutely, because considers as finished, their also greatly four A. Your three lost, naturally formed a partnership saying that I left thousand, was the evidence? Without the evidence, did you say the matter with what?” Xia Tian very optional saying. At this time in building. Watches the video recording!” Island Country bet the king to look repeatedly several. Master, without any trace . Moreover the sign has not been short many, therefore is to search not to be impossible now.” Island Sichuan plum depressed saying. Actually does he how replace the sign of that three person?” Island Country bets the king not to discover any clue. At this time that three people wanted the cooker simply. Sorry, Sir, you lost, moreover our monitoring video recording have not patted to his any evidence of cheating, if your some words, can take to make us have a look.” dealer opens the mouth to say. This...” Three people looked at one mutually, no one has the evidence.

Qian Gou, does not play, troubled you to help me separate the chip, 50 million planned to participate in the following gambling house, 10 million dollars infiltrated Bank of Switzerland account, remaining turned over to you.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.Thanks the gentleman, thanks the gentleman. The odd change that „ dealer excited saying, Xia Tian said that has 2 million dollars. How this can make her not excited. This account is he comes the time with Xu wants, he here must win one today well. Meanwhile in China. Such quickly came 10 million dollars.” Xu shows a faint smile.You get down to propagandize to me, does not need to be afraid spends, so long as the effort, said that Jiang Hai City Xia Group must donate the big fund for the national defense capability of country, the fund digit are least is ten zero. „ Xu Laojiang matter told. Time all people who hears ten zero were all shocked, but they arranged immediately. Xia Tian said that stands up walks toward side, he took several glasses of good wines, careful tastes, this time he idles leisurely. Likely is not saves others radically. Good play just started.” At this time in a secret room, a female shows a faint smile.