Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 684

Xia Tian also shows a faint smile: „ Good play just started. „ He was planned how possibly by others, this time Xia Tian does not worry, in that static drinking, surroundings these people spells very irritable. Here carries on the fund of gambling to be very big, but Xia Tian understands that these people are not the hosts, these genuine hosts disdain in betting such small amount.The bigger the better, the more better. „ Xia Tian excited saying. How he can unable to think through the opposite party plot, he knows, when step into here, the opposite party does not want to be lived departure by oneself. After have shown gambling technique, opposite party is hopes certainly one can all lose all money other people, then loses to the opposite party money. But how Xia Tian will make the opposite party achieve wishes. Does not know really this Island Country bets the king to plan to make the big gambling house, the bigger the better.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he wants today well accompanies this Island Country to bet Wang Wan. In, Xia Tian discovered that surrounding atmosphere, today is Island Country bets the king to accept a challenge from all over the world the Expert big day. This gambling house is Island Country in history biggest. Xia Tian took up a propaganda pamphlet on table to look, this propaganda pamphlet manufacture luxury of , solely was this Little Zhang propagandizes to needs over a thousand US dollars hand labor costs. Uppermost the circular writes. Island Country bets Wang Yingzhan to match. In addition from all over the world 36 Expert, Island Country own rich man, the person who other countries attend the competition, constituted this grand gambling house together. The request of gambling house is, most lowers 50 million dollars admission.

In other words, so long as you have 50 million dollars, then you can enter the competition range. This competition to seek fairly, invited the world-class five referees specially, these five referees have very high prestige in the world, it is said that they had worked as the referee of Las Vegas that world biggest gambling house. That gambling house final winner altogether has swept across over a thousand hundred million US dollars, their five have worked as the referee of this magnificent scene, therefore everybody also believes them. Has their five, that nobody dares to make a show. Moreover this is also a safeguard, can make everybody change course money immediately own account, here is needs everyone to have the Bank of Switzerland account number, so long as Qian Jin the Bank of Switzerland, that is the absolute monarch cannot rob. Account transfer machine in the hands of these five old fogies, so long as the competition ended, or some people withdraw from the competition, then the fund instantaneously will be transferred to the account of that person. The amount of this competition adds the estimate reaches as high as tens of billions dollars. unexpectedly has tens of billions dollars these many, me expected is higher.” Xia Tian sees time excited saying of above that digit. He knows that own this time must get rich. Moreover must get rich. Excited, Xia Tian continues to circular looks that what the below of circular writes is this participating Island Country bets Wang He Island Country Expert, adds on 36 Expert lists from world again. These people have unique introduction. When Xia Tian thinks bored, a female arrives at the Xia Tian side, this female puts on exposes, but she absolutely is not here these girls. The female is the foreigner, the stature is very good.

„Does handsome fellow, a person sit is not here bored?” The females take up one glass of liquor to ask. I warned you, your move was useless to me, if your hand continued to go forward, I did not mind your flower bud silk underpants throwing in front.” Xia Tian looked that said to the female, because this female during speech, hand unexpectedly steals the Xia Tian thing. However she is not thief, but is cheat, the cheat technique is not worse than the thief, moreover in the slight change, they even compares these outstanding thieves to be fiercer. Volume!” The females stare slightly: Is Expert.” You are not bad.” Xia Tian looked that said to the female. You can guess that what in my coat is?” The females looked that asked to Xia Tian. Why can I guess?” Xia Tian drinks to start the liquor, puzzled asking. If you guess, I can make you grasp.” The females look at Xia Tian to say. Does not have the interest.” Xia Tian cast aside female one eyes saying that the upper body of this female was truly big, however her big affected artisticly. Xia Tian may have to see the upper body big person, did not say others, solely is Gu Lijing the upper body not compared with her small, moreover Gu Lijing the upper body is very attractive. Volume!” Hears the Xia Tian words, the female stares slightly, she first time sees such odd person, the color a moment ago narrowed the eyes visits her, appearance that but unexpectedly has exhibited not sparing a glance now. You said that is what kind of?” The females do not like being rejected, therefore she wants to make Xia Tian put forward the request, she bumps into an interesting fellow with great difficulty, how possibly to let off. I want your necklace.” Xia Tian points at the necklace on female neck to say. „! Your does unexpectedly want it? It is a good thing, is I the treasure in Egypt getting so far as.” The females looked at their necklace to say.

Although this necklace she does not know is any thing, but she thinks very attractive, moreover is bringing it well all day the mood specially. Dares to bet!” Xia Tian spoke here most ordinary a few words. In the gambling establishment only then dares to bet these characters is most ordinary. The females hear Xia Tian these characters time, came the interest, but she in that 36 Expert, but some unexpectedly people must bet with her now: Good, bets on the gambling, but do you work as the gambling stake with what?” 50 million dollars, you have won, my turns over to you, I have won, your necklace turns over to me.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. When sees Xia Tian that self-confident smiling face, some female suspects were blurry, front this man knows in really own coat has hidden any thing. She looked at one to her coat place, the exposition that although oneself put on, however inside thing should hide strictly is very right. Regardless of any angle, cannot see inside. He explodes certainly me, the little guy, no matter what I am also bets one generation of Expert, if were fooled that to be how good by you.” Female innermost feelings secretly thought, she looks up said afterward to Xia Tian: Good, I bet.” The females are very confident, she does not believe front man can know actually in her to have hidden any thing, because that thing will be indulges in flights of fancy some people not to obtain. 50 million dollars were my.” Female excited saying. Cannot think, your semblance is wild, inside unexpectedly has hidden this type of thing.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.