Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 686

Five old arrivals captured the past the attention all people completely, what their five representing is the authority, is fair, before them, regardless of anybody cannot make a show, the world also only then their five have the qualifications to come referee that when over several billions compete. Because everybody trusts their five. Their five to the impression that all people make is big. Unattainable. Side five old each people with black-clothed person, although this black-clothed person plays the role of bodyguard, but Xia Tian can look that the strengths of these five people are not low. If you think five old, only then this safeguard, that has been completely mistaken, once some people tried one to eat black black, finally wants to swallow money completely, completeness that very therefore that person designs, invited over ten thousand people, this enough formed an army. However when that person wildest, he discovered that over ten thousand people vanished into thin air, all vanishes to disappear. Finally knows that these people heard must stress five old, therefore they left automatically. Cracks a joke, five always world-class figure, any dares to move their person, died not entire corpse, moreover is family dies. So long as has five to work as the competition of referee in old age, nobody is worried to velvet cannot carry off. Five old referee their ages about 50, can obtain such high status this to be possible absolutely in the 50-year-old age not to be accidental, but behind has the formidable background and pillar. This is five old referees, was mad the field is really too full.” Five old referees, even if were velveted does not need to be worried unable to take away.” Really was good, today finally has experienced fierce of five old referees with own eyes.” The surrounding person sees five old referees time at heart is the unusual butt buffers, because this competition the amount of involving was really too big. If five never, they do not dare to exchange the chip the fund directly. Very strong air/Qi field.” Xia Tian surprised saying , he although before , has seen the rich man, but these rich men absolutely do not have on five old referees such big air/Qi field.

Their five as if are peerless Expert is at this time same, although they will not participate, so long as some people dare to break the custom, their five can be divided the minute of being run over and dying opposite party. Country bumpkin, has not seen such big scene.” That person looks at saying that Xia Tian disdained. Your mouth the hemorrhoids, the incurable words will rot probably.” Xia Tian very optional saying, an silver needle projects at the same time. You the rotten mouth, I will tell you, if you now kneel to knock three knocks to me, I can put your horse, otherwise... He he.” That male coldly has smiled one. But at this moment, that male unexpectedly discovered that own lip good bulge, he put out his cell phone to illuminate the photo hurriedly! Hum! He hum the half of the day had not said the words to come, because his lip turned into two big sausages now. Told you.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Hum!Here some people are taken bad, being called the medical team to carry off him first. „ Hum! That man goes all out was shouting, but his mouth completely by his two big sausage same lips sealing up, him like this had been separated from here. However outside has the doctor of specialty, therefore wants is not the big sickness, he will be delivered quickly. Island Country bet Wang also to walk afterward. The attention that he attracts does not compare five whole families, because of him but today here lead. Asked all participants to be ready, prepared to enter the competition range. „ People sounds in five old referee said:” Before goes, I hope that everybody the dangerous goods will place outside, outside has the cabinet of specialty, this type of cabinet with the explosion-proof equipment research and development, in other words has met the explosion, they will not damage. „

His meaning is to let everybody hands over the weapon.I hope that everybody do not have leaving things to chance, thinks that ivory alloy and other materials can get by under false pretences, this is impossible, investigates the instrument is we asks world topest Master to research and develop, so long as is any has the risky goods not to be impossible to bring, you can also attempt, if were discovered that discovered that same punishes 1 million dollars. „ Humph! Hears this fine amount time, all people all are the took a deep breath cold air, this fine amount was also too terrifying a point. unexpectedly takes 1 million dollars.Now starts to get ready to enter the stadium. „ Island Country bets king first to walk to that gate, the gate has not made a sound, means that on him does not have any dangerous weapon. Afterward followed close on his one person to walk directly. ! The gate has made a sound, gate loud at the same time, five always looked to that person: „ Goes to that side to make a payment. „ On the gate above liquid crystal had a shape of (spear|gun), this is the goods that on the man carries.Snort, I do not hand over, at the worst I do not participate. „ That person of cold snort said that he saw a moment ago Island Country bets the king has not made a sound, he thinks that five old possibly frightens them, therefore he also wants to pass through directly, but he has not thought that gate unexpectedly made a sound.You do not participate, same must make a payment, this is the custom. „I do not hand over. „ That person played rascal.Breaks his leg, then gives his family member to telephone, making them draw cash to redeem a slave. „ Meanwhile.

Ah! A five old behind bodyguard gets rid instantaneously, has broken that person of bone directly, sees such scene, the following person is startled. This is not cracking a joke. Person who other these have leaving things to chance has all placed in weapon the storage, the following admission became smooth. However some people want covertly to go in the thing belt, they think thing that one bring compared with others' covertness, was finally all by 11 lanes. That gate makes a sound to represent has dangerous goods, makes a sound two is two. Even some rings and necklaces were discovered. These people already thorough was convinced this gate, this gate simply was the fearfulness of god.Yeah! Really troublesome. „ Xia Tian sighed saying that his present has more than 400 silver needles, carrying a heavy load machine four, Money Throwing Knife, gold thread soft armor, small cauldron, dangerous necklace two. It can be said that he is a big dangerous material. However these things he will not let off in these storages, regardless of these storages have many security, he will not place inside these things. Quick most people have gone, immediately was one's turn Xia Tian. Xia Tian deeply inspires walks toward that gate directly. ! When Xia Tian gets to the entrance, over a hundred sounds convey, these sounds all captured the attention of all people.