Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 688

Although Island Country bets on Wang face to be very disgruntled, but actually can only turn around leave, does not dare to display, because he cannot offend this Xia. This Xia status specially mysterious, nobody knows that who he is, he became famous already for more than 20 years, which regardless of arrived, anybody has not dared to disrespect. Perhaps some people have dared, but these people died. Xia Tian with the strange look looks at Xia the back, Xia is a very strange person, cannot see his depth Xia Tian to the present, moreover he, although said one are surnamed Xia, but Xia Tian actually does not dislike him. Must know that Xia Tian has also seen Xia Family many people, but these Xia Family people have only given him a feeling, that is sees thinks repugnant. „ Is he also the Xia Family person? „ Xia Tian puzzled looks at Xia. Xia Tian shook the head afterward, he cannot think through, simply does not think that the opposite party does not have the evil intention to oneself in any case. Although everybody does not understand that the summer always any meaning, why makes this person bring the weapon to come, since has Xia to be a guarantor, everybody naturally will again not say anything. They believe that if this person poses the threat to here any person, Xia and other four old exactly do not sit by and do nothing.Snort, the brat, you are waiting to me. „ At this moment, on a lip entangled the person of gauze to stare Xia Tian one wickedly.Such quickly cured. „ Xia Tian saw that sausage mouth time shows a faint smile.I know that is ghost who you do, I will certainly not let off your, today I must make you lose all money first, then asked the person to break your leg, broke your arm, let you disabled for a lifetime. „ That sausage mouth man angry saying. „, I know how should do. „ Xia Tian nodded serious saying.What you know that this did? What were you saying? „ That sausage mouth man looked said puzzled to Xia Tian.A moment ago you said should be you are out, I satisfy you as far as possible. „ Xia Tian said that sits on a gambling table directly.

Now this front door has been closed, in other words, here person is the today's participating personnel. Today's participants altogether are 150 people, each table sits five people, once on the table must lose all or win light other four talented people to withdraw, naturally after has won light other four people, can wait for that entered the second round competition. „ Five old people stand saying:” Everybody can feel relieved that these dealer are I brings from Las Vegas, said that they will not cheat with anybody, who if everybody discovered suspicion that they cheat, you can also report, if after checking real, then they will die family. „ Xia has not spoken, he usually little spoke, majority was other four people said that if he opened the mouth that to order. Five old are not the friendly stubble, their words very very ruthless, but this also to give in a person safeguard of sitting. After all much money they are also afraid have not assigned colored, therefore these dealer are does not dare to cheat absolutely, because their chosen times person who has the family. Makes contact with own assigns them not to fear but actually, but five old referees also said a moment ago, is dies family. „ The playing cards of this competition bring from Las Vegas, behind the playing cards that each competition uses the variety is different, moreover after the competition ended, will also carry on the inventory playing cards, once discovered that the playing cards have been short, will then search, so long as discovers the ballot, cuts two leg and a hand. „ Five old are is not a vegetarian, they are work as the referee, since works as the referee, naturally must maintain everybody's interests, hears five old referees words, everybody is also very satisfied. All people chose their seat. Xia Tian sits directly, in has been away from a oneself recent table, that sausage mouth unexpectedly has also sat down, moreover just right sits in the Xia Tian opposite.Country bumpkin, I must win light all your money. „ Sausage mouth disdains looks at Xia Tian to say.I am afraid your money insufficiently to lose. „ Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Their this table of five people were filled quickly. The competition only then slighting the law, is a show-hand, because this slights the law most tests a gambling technique of person and at heart element qualitative.

Comes up, on their tables was chocked up the chip, this table is counted Xia Tian altogether four chips of people are just right 50 million, only then the chip of that sausage mouth is one hundred million.Country bumpkin, such selects money on the belt, suffices to lose? Saying that „ that sausage mouth disdains. „ Everyone has the opportunity of two exchange chip, once loses all no longer exchanges the chip, that will be eliminated directly. „ dealer looked that said to several people.Starts! „ Xia Tian looked that said to that dealer. The bottom [gold/metal] is 200,000 dollars. First round dealing, the Xia Tian sign surface is one three, the sign surface of other that sausage mouths are A. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the country bumpkin, your luck is it seems like not much. Saying that „ that sausage mouth disdains, threw to put out 5 million dollars chip to throw afterward:” 5 million dollars. „ Below Jia Qi of sausage mouth, another followed 5 million, is Xia Tian.How is it? Do the country bumpkins, dare with? Saying that „ that sausage mouth disdains. Xia Tian has not spoken, all pushed front chip directly. All detained. His unexpectedly came up slightly three to detain.Lunatic! „ The Xia Tian below family abandons the sign directly!Volume! „ That sausage mouth stares slightly, he has a dream has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly came up slightly three to detain, he is considering not to follow now with, with the words, the risk was too big, not with words, but really lost face.

I with! „ That sausage mouth also followed the Xia Tian gambling stake, now his in floor also remaining 50 million.Two lunatics. „ Followed 5 million dollars that person also to abandon the sign a moment ago. At this time only remaining Xia Tian and that sausage mouth between them competition. Since has all detained, then dealer can also start to deal fast. The sign surface of that sausage mouth presented two A and two K But in the Xia Tian sign surface is two, three, four, five, are suitable with the flower.It seems like you do not get the advantage. „ Xia Tian looked that said to that sausage mouth, all in his planning, he know completely, once after all detain, other three will all abandon the sign, therefore these signs naturally sent to his here. If these five people also all detain, that Xia Tian this sign was the weird creature. Has X-Ray Vision eye him, will already put in order the vice- playing cards to completely understand. ! Discovered that high-tech eyeglasses, confiscate the complete gambling stake, cuts off three fingers. The warning sound conveys, moreover automatic will punish the way to broadcast, here punishment way is the world general gambling establishment punishment way.