Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 690

Good.” Xia Tian looked at the man. Volume.” The men have not thought that Xia Tian was so simple complied, immediately a little violated blurry: Good, I looked at your strength a moment ago, is very good, one will want our two cooperation, that certainly can enter first five, so long as you can make me win, I will call 1 billion dollars before winning you, how is it?” These many, do not have the issue, I may not win in any case.” Xia Tian nodded. Good, we such settled.” The men said in a low voice. Xia Tian is very tranquil sitting there, regarding with the cooperation of that man, he did not have any performance a moment ago. Quick, each table presented the final winner. Now altogether remaining 30 people. „The following competition, each table of six people, altogether five people can win finally, among this times can only have one time to add money the right.” Five were always announcing. Xia Tian sat in recent one table directly, that man sat in his side a moment ago, to Xia Tian made a meaningful glance, Xia Tian nod. This bottom [gold/metal] Zhang arrived at 500,000 dollars, no matter in other words you do bet, every time must throw 500,000 dollars. Asked everybody to confirm own amount, once after start, everyone be only one time added money the opportunity.” dealer answered. This competition, Xia Tian looked, obviously be much more intense than a moment ago, because these person of each were Expert in Expert, this amount also compared beforehand was big, in least hands had 300 million dollars. What is main, Xia Tian discovered that other four people united, they are using some password to exchange. This password uses to be simple, mutually gently rapped with the finger is OK. The Xia Tian opposite that man also saw among them obviously with some password, a brow wrinkle was looking to Xia Tian, Xia Tian nod of slightly. Starts!” Xia Tian said. dealer direct dealing. All detains! Xia Tian comes up to detain. I abandon. That man abandons the sign directly. Other three people also with abandoning sign, remaining last people.

I with! That person pushed out in front of 300 million chips directly. Knows that you will come this set, the sign surface of this person is A, the card in a hand is also A, my sign surface is one ten, the card in a hand is one nine, no matter how looked that I do not get the advantage, but after several other people abandon the sign, the sign in dealer completely was favorable for me.” Xia Tian is not blind entire detains, he had already analyzed the psychology of these people. Everyone in thinking anything, the exchange with them cannot escape from the eye of Xia Tian. dealer fast dealing. The Xia Tian sign surface is ten, J, Q and K, but the sign surface of that person is two A and two K. A that you want in my this.” That person lifted own card in a hand, spade A, the Xia Tian sign surface is the spade, in other words he happen to needed this spade A. Your gambling technique is the sports teacher teaches? Did nobody tell you spade nine is also suitable with the flower?” Xia Tian has lifted own card in a hand. Is suitable with the flower. Snort! I must add 300 million.” That person sat to say. After dealer and five old referees check, in front of that person presented 300 million chips. Second game of start. dealer deals once more. 50 million. Xia Tian has gotten down 50 million directly. This time he does not have to detain, but is the choice presses 50 million, the man who that and he cooperates has also detained 50 million, other four people have not abandoned the sign, followed 50 million. Third round dealing. Abandoned! Xia Tian abandons the sign directly. All detains! After the Xia Tian together that man sees the Xia Tian look, own Qian Quanya.

Saw that he all detains, other four men brief after the finger password exchanges, three people of abandoned signs. Knows you to be able like this.” Xia Tian knows that these four people and form a partnership, therefore they will choose the sign best that person to continue with, other people Qi, this can not lose the battle efficiency of person on one's own side, after all four opportunities of people must be older than a person. dealer fast dealing, just started match to get the advantage obviously, but after final two rounds dealing, won with that man of Xia Tian cooperation. That man satisfied nodded to Xia Tian. additional 100 million chips!” That person added 100 million, because he does not want such directly to be eliminated, otherwise has been short of a person on few opportunity. But their small thoughts already had been seen through by Xia Tian, the 52 signs in dealer in the Xia Tian mind are calculating. Therefore they are impossible to win. These people are very rich, everyone added a chip. But finally three people eliminated. On this time gambling table altogether only remaining three people, Xia Tian, the opposite party remaining only people of that male. This wins the light him our two, then, I take up a collection to you, you lose to me.” That man said low voice. Xia Tian nodded, had not answered. Started. After dealing had ended, the Xia Tian sign surface is K, that man is A, what opposite is Q. 100 million! That man has pressed 100 million directly. With! With! They followed. Third round dealing. The Xia Tian sign surface is A, that man is Q, the opposite is also Q.

The present sign surface is the opposite party was big. 500 million!” The opposite party has gotten down 500 million directly. With! With! Xia Tian and that men followed. Fourth round dealing, the Xia Tian sign surface is A, that man is J, opposite Q. I all pressed.” Opposite all detained the chip. You also all detain, money I calculate to you from now on.” That man said. All detains! Xia Tian all detains. Saw that Xia Tian all detains, that male corners of the mouth have shown the self-satisfied smiling face. Fourth round dealt. What opposite is one ten, what Xia Tian is K, but that man is one 10, now sign surface biggest is that and man of Xia Tian cooperation, he is suitable with the flower, but the opposite is three Q. „Can money call me?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that man. Idiot, you do not think that really I will take up a collection to you? Now what the sign surface is biggest is only three Q, but I am suitable with the flower, I won, why do I also want to give you money?” That male gust of wind looks at Xia Tian to say. The gambling establishment does not have the prestige. In other words, are you are deceiving me?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that man. Naturally, your idiot, has not thought that I really to you money, the gambling establishment deceives the field, this you cannot look, but I also really must thank you, if no you, my capital may unable to eat you.” That man puts out 1000 dollars of Japanese Yen: These 1000 are your hitting fare, goes home to coax the child, here does not suit you.” You think probably you ate to decide me!” Xia Tian coldly looks that man said.