Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 691

Naturally, I am suitable with the flower!” That man has lifted his card in a hand directly. Also called to be suitable with flower on this?” Saying that the opposite that person disdains. At this time the sign surface of that man is A. 3. Q. J. 10. What?” That male whole face inconceivable looks at own card in a hand, he remembers that his card in a hand is K is obviously right, but why will turn into 3? My three Q, I won.” The opposite party looked at Xia Tian saying: Last A here, you did not have the opportunity.” Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian stopped by calling out that person: I am older than you probably.” Xia Tian has lifted own card in a hand, is K, three K. Sees this K time, could not bear with that person who Xia Tian worked a moment ago again: Leaves thousand, the referee, I must accuse that he leaves thousand, a moment ago that K obviously was my.” A five old person walked. Knows the custom, you consider him to leave thousand, but you must pay hundred million earnest money, if he really thousand, then the earnest money gives back to you, moreover we will cut his two leg and a hand, if monitors the evidence that the video is unable to discover him to cheat, then your hundred million dollars earnest money all turned over to him.” I agreed that here monitoring equipment is best, can slow down 100 times of speeds, I do not believe him to be able to escape the monitoring.” That man brushed 100 million dollars to treat as the earnest money directly. Good, now the accent takes the monitoring video recording, simultaneously is covering this table altogether ten monitoring, all adjust ten monitoring.” Hears the order of referee, the following technical personnel will monitor to adjust on the large screen, at this time the people of surrounding these competitions also stopped, saw with great difficulty some people reported thousand, they how possibly watching the fun not well. On the front large screen presented ten conventions. This screen is clearest, we enlarge this screen, simultaneously several other small screens in all around, if some people discover anything, can open the mouth to inform.” The referee enlarges the situation that Xia Tian place above that monitoring pats.

This I thought how you die.” That person coldly looks at Xia Tian to say. Lost these much money, I understand you very much.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. All people all looked to screen, but screen entire gambling house got down, nobody saw any change, absolutely did not have Xia Tian to leave thousand evidence. „It is not right, is this possible? Right, my behind has monitoring, I look at my card in a hand, the monitoring have certainly been able to pat, I must think that monitoring.” Saying that man is not convinced. Good, moves to him.” The referee said. That man behind monitored also to be moved. Started this chapter of everybody to smile, because this man, although has looked at the card in a hand, but his unexpectedly and kept off stubbornly the card in a hand with the hand, in other words, monitored anything not to pat. I announced that the accusation is invalid, you can leave the field, the video I have made the person give you copy, goes to look slowly, if discovered anything, can come back to look for me at any time.” The referee said that waved to the security. No, is impossible, my card in a hand certainly is K.” Shouting that man keeps, but the security has pulled out him. 3.5 billion dollars! Now the Xia Tian front altogether 3.5 billion dollars, he is the person of second victory. Person who first wins is the Island Country gambling king. Island Country bet the king to look at Xia Tian one, showed a faint smile, said in the lip language: Performance is good, but I hope that you can display well, I must win your entirety, do not forget your woman.” Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Is very good.” Island Country bets king satisfied saying.

Good play must perform finally.” Xia Tian light saying. Meanwhile, in a dark room, a female opens both eyes suddenly: Good play performed finally.” Her body tied up, but she slightly moves now, string all has separated . Moreover the big iron gate that locked lotus seed deadlocks was directly easily is also opened by her, outside many guards, but these guards stood there are motionless, this helplessly visits her to leave there. This female is not others, is Gu Lijing. Before Xia Tian tracked the island Sichuan plum, then had found here, after he arrived here, studied with ancient Lijing, first made Lijing do not run away, has waited till the almost final the time again walks, Xia Tian outside these person of acupoint will have sealed up, therefore these people stood there are motionless, but the shackle child and rope already broke off by Xia Tian. But in the monitoring looked these do not have any is not right. Moreover Xia Tian has also designed mechanism, this mechanism in control room, once the time arrived, mechanism automatically will erupt, when the time comes over a hundred silver needles will destroy completely person in the control room directly, in other words, Gu Lijing walks from the front door, will not have anybody to stop, moreover here situation nobody will also tell to Island Country bets the king. All in Xia Tian during grasps. He arrived here today is not to bring death, but must dare to move the person lesson of oneself woman to this, Island Country bets the king or the island Sichuan plum, he does not plan to let off. The competition continues fiery. Here altogether has five people to win, gambling stake amount in unceasing is increasing. These people are sprinting for the final effort, if they do not add the gambling stake, then will directly be eliminated, therefore their this time has also spelled, once eliminated anything not to have. Such big gambling also is really interesting.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. At this time Xia showing a faint smile innermost feelings secretly thought on judgesbox: interesting, this boy looks is the Xia Tianlong son, approaches him to be very easy by my status, perhaps after him, will have big using to me.” The result of the competition came out.

Five people all appeared. Those who made Xia Tian not think, the island Sichuan plum and that bet the females of necklace to win with him. These five people are Island Country bet the king separately, his ante is 7 billion dollars \; Xia Tian, 3 billion dollars \; Island Sichuan plum, 5 billion dollars \; Blue seductive woman, 4.5 billion dollars and last scorpion king 7.5 billion dollars. These amounts add are 27 billion dollars. This amount is not much, was inferior that we do make the amount turn into 30 billion dollars how is it?” Island Country bets the king to look that asked to scorpion Wang. Good, your my additional 1.5 billion dollars sufficed.” Scorpion Wang said. Such has decided that various our two in addition 1.5 billion dollars.” Island Country bets Wang to say. Xia Tian arrived at the side of scorpion king. Well, why on your neck will have a scorpion?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. Do not move!” Body fast retreat of scorpion king, a face vigilant looks to Xia Tian.