Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 692

Response such goes all out anything.” Xia Tian puzzled saying. Young handsome fellow, you may not provoke that scorpion, that scorpion lived for more than 40 years, simultaneously was born with the scorpion king, the scorpion king was born in the scorpion pile, therefore he is since childhood symmetric with this scorpion brothers, if who dares to move that scorpion, scorpion Wang He that poisonous scorpion will begin together.” The blue seductive woman answered to Xia Tian in the China language. Because that scorpion king does not speak the China language. Originally is this.” Xia Tian nodded. All people confirmed that whether increased the gambling stake again, once the competition started, the gambling stake cannot increase again . Moreover the middle cannot leave the stage, only if lost all money.” The referee said: dealer of final is Las Vegas most becomes famous god hand Jackson, has him to deal, everybody can feel relieved . Moreover the playing cards of competition can replace each time, the new playing cards variety can be the big difference, this can avoid thousand issues, naturally, the playing cards itself are against ultraviolet ray, even if the X-Ray Vision eyeglasses cannot see through, this playing cards construction cost takes 10,000 dollars, everybody looked feels relieved carried on to compete.” Is so expensive!” Xia Tian first time heard that the playing cards so are expensive, unexpectedly takes 10,000 dollars. The playing cards that he played before are two money one. Moreover here competition one must trade playing cards. Referee, I have a proposition.” Xia Tian raises hand suddenly. Said.” Playing cards that can playing are remaining to me, 10,000 dollars playing cards I have not played, I am the countryside, after betting, I carry off, like this I go back also to install B am not.” Xia Tian said. His words the referee said directly was shocked. Because after the playing cards have used one time , will directly be discarded by the cutter, therefore is far from the belt to exit. Moreover the present Xia Tian net worth is 3.5 billion dollars, but his unexpectedly opens the mouth for 10,000 dollars playing cards. This rather also a little had to lose the status. Is good?” Xia Tian asked again. Good!” The referee looked at Xia, saw that Xia nods, he complied.

Rich man management is bright.” Xia Tian said. Young handsome fellow, your in any case also had the people of 3.5 billion net worth, you did not think that you such did do do not have the face very much?” The blue seductive woman opens the mouth to ask, several other people also all puzzled looks to Xia Tian. What is face? Delicious?” Xia Tian asked. Volume!” The blue seductive woman does not know how suddenly should reply Xia Tian. I knew, certainly is ka-beng crisp, chicken taste is right.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. Their several all do not know that should say any was good. Idiot, crosses me to make you meet a cruel death tonight.” The island Sichuan plum said in a low voice that in her vision has filled with raw hate. You determined that can make me meet a cruel death?” Xia Tian looked asked suddenly to the island Sichuan plum. Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all strange looked to the island Sichuan plum, the island Sichuan plum had determined the own sound absolutely only then can hear, but Xia Tian unexpectedly also heard, this was also too inconceivable. You are really ruthless, I remember your master, was this Island Country God of Gamblers a moment ago also told me, so long as I helped him win light the money of other two people, he can put my girlfriend also to have my life, now listens to you, probably did not plan to let off us!” Xia Tian arrived at the front of island Sichuan plum to say. Inside story, this is a very big inside story. Do not listen to him to talk nonsense, I do not know that he was saying anything.” Island Country bets Wang Jimang to answer. Do not develop, the game ended.” Xia Tian looked that bets Wang to say to Island Country: Since you plan since my moment, you lost, who do you have a look at her are?” Xia Tian with pointing at referring to has stood in entrance Gu Lijing. Sees Gu Lijing time, Island Country bets the complexion of Wang Hedao Sichuan plum simultaneously changes. Waste!” They simultaneously scolded one.

Scolded some also to be under useful, was not their waste, but was I was too fierce, wanted to plan me not to have is so easy, bets Mr. Wang, now the card in a hand did not have, what did you also take to win this competition?” Xia Tian turns the head to look that bets Wang to say to Island Country. Snort!” Island Country bets Wang coldly snort one, has not spoken. Makes her come.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say. The security allows to pass directly. Although Gu Lijing the skill does not have Xia Tian to be good, but is not bad, moreover Xia Tian has drunk own blood before embarking to her, therefore she arrived here not to have the pressure simply. Really lively, bets Wang bets the king worthily, but also there is any card in a hand, we are not good.” The blue seductive woman taunted. Really suffices the toxin!” Scorpion Wang said. „If no other matter, asked everybody to take a seat, your personal grievances have not related with us.” The referee said. Xia Tian looked at their one eyes, afterward sits directly, in has bet on the table. Five people sit down completely. Guli sat in meditation on the spectator seat, at this time on spectator seat only then she. Here competed to lose must leave the field, the qualifications of not having looked, therefore on the spectator seat so will be lonely. The bottom [gold/metal] of final is 5 million dollars. All detains! Xia Tian has not waited for dealing, all has detained directly the chip. Psychological warfare.

Xia Tian knows, these people who here sits besides the island Sichuan plum, other three people of strengths are not bad, their gambling techniques are very excellent, impossible to leave thousand opportunities to oneself radically, therefore he must play a psychological warfare with these people. Reason that he makes Lijing appear now, to break Island Country bets the psychological defense line of king. This can make Island Country bet Wang Xinli to have the weak trend, in situation that in betting the technique is unable to win, must compete the psychological quality, Island Country bets the psychological quality of king is very certainly strong, therefore Xia Tian must defeating bit by bit. Now Xia Tian comes up directly to detain, this made other four people all hoodwink, including the sign had not looked that all detained, this absolutely was a lunatic. dealer that before shuffled although the technology was very good, but they had their means to remember the playing cards, although in other words their several did not have the X-Ray Vision eye, however in their brains also the trump card remembered. However the dealer of present was different, he is top dealer of Las Vegas. The technique is very excellent, he shuffles, the person who avoids sitting again sees the sign intentionally, although several will also lose, because the angle is different, but some impossible people able to remember absolutely over ten. Sir, after must deal, can chip.” The dealer reminder said. Ah! that you deal.” Xia Tian you said. dealer direct dealing. After sending everyone two signs, other four people are looking at the card in a hand. All detains!