Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 693

Several other people are looking at their card in a hand, but Xia Tian unexpectedly including the card in a hand had not looked that all detained. You are sick, your sign surface is not biggest, was one's turn you?” Island Sichuan plum angry saying. „Do you have the medicine?” The Xia Tian response said. Snort.” Island Sichuan plum cold snort: 10 million dollars!” With! What sits by her is her master Island Country bets the king. This feedback to me?” Xia Tian asked. Nobody responded to him. Good, all detains!” Xia Tian has all detained 3.5 billion dollars chip. With! Scorpion king unexpectedly followed directly, his sign surface is not big. Abandoned! The blue seductive woman abandons the sign. Your lunatic, I with!” The island Sichuan plum pushes out 3.5 billion dollars. Abandoned! Island Country bets Wang Qi, but abandons the instance of sign in him, Xia Tian discovered that he changed his card in a hand to the island Sichuan plum. Has one.” Xia Tian looked at Island Country to bet Wang to say. By a Xia Tian such saying, Island Country was bet Wang Youxie to be afraid, he believes absolutely own technique, he does not believe that Xia Tian can look, but hears the Xia Tian words, he also really felt that Xia Tian has seen through his technique. dealer continues to deal.

The Xia Tian sign surface is 2. 3. 4. 5 are suitable with the flower, the scorpion trump card surface is three nine, but the sign surface of island Sichuan plum is K. Q. J. 10 are suitable with the flower, moreover with a Xia Tian color. Enemy sign. They three signs all are the enemy signs. If the Xia Tian card in a hand is A, then Xia Tian is suitable with the flower, if the card in a hand of scorpion king is nine, that blocked under the island Sichuan plum the road to be suitable with the flower, in other words, island Sichuan plum also only then obtained that A to obtain is suitable with the flower. My four nine, you?” Island Country bets the king to operate the sign directly. Has not thought that you such do not pass through play, was eliminated directly.” The island Sichuan plum has also lifted own card in a hand, when she lifts the card in a hand, her whole person was shocked, her card in a hand unexpectedly turned into the spade six. This is how possible, her master traded spade A obviously to him. Oh, how my same flower along ran your.” Saying of Xia Tian very exaggeration. It seems like my Freshman point!” Scorpion Wang said. My this is anything, my same flower along did not have, has not thought that such simply lost.” Xia Tian lifts own card in a hand, when he lifts the card in a hand, all people were all shocked. Because his card in a hand is A. A and his several signs can compose with the flower are suitable. How is this possible?” Island Country bets the king whole face inconceivable looks at that A, that A obviously is his, he remembers that he trades personally to the island Sichuan plum, but why this A will appear in the hand of Xia Tian now. Snort.” Scorpion Wang coldly snort, he has thought that Xia Tian in playing him, Xia Tian said a moment ago one lose, the scorpion king is quite happy, after all these has won 7 billion dollars, will be who will be definitely happy. But when Xia Tian lifts the card in a hand, he thorough was disappointed. Many thanks.” Xia Tian looked at Island Country to bet king one eyes to say. Island Country bets the king to understand the meaning of Xia Tian, because that A is his. But he does not want to understand to the present how that A arrives in Xia Tian.

Xia Tian knows that own psychological warfare appeared affects. This old fox, unexpectedly is in front of my to give the island Sichuan plum to change the sign, I will agree how possibly.” Xia Tian traded the flash of sign in them a moment ago, changed own sign to the island Sichuan plum, therefore A can in his hands. This wins, the chip in Xia Tian hand is more than 10.5 billion. Looks at front these chips, Gu Lijing in spectator seat is dumbfounded, these money are she cannot see for a lifetime, but she already some be used to it, because Xia Tian took to her surprised is really too many. Moreover these add not to compare Xia Tian to drink that moment of blood to her surprisedly. When she drank that moment of Xia Tian blood, she felt the great strength of Xia Tian, moreover she also felt the change that on oneself transmitted. This scorpion Wang Hedao Sichuan plum suffered a loss. Following several, Xia Tian unexpectedly was peaceful. He does not look the sign each time abandons. Actually does he want to do?” Island Country bets Wang unable to understand Xia Tian, he does not understand that actually Xia Tian wants to do. First being eliminated is the scorpion king. His 9 billion dollars all lost all, the condition of blue seductive woman is not good, only remaining 500 million, other 4 billion all lost all. Island Country bets in Wang Hedao the Sichuan plum hand to add altogether is 19 billion. New round dealing started. The Xia Tian sign surface is spade A. All detains!” Also all detains, Xia Tian unexpectedly all detained once more. With!

Blue seductive woman only remaining 500 million, therefore she followed directly. The island Sichuan plum looked at Island Country to bet the king, all has detained then, Island Country bet the king simultaneously to detain, they must with two signs to fighting Xia Tian one, this probability was very big. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian spoke. Bets in a big way!” Xia Tian looked that bets Wang to say to Island Country. What bets?” Island Country bets Wang to ask. On this table not compared with life more valuable, I took my life, bets your life.” Xia Tian looked that bets Wang to say to Island Country, his vision ice-cold, Island Country bets the king to feel one as if fell into an ice hole to be the same. He felt that at this time front the person is a wild animal. Frightened, his unexpectedly at heart presented the fear. Does not dare to consider as finished.” Xia Tian sat on the seat. I bet!” Island Country bet the king to get hold of the fist to say. Master!” The island Sichuan plum shouts hurriedly. Shut up, you have remembered today's scene to me, if I lost, you have learned the skill to me, day goes to revenge to me, if I have won, your heart demon should also vanish, you are master this whole life has not deceived only the person, because you are one's own daughter of master.” Island Country bets the king to be as if same in the confession last words in this moment. The island Sichuan plum hears the words of master, whole person completely there, because she is an orphan, she was picked in childhood by small Master. She has a dream has not thought that her master unexpectedly is own father, she recalled carefully the past tips, she had discovered the original master is better to anybody to her ratio. Master!” The island Sichuan plum looked that bets Wang to say to Island Country. Continue!” Island Country bets the king not to go to look at the island Sichuan plum, but was saying to dealer. Interesting, interesting, unexpectedly can also come one to acknowledge as relatives, but do not think that my this will be softhearted, you are being doomed to lose with that moment that I opposed.” Xia Tian said that stands up to turn the head to look said to dealer: I said that you send one.”