Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 694

Hears the Xia Tian words, dealer stares slightly, does not know that Xia Tian must do. Spade three!” Xia Tian said. dealer has put out the following sign, is really the spade three. Hearts Q.” dealer deals once more, exactly the same that and Xia Tian said. Side piece J.” Hearts A.” Spade six, plum blossom seven.” Xia Tian was saying, all people all inconceivable looks at the hand of dealer, because dealer round the sign to saw completely consistently such scene dealer that Xia Tian said was shocked. Because of him to own technique, he confirmed is very completely did not remember these is any sign, because he shuffles blind spot that uses shuffles the law, this is he cannot see is any sign. Xia Tian unexpectedly so is but accurate very said the following sign is any sign. I have told you, when you move my woman at that moment, you had been judged the death penalty, this sign sends, everyone all anything also matches inadequately, my spade A and spade K is biggest, your card in a hand is the hearts eight, did not need to want with your apprentice to change the sign to change into the pair, because your hand fast did not have me to be quick, like a moment ago, so long as you dare to trade, I dared the trump card to bring.” Referee, I acknowledged that I lost, but he also said a moment ago, he left thousand, therefore you were must make the penalty to him?” Island Country bet the king not to hug any has fantasized, he plans fight in which both sides perish now. Evidence, fool, if a speech can determine guilt this year, then in these kindergartens Tiantian wanted to destroy the boy of Earth already to be shot dead.” Xia Tian aimed at Island Country to bet the king to make a movement of shooting dead with his finger. Does not have the evidence, does not sentence.” The referee said. Video recording, I must watch video recording.” Island Country bets Wang Dasheng to shout. Useless, depending on your technique, the video recording cannot look, you think that you are higher than my technique?” Xia Tian helpless shook the head to say. Island Country bets deeping frown of king. Continues to deal!” Now the sign has not sent, he wants to do to put up a last-ditch struggle.

Time that finally the sign sends, exactly the same that really and Xia Tian said that their several anything are not, now Xia Tian is A , K is biggest. Really is ruthless enough!” Island Country bets the king to show a faint smile. You are Island Country bet the king, I give you to select the dignity, I allow you to cut open the belly.” Xia Tian looks that Island Country bets Wang to say. Master!” The island Sichuan plum shouts. Called me a father.” Master. Father!” The island Sichuan plum shouts loudly. „!” Island Country bets the king to show a faint smile, his hand patted directly on the table, afterward the seat of island Sichuan plum had the huge change, three seconds, the island Sichuan plum and her seat vanished in the competition hall. Referee, my this does not calculate that violates a regulation?” Island Country bets Wang to inquire. Does not calculate!” Although Island Country bets Wang to deceive people his entire life innumerably, but he has not deceived his daughter, besides has not recognized her, this gambling house also for the life that his daughter detains, if he such does not do, once he lost, then his daughter is unable to progress for a lifetime, but he bets the life, has won, the heart of his daughter tied has untied, lost, his daughter can also bring hatred breakthrough present gambling technique Realm. He does not hope that his gambling technique did not have the successor, this is also he only selfish place. The competition ended. Xia Tian won. 30 billion dollars. Xia Tian won 30 billion dollars one time. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the game just started, you do not think that this finished, do not forget your present status, the Island Country most-wanted, when you go out of that front door, in less than a half hour, you will be killed by the Island Country police.” Island Country bets Wang Daxiao to say. Winner is the king, the defeated invader, the loser does not have the right to know that will then have anything.” Xia Tian gives Island Country to bet the king the Island Country sword that the security brought. Island Country bet the king to wish one could to divide Xia Tian now exactly, but he knows that he cannot such do, otherwise his daughter some all will also suffer the endless retaliation. In looks to begin the sword, Island Country bets Wang to sigh.

This is his life. In the past he was also this personally delivers to his brothers hand the sword, brothers of that liking brothers. Only for the title of this gambling king. Now he understood. Comes out to mix sooner or later must. Puff! Island Country bet the king to commit hara-kiri, scene was very bloody. Fund how long can infiltrate to my account?” Xia Tian asked. 30 seconds, but has 27 billion, thinks that other 3 billion are our service charges.” Good, I walked.” Xia Tian pulls up Gu Lijing to walk toward a wall directly. He does not plan to walk the main entrance, will otherwise bump into the Island Country police and special troops absolutely, he is not Superman, can a person and one group with the person hedge of (spear|gun). Sees Xia Tian moves toward the wall time, that several referees all are very puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Bang! Then they saw inconceivable one. Golden light! Four long golden light flashed through, have formed a square, then that also wanted the hard alloy material quality such easily to collapse compared with the steel and iron. Xia Tian and Gu Lijing walked from that square gap directly. Is so fierce, it seems like he really has in a big way uses.” In Xia the vision revealed the greedy look, what he coveted was Xia Tian this person and he used the weapon that a moment ago. Meanwhile, Jiang Hai City.

In an office. Three people sit well there. Fund to account.” Xu Laokai gave an oral account. Some how many?” The fire always asked. 27 billion dollars!” Xu felt that own hand somewhat shivers, this whole life has not seen these much money, that following zero has let his vertigo. What? 27 billion dollars, was he snatches the Island Country treasury?” Fire old whole face inconceivable saying. 27 billion dollars, this is how possible.” Zeng Ruo also to Xu cell phone looks. The information shows clearly above. Bank of Switzerland Advanced VIP customer Xu Dechuan, deposits 27 billion dollars. This their three do not know that should say anything. All contributes?” The fire always asked. „The meaning of Xia Tian all contributes, one point does not remain.” Xu Dechuan said. Good, these much money also really make people feel the terrifying.” The fire always nodded. Propaganda has completed, tomorrow can donate money, when the time comes the world can pay attention, the name of donation can only be our three adds on Little Ma, because Xia Tian does not want to expose him is the Xia Group Boss matter.” Zeng Ruo said. 30 billion dollars, in the world biggest donates the fund, unexpectedly contributes from our three hands, was too terrifying.” The fire old present also thinks inconceivable. This is bigger than stir that the listing causes, regardless of this our Xia Group made anything to be a street light.”