Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 695

Contributes 27.01 billion dollars all of a sudden. This digit will perhaps make the world surprised, after donating this fund, Xia Group will become famous in the world thoroughly, this is better than any advertisement function, when the time comes only needs the flash. The big or medium company of entire country will be all driving to seek the cooperation. Now Zeng's Group related, although broad, but can establish oneself brand truly has the Zeng's Group cosmetics. Before Xia Tian going abroad, was Zeng's Group kept a formula, this formula after the Chinese medicine development, Zeng Ruo entered the most advanced equipment and staff, the cosmetics effect that the first batch researched and developed was good. However cost high oddness. A vial cost needs over ten thousand. Such high cost increased price has used energy . Moreover the Zeng's Group cosmetics were not famous, can only be a small sign, sold some that expensive impossible people to buy radically. Now is but different. Once contributes these 27.01 billion dollars, the Zeng's Group cosmetics will be out of stock instantaneously . Moreover the price will jump. Zeng Ruo has decided that uses the Xia Tian formula, after dilution puts in these cheap cosmetics, the effects of such these cosmetics will also soar, such price rose, everybody can be more comfortable. Female star Yang Ziqi to Jiang Hai City, this time she will have helped to propagandize free, if she is not the Xia Tian friend, such good opportunity will not be one's turn her, after this propaganda, all of a sudden the star who she will turn into the top real power faction.” Xu Dechuan said. This donation, any star creates the propaganda, all of a sudden irritable world. Because this donation world will pay attention. These young shareholders of Xia Tian group also heard this time matter, although they do do not understand that what to do the Xia Group high level plans, but they have prepared coordinate. Meanwhile, entire China, is really the reporters of world is gathering to Jiang Hai City. China some political important people also looked at the vision to Xia Group. This boy, must play any pattern.” No. 2 figure helpless shaking the head of country.

„Shortly after Xia Group newly established, he must donate the national several billions tens of billions funds, these much money of which his coming?” Country Patriarch asked. This is not clear, but that boy still in Island Country, he just had smashed Island Country now in the air-defense base in Tokyo, now makes such big noise to come, will not have robbed the Island Country treasury.” Country of the figure guess said on the 2nd. Ok, making him make, he is in any case same as his father, is the pillar of the state in country, waits for his again growth.” Person who the country Patriarch seat can think highly are not many, moreover by him the person who can be remembered the name is less. Next morning. Entire Jiang Hai City was all turbulent, the reporters of well-known television station came several hundred, these young reporters added over ten thousand. This time ceremony organizer is the Xia Group three major stockholders, what connection is the Jiang Hai City mayor and center comes the Ministry of Defence senior official. The ceremony has not started, is the sea of people, moreover nearby path was also sealed up. 10 : 00 am. The one who comes to power is the director. Also is female star Yang Ziqi, Yang Ziqi has worn noble and magnificent clothes today. Let the person seem felt that like is the queen of aristocrat. When she comes to power, the scene all have aimed at her, at this time in the world is paying attention to her. Hello, I called Yang Ziqi.” Is honored I to become the director of Xia Group this presentation ceremony very much, first I to everybody said that the first amount of this presentation ceremony, before this digit, Xia Group is maintaining the secret, anybody does not know that actually Xia Group wants to donate many, everybody only knows that is billions.” Yang Ziqi said here time looks to these reporters under stage. Now I announced that this Jiang Hai City Xia Group donates to the country is used to strengthen the military defense ability the fund is.” All people have all turned very quiet, spoke without any person, now is the needle falls on the ground, everybody can also hear clearly. 27.01 billion!”

Whish! The scene was all of a sudden chaotic, 27.01 billion, this is any digit, close 30 billion. Did not say that has billions? How all of a sudden these many, this is close 30 billion.” Flash news, compared with being expected also wants the big news.” This news will certainly go all over the world.” The surrounding person burst with joy immediately. Asked everybody to be peaceful.” Yang Ziqi said: My words have not said that the amount of this Xia Group donation is 27.01 billion dollars.” Dollar! Hears dollar this character time, the atmosphere could not control again. Yang Ziqi behind big scarlet cloth was also lifted meanwhile. What above writes is 27 billion dollars. Explodes the news. This simply compared with atomic bomb also terrifying explosion news. Dollar, unexpectedly is the dollar, reduces the Renminbi is more than 1000 hundred million.” How possibly these many, Xia Group Boss is recluse rich and powerful people, why in the rich and powerful people list does not have his name.” This is how possible, actually Xia Group is where sacred.” At this time, world is watching live transmission.

The overseas want live transmission here situation to need to the China payment very high expense, but these people have not cared about the expense completely the issue, the live transmission, must the live transmission. Now lets our invited three Xia Group major stockholder, originally four, but fourth has the matter temporarily, today absents.” Yang Ziqi continues to say afterward: First lets our invited Xia Group shareholder Mr. Xu Dechuan.” ! The applause is unceasing, Xu walked from behind. He sat on his seat. Invited Xia Group shareholder hot venerable.” ! The applause is continuous. Ms. Zeng Ruo who the invited Xia Group only female shareholder, is known as the capable woman.” ! Zeng Ruo presents time simply is the shocking audience, her beautiful is noble noble, the queen in queen, Yang Ziqi also by her dressing up institute completely Insta-kill. Finally makes us applaud for shareholder Ma Yongzhen that has not hurried back.” ! Was good, since the Xia Group person has arrived in full, then lets our invited Jiang Hai City the leadership of Mayor and central Ministry of Defence.” Yang Ziqi shouts loudly. Now surrounding several all are the security personnel, the surrounding also has the special troops to be stationed, to control the scene. The presentation ceremony formally started.