Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 696

Xu Dechuan they discussed the later decision, their three did not speak, this can give people a mystery. Therefore this presentation ceremony entire journey was introduced by Yang Ziqi . Moreover the request is the words the fewer the better, this can bring back the mystery in person heart, once made many, then the mystery that everybody knew also vanished. Xu Laosan person has taken up in front of them that giant check. In the check writes these zeros have made the people on the scene be dazzled. Everybody please favor, this check is effective, the badge that check above is printed with demonstrates the Bank of Switzerland.” Yang Ziqi was explaining the source and truth of check for everybody: Naturally, I must first remind these to have the evil mind person, this big check you have robbed also uselessly, because money has transmitted through the satellite in this moment of connection to Swiss Headquarters, now money arrived in the China account.” After a Yang Ziqi such saying, these also really bore for the person who money almost got rid. Reason that she explained that these were worried some people of brain heat, amass money, although the surroundings have guard with large army, who can guarantee that here can kill any Expert to come, after all this is 27 billion dollars. After Senior Official of Ministry of Defence received the check, to the person salute of Xia Group, then arrived at the Yang Ziqi front. Yang Ziqi has given this Senior Official the microphone in hand. First, I must thank Xia Group for country, their donations can make our country produce several aircraft carriers again much, this can let national defense capability formidable of our country, the life of people are more plentiful, making us thank Xia Group together.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence said loudly. The following person applause is unceasing. Next, after the decision of state leader, Xia Group all payment of taxes within 30 years completely is zero, but the Xia Group subordinate company will also obtain the tax remission 30% welfare, all will all reduce 10% payment of taxes with the company that Xia Group cooperates.” Whish! Hears this news time, the world in an uproar. The tax is very high. Now Xia Group obtained a gold medal of gift of the emperor simply.

Their payment of taxes will reduce completely, moreover their subordinate company unexpectedly can also reduce 30%, with company unexpectedly of Xia Group cooperation can also with reducing 10%, them believes that only takes one day, the Xia Group cooperation unit will turn into the major industry that these world become famous. This is the fat class oil advantage. This regarding the Xia Group person, but accident happy, the joy on the Xu Dechuan three people of faces not being able to conceal. Finally, the country also hopes that more enterprises can the development for country try hard.” Senior Official of Ministry of Defence said that has drawn back. After Yang Ziqi received the microphone, a little does not know that should say anything, because this time scene was really too big, close 30 billion US dollars donations . Moreover the leaders in country have given the Xia Group most excellent welfare. Below invited Xia Group representative goes forward to speak.” Xu Grandfather stood up, received the microphone, below all people all maintained peaceful, nobody spoke, they in bit by bit person first speech of this local tyrant company. Our Xia Group Boss told me that these 30 billion dollars are just a start.” A few words. Xu Grandfather spoke a few words. But these words instantaneously became the web search hot word. 30 billion dollars are just a start. Although he has not given many explanations, but everybody starts to guess that this Xia Group can also donate to more money? But actually this Xia Group is Boss who? Why does he want to give the country these much money completely?

Doesn't he want these money? More and more questions made the people guess. Now I announced that the Xia Group presentation ceremony formally ended.” Female star Yang Ziqi said loudly. Had finished, enormous and powerful presentation ceremony such ended. At this time Yang Ziqi broker. Has exploded, hit to explode, the telephone was hit to explode, was in the world the well-known brand needs to do to represent, moreover there are these famous successful directors, the variety show has all sent out the invitation, what to do now can? Which refuses not to be good.” Quick, at the maximum speed the file consolidation, making these have the delivering script of script, has representing delivers to represent, reorganizes, after small steelyard Qi comes back, she selects.” Good, our manages.” Was developed, was developed!” Yang Ziqi broker thorough chaotic, they know that this time they were really developed, because they with right person. Yang Ziqi early the hand mechanism machine, she knows that own cell phone soon was certainly hit to explode. Therefore she was simply idle. Zeng Ruo brought Yang Ziqi to stroll in Jiang Hai City well. Present Jiang Hai City is covering by the Xia Tian influence and person, entire Jiang Hai City is all safe, person who so long as has the relations with Xia Tian, is impossible to encounter any danger. Central leadership.

Ha, interesting, was too interesting, 30 billion dollars unexpectedly such comes.” China No. 2 figure looked at the information in hand is being is convinced to Xia Tian simply. He also really had a liking for Island Country, unexpectedly was also black Island Country.” The country Patriarch seat also again and again commended. In Island Country. „The person who Xia Tian, the latest news, the demon robs the gate let slip, most people all died, the demon robbed the Saint also to be grasped, the person who robbed the gate also let slip, robbed the Saint also similarly to be grasped, only then stole a day person to escape.” Heavy pound news. Gu Lijing said heavy pound news. At this time the Island Country main street and small alley are broadcasting this news, Xia Tian have not been going out, naturally does not know this news, but Gu Lijing exited a moment ago, sees this news later, she immediately runs up to Xia Tian this to come. Knew.” Xia Tian nodded. „Are you so how quiet?” Gu Lijing puzzled asking. I made such big noise to come in Island Country recently, if they can also succeed, fantasy.” Xia Tian understands that Island Country will also set out innumerable Expert to protect that thing for the face. That what to do? Our two walk!” Gu Lijing anxious saying. Walks? Naturally cannot walk, tonight I begin, you help me handle a matter.” Xia Tian takes the written records, has written two papers, folds well, loads into the brocade sack. Goes to a cafe in Chinese area, the entrance of that cafe has a dog, has been able to see to steal the day to that you, gives him this paper, this brocade sack you make him protect, makes him open in the moment of most danger.” Xia Tian has given Gu Lijing the thing in hand.