Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 697

Gu Lijing also wants to say anything, but Xia Tian started eyes closed to maintain mental tranquility. She knows that she cannot convince Xia Tian, but she also knows that this dangerous, Islander clearly knows that Xia Tian these times have not passed, they also will definitely wait for gains without pains, wait for Xia Tian in the past. She speaks with Xia Tian now also can only disturbs Xia Tian. Therefore she has chosen silent. Yeah!” Gu Lijing sighed, afterward goes out of the Xia Tian room, now she can do, only then completed Xia Tian to give her mission, how to then be her actually completely not to know as for Xia Tian. After Gu Lijing leaves, deferred to the place that Xia Tian said. Xia Tian has lain on bed eyes closed maintains mental tranquility. Today he must go to the Prime Minister's Residence, even if he clearly knows there mechanism numerous, moreover certainly has many warriors and Ninja is waiting for itself there. If I do not go, that showed that this time we lost, was known as that the world first day secretly let slip, this can make Island Country save face, before me, all functions that makes were not too big.” Xia Tian secret saying. He has completed the decision, today night assault Prime Minister's Residence, regardless of the opposite party has many Expert, he must take the hat in Prime Minister's Residence. Dives not to be impossible secretly, that must from clash directly, therefore I must solve these soldiers in surrounding first.” Xia Tian knows one not bulletproof, if opposite party over a hundred people are taking the submachine gun strafe together, he will turn into the hornet's nest instantaneously. Xia Tian sleep rested evening. After Gu Lijing leaves the hotel, deferred to Xia Tian to look to steal the day to her way, when she went to that cafe, she really saw in inside has stolen the day. You came finally.” Steals the day sees Gu Lijing time specially excited. In his eyes, Gu Lijing the incarnation is the Xia Tian messenger. Her arrival, is following the Xia Tian news. Before stole the day very to awe to Xia Tian, after Xia Tian destroyed to the air-defense base in Tokyo, stole the day already thorough taking Xia Tian.

You know that I will come?” Asking that Gu Lijing has doubts. Xia Tian has certainly any news to make you give me.” Steals the day to ask. Em, this is to give your letter, this brocade sack said that is makes you open at crucial moments.” Gu Lijing believe and brocade sack gives has stolen the day. After stealing the day received the letter, on face specially excited, then waved to ancient Lijing: Walks, inside said.” After stealing the day has read letter, to Xia Tian admires simply is full of admiration. Worthily is Xia Tian.” How? Needs me to help?” Gu Lijing asked. Need, meets our two to break into a jail.” Steals the day to say directly. Breaks into a jail? Were you insane?” Gu Lijing looked puzzled to stealing the day asked. Relax, compared with a prison more lax place, in the Xia Tian letter has not written out Chu now, now major part police forces in Tokyo at the processing base exploded matter, some police forces search in the surroundings customs, some final police forces all in the Prime Minister's Residence, the present prison supervised manufacture are completely empty, besides several prison guards, anything does not have.” But you know that which prison the person was closed in? Moreover he said certainly is right?” Gu Lijing does not do clearly, why steals the day such to trust Xia Tian, according to the truth, steals the day is Senior. Myth same existence, she has not thought before can stand front stealing the day talks with this equal expression. But now she achieves. Moreover after contact, she discovered that this steals day her not to imagine god that even did not have that rascal Xia Tian god. Steals the day also specially to believe the Xia Tian words. Is this prison, this is the prison position and prison that interior deploying troops for defense chart Xia Tian gives me to draw, as well as monitoring and allotment of personnel position.” Steals the day to say.

„Will he know these? Moreover words that spoke, our two did not have any danger.” Gu Lijing very puzzled asking, she had not noticed that Xia Tian has usually done anything, but Xia Tian such will know why about the Island Country prison. Certainly was he steps on has selected, the danger will certainly have, but after all there Island Country prison, if our two from went in directly, that had more than enough for one minute, we two bodies will present dozens stature bullet holes.” Steals the day to answer. Guli calmly nodded, thought that steals is very right, she who day said also finally discovered now one and Xia Tian also had to steal the differences between day these people, stole day one to see the Xia Tian goal, but oneself actually need to steal the day to carry on the explanation to understand. Gu Lijing and steals the day to treat to the evening leaves. After they have taken an equipment, direct. Well! Will your speed so be how fast?” Steals the day doubts looked that asked to ancient Lijing. Secret!” Gu Lijing will certainly not say. Xia Tian tells her moment that she transformed, did not permit to tell this matter to anybody, otherwise they will come across the disaster that is unable to obliterate. Therefore Gu Lijing had decided does not arrive at the critical moment not to use the compensation absolutely, even if she merely has also used a speed of small part at this time. Moreover she has decided that once were discovered by others, she dies will not betray Xia Tian. Steals the day not to ask. In their this Realm people, knows that anything should ask, anything should not ask. Prepared?” Steals the day to ask. At this time they arrived at the position of that prison. Em!” Guli calmly nodded. Preparation begins, saw that the security guard kills, remembers these monitoring the positions, avoidance that can avoid, cannot avoid destroys.” After stealing the day said that they directly stand up from failure into the wall.

Although on the wall has the electrical network, but this cannot baffle them, they wear the insulation clothing at this time. After the Xia Tian map, they have submerged in the prison very with ease, Xia Tian is very clear, several changing shifts that on the map writes wait / etc., they come, happen to catches up with the changing shifts, has submerged with ease underground. The prison, robs the people who and demon robs the gate to be closed in the bottommost, there is the felon guardianship! When steals day and Gu Lijing arrives in front of these people, person who the person and demon that robs the gate rob the gate also keeping was quarrelling, both sides did not let anyone. Quarrelled anything to quarrel, prepared, must run away.” Stole the day directly simple several opening the lock of prison front door. We were prescribed medicine, how are four limbs incapable of walking?” The demon robs Saint discontented saying. You can.” Steals the day to feel own good intention had been regarded the evil intent by the opposite party, if not the Xia Tian instruction, he is really is also disinclined the person who responds the demon to rob the gate. Do not quarrel, this is the antidote, you a bit faster eat, then we walk.” Gu Lijing will prepare the good antidote to throw to the people of both sides beforehand. ! The alarm sound transmits. Was bad, here has the laser warning.” Steals the day complexion changes, he opens Xia Tian hurriedly to his brocade sack. When he opens the brocade sack that moment almost directly not to collapse.