Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 699

Has you, I felt relieved.” The Island Country prime minister nodded. Karate Expert that really in the screen, these Island Country are proud completely is not the Xia Tian match. Really is explosive.” That shadow excited saying: In hand takes inscribes the sign of sick man of east, then has swept away Island Country Swordsmanship Expert and karate Expert, was really too aggressive.” Can hit does not have.” Xia Tian looked at around one these to lie down in ground karate Expert said. His left hand is taking that sign, then continues to go forward. ! Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps, because he stepped on to the land mine. Your Island Country was did not have, unexpectedly that can hit used land mine type of thing.” Xia Tian said loudly. Xia Tian, has not thought that your unexpectedly also dares to walk into a trap, today I must make you die not entire corpse.” The voice of Prime Minister Island Country appears to broadcast. You think that this can kill me?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. Naturally continued this, did not believe you to look.” The voice of Prime Minister Island Country just fell, the body of Xia Tian presented the dot of dozens infrared. Xia Tian understands what these infrared represent is the (spear|gun). „Was Mr. Xia Tian, what time the present? The time of science and technology, you think that you used these despicable methods to solve my outside soldier, how can't I you?” Saying that Prime Minister Island Country disdains. In Tokyo available Expert are not many. Because this is the Island Country custom. The Island Country policy is different from other country. The Expert majority of other country will protect in their country. However Island Country Expert outside, ambushes in others country. Therefore Xia Tian can sneak attack the air-defense base in Tokyo successfully.

Around you present 70 completely automatic mechanism (spear|gun)s, your under foot also has the land mine, you think that you can also be able to escape?” The Island Country prime minister feels at this time very crisply. This made their Island Country lose the serious man to die finally in his hands. What to do can he?” Hides looks to Xia Tian that anticipates in that person face of hidden place. He does not hope that Xia Tian such hung, that really did not have the meaning, the effect of this explosion news can also miss. Em? A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, the vision looked in the surroundings once more. Feeling why I will have had one type monitor?” The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around in the surroundings, but anything had not discovered that after he opens the X-Ray Vision eye, has not discovered any change. Certainly some people are monitoring me, but why can't see including the X-Ray Vision eye?” Xia Tian secretly thought. Snort, you have thoughts to look around, now I deliver you to go to the western heaven.” The Island Country prime minister is very discontented with the Xia Tian manner, therefore he planned that solved this fights. You rubbish are really many.” Both hands of Xia Tian eject over a hundred instantaneously with the silver needle, the speeds of these silver needles are fast, penetrated these completely automatic machine guns also to have in the courtyard directly all monitoring cameras. Although now the science and technology is very developed, but the science and technology nobody is forever flexible.” Xia Tian shook the head direct stand forth. Flickers the body technique! Bang! This farms Reagan not to threaten Xia Tian. Rumbling! A series of explosive sounds transmit, that trim region all had the land mine a moment ago. If a moment ago were 70 well-trained soldier hands with the mechanism (spear|gun), the opportunity that Xia Tian can run away was not big, but these were just the machines, so long as were the time that the machine requires to respond, although the reaction rates of these things were quick, but Xia Tian was quicker than them. „, This was also too abnormal.” That hides the person in darkness says with emotion.

What situation, outside exactly what happened?” Prime Minister Island Country angry shouting, all monitoring all did not have the image, moreover outside absolutely did not have the sound of gunshot, only then thunderclap. You, protect prime minister Sir to leave from the secret room.” That wears the Island Country Ninja order of seal brown clothes to say. Yes! Accurate shade Sir.” No, I cannot leave, how I must see with one's own eyes him dead.” Prime minister angry saying of Island Country. Prime minister Sir, my most important mission is ensure your security, this Xia Tian now was an intruder, I had the reason to regard him assassinate your person, therefore I must assure your security.” That Ninja is Island Country Expert of accurate shade rank. Good, but you promise me, must kill him.” Prime minister wicked saying of Island Country. Relax, prime minister Sir, my Ninja army will have put in order a building to turn into the battlefield, so long as he enters in the building, he was equal to entering our Ninja world.” Accurate shade self-confident saying. The Island Country prime minister was taken away from the dense [say / way] quietly. Xia Tian looks at front this building, deeply inspired. Has to hit!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout directly. Wild! His manner already wildly to limit, if he such shouted in other place that has possibility nobody to pay attention to him, but where is here? Island Country Prime Minister's Residence, Prime Minister Island Country the place of work. But his unexpectedly dares to stand in the entrance of this building shouted. If this situation appears in China, then in less than one minute, Xia Tian will be killed. What a pity, here is Island Country. This classics.” That hid person in hidden place followed quietly. Meanwhile. In a world mysterious organization.

Has been able to start to trade.” „Does Chief, how many fix a price?” 1 million dollars see the present, 10 million dollars can with watching the live transmission.” Good, subordinate this manages.” This organization is in China very special existence, they do not belong to any country, they will not participate in any war, they just trade the information. The information that so long as you need, can come to their here to purchase. Their here also will have meanwhile a group of people to collect the information outside, these information must be most splendid. In the world, purchases the information including each national some people from here. Their organization names are called black net. Black net non-periodical emits a video to trade on own home page, this video generally is very splendid. At this time in the home page of black net presented a video. China Expert kills the Island Country Prime Minister's Residence single-handedly, in the hand is taking a signboard, above writes ‚the sick man of east. When sees such explosive name, the video was sold dozens instantaneously. Just started these people only to buy 1 million dollars, but in a while, they completely started to purchase 10 million dollars live transmission. This boy, unexpectedly is this boy.” When China No. 2 figure sees the video on screen excited saying.