Almighty Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 700
When sees the Xia Tian form, he was shocked completely. He has not thought that unexpectedly is Xia Tian, moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly makes the matter that all people have wanted to handle and unable to achieve. A person entered the Island Country Prime Minister's Residence. Moreover his left hand is also taking a self-made signboard, above writes ‚the sick man of east these four characters. „It was good, was too charming.” China No. 2 figure says with emotion. Xia Tian one after another had done these many big movements for these days. Just started to explode the Island Country air-defense base, then donated the China 27 billion dollars, now unexpectedly another person such kills the Island Country Prime Minister's Residence, this was also too inconceivable. However what he is more is worried. But Xia Tian now sweetie pie, moreover is the person who he has a liking. The China president is also acclaims to Xia Tian. He worried that Xia Tian this will have an accident, but after all there Island Country, was impossible not to have existence of Expert, looks like China is the same, if there is Island Country Ninja to enter the capital, especially causes trouble in the place that the president treats, then Expert of any rank, can be killed by China Expert instantaneously. „Does this boy want to do?” China No. 2 figure puzzled looks at Xia Tian on screen. He really does not understand that actually Xia Tian must do, before unexpectedly such directly rushed to the Island Country Prime Minister's Residence. Why cannot see clearly the face of this boy, if did not know that he, perhaps I cannot look at this am he.” China No. 2 figure just started to think that was the screen presented the mistake, but was quick he to see the following commentary, many people were all saying why could not see clearly that person of face. Refunds, the people of some organizations started to shout must refund. The quick official has given the answer. Likes looking!”

Although under the result scolded sound one piece, but everybody was also looking. Now Xia Tian stands in front of Prime Minister's Residence this building. Before the screen, all people all in staring at the screen were looking, because they understand that in Island Country the building is not so is definitely good. This building turned certainly into the death building at this time. This inside has been full of the ambush. The Xia Tian proleg steps into, then may forever unable to come out, once he walks, his name will spread over the world, Island Country honor also will thoroughly also lose completely. Not only the air-defense base in Tokyo was exploded, but also the Prime Minister's Residence was also captured. Moreover is a person captures. Quite excited, he must enter the building now, now in the building should fill the crisis, once he goes, had the possibility unable to come out again, I one will go in was very far, everybody might unable to see clearly, but did not have the means that I do not dare to approach.” That shadow explanation said that his sound compared with mosquito at the worst many, but was looking these people who video actually hear clearly. The Xia Tian left hand lifts directly, signboard anti- on shoulder. Whom today I must make your you have a look at am the sick man of east.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, walked directly. Has gone, he went.” That continuously in person of photographing surreptitiously also quietly with, if Xia Tian will certainly discover outside at this time that just likes the chameleon same person, which regardless of he arrives, can merge into one organic whole with thing. However is so, so long as he dares to move in the Xia Tian front, that Xia Tian will certainly discover his. Went in! This person unexpectedly entered in the Prime Minister's Residence. Your boy may not die in inside.” Saying that China No. 2 figure worries about.

Xia Tian just entered the Prime Minister's Residence, went to a hall, this hall is very big, probably more than 400 square meters appearances, moreover buildings and two buildings make a connection, therefore here appears very big, but in the hall has not turned on the light at this time! In hall does not have the lamp, therefore I must open at night the pattern, everybody possibly looks is not quite clear, but I have locked the scene on him.” Xia Tian just entered the hall, the vision looked in the surroundings. Leave, one crowd of smelly Ninja.” Xia Tian said loudly that the sound reverberates in hall. Meanwhile walked dozens Ninja in all directions, these Ninja status with beforehand may be different, their uniform all was on endures, these Ninja usually here protected the prime minister. On endures! Finally interesting.” Xia Tian has the X-Ray Vision eye, even if the dark night, he also can definitely see clearly. Your fate, only then, that dies.” Is head saying of Ninja coldly. Oh mother, scared to death me, my melon seed that frightened fell on the ground.” Saying of Xia Tian incomparable exaggeration. Sees this time, these people who is watching the video have all smiled, the video that they look is the function of belt machine translation, can therefore understand Xia Tian to say anything. Ha, this boy, can alleviate the atmosphere now.” No. 2 figure helpless shaking the head of China. Hello, I have not borne, smile, China has good that an archaism said that the person to inexpensively invincible.” The person of that photographing surreptitiously noticed that the Xia Tian appearance almost does not have the laughter during a performance. You court death!” That was ten Ninja simultaneously has thrown a painted eggshell on the ground. Bang!! paintball explodes, anything looked to disappear on the jet black black hall in immediately, but these Ninja all have also put on the mask. „, Has to criticize Islander, they must make this set, I am prepared luckily beforehand, this has special the infrared installment that is used to photograph surreptitiously, everybody can continue to watch.” That person that photographs surreptitiously explained.

Snort!” Xia Tian cold snort. Kill! Dozens Ninja hidden weapon in hand shoots at Xia Tian directly. Their coordination are very good, first seals up around Xia Tian all escape routes, then shoots at the body of Xia Tian, this Xia Tian can hear the hidden weapon sound unable to hide absolutely. Carves the insect small technique!” The Xia Tian right hand wields, golden light flashes through together, these hidden weapon all drop on the ground. Lock! In these Ninja hands presented very thick chain, this type of chain all with, they who the fine steel builds with one want directly Xia Tian to lock in the middle, such Xia Tian had no place to go. Another. Finally ran away, has not thought that the Island Country prison also had the secret door.” Steals the day to rejoice saying that at that time opened the brocade sack time saw that the keep it up two characters he almost collapsed, afterward he discovered that back also has the character. Is the dense [say / way], behind the wall of prison has a dense [say / way], they also run away from the dense [say / way]. Now we what to do?” The demon robs the Saint to ask. Walks, sits the waterway to leave Island Country, this is the instruction of Xia Tian.” Steals the day to say.