Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 701

Robs the Saint and demon robs the Saint itself to have certain lofty character, hears to tell that two characters, they a little are disgruntled. You still haggle over such face issue to the present in this, if not Xia Tian, you all were dying, now travels by water is safest, calculates according to the time, now nearby Tokyo 50% armies all think that Prime Minister's Residence gathering, was Xia Tian went to the Prime Minister's Residence, to the time that we escaped, you were not grateful, unexpectedly also had the thoughts because here the face showed off one's power.” Steals the day to open the mouth to reprove directly. Hears to steal the day the words, they stare slightly, afterward also nodded. His favour I will give back sooner or later his.” The demon robs the Saint that coldly appearance, his very repugnant Xia Tian, because Xia Tian never gives him the face, gets rid to do but actually his many people. Wish the gambling to concede, I lost, so long as he can win, I withdraw from Jianghu.” Robbed the Saint saying that direct turn around left. Yeah, as you like.” Steals the day to sigh saying that he knows the disposition of these two, is absolutely the impossible change easily, was more impossible to say directly, mixed with Xia Tian. However he is different, although his fame is older than these two people, but he also knows actually one have in this world tiny how. If he does not choose jumps to suit his road, he lives is about three years. In the three years, his reputation was really too resounding. In others eyes he is keeps aloof, his big name, was respected, but actually only he knows himself difficultly, which regardless of arrives were worried that has to know his person will assassinate him. This day with trepidation he also crossed to suffice. Before he has thought must look for a backer, but present Expert has keen eyesight in Ding, moreover in using him, even he felt that he did not have the security sense, until he met Xia Tian time. His first feeling to the Xia Tian is patriotic. The second feeling has principle. Third, is really is also breaknecking for loyalty thing. How such person he can not want to hire oneself, he steals the day the stealing technology unparalleled in the world, the speed, although with the Bai Yu difference, but has not missed are too many, he also has his arrogance. If others do not take him to work as person, he will not pay attention to the opposite party. However Xia Tian is different.

Xia Tian gives him a very strong security sense, therefore he has set firm resolve, goes to Jiang Hai City to hire oneself Xia Tian. Hopes that you can live coming back.” Steals the day to look into the distance. Do not have an accident, although we may not in the same place, but you are I only man.” Gu Lijing said that turn around embarks. In this time Prime Minister's Residence. Xia Tian fights that dozens Ninja. In these Ninja hands presents the chain that these steel and iron have built. Saw that these chains must the Xia Tian in dire straits in the middle, in several other people of hands also put out the sword to cut directly to Xia Tian. Dies!” dāng! In the most critical time, the Xia Tian entire human foot steps on the different directions, in the right hand the golden light flashes through. Death! The body of Xia Tian as if instantaneously turned into four people, chain in all directions all cut off by him, afterward blood color break-up. Dozens forms fall to the ground completely. What did I see? This was also too scary, actually a moment ago was that what?” Inconceivable of that person of whole face photographs surreptitiously, he does not know that at this time should say any was good. These people who at this time is watching the video also all stare. A moment ago that with infrared photography, therefore looked like looks like Xia Tian did several things at the same time instantaneously, then all killed all people all of a sudden. You come out, I saw you.” At this moment Xia Tian turns the head to look suddenly to behind that wall.

If were not he moved a moment ago, Xia Tian was very difficult to discover his trail. The man who that photographed surreptitiously stares immediately, just started him to think that Xia Tian is exploding him, but afterward he discovered that the position that Xia Tian looks is his hiding place. I am well-meant, comes out, I thought that you squat in that photograph surreptitiously is also very tired.” After hearing Xia Tian these words, that man had not hidden again, but walked directly. Walks, here is too black, you don't with me with is too near, in this building everywhere is the dangers.” The Xia Tian reminder said. That man nodded: Hello, I had been discovered by him, but he has not prevented me from continue photograph.” Discovered! Hears these words time, these people who is watching the video are shocked, because they had not heard the person of black net can be discovered by others. This matter first occurrence. Chief of black net is also very puzzled. Sir, you name.” That man asked. Xia Tian!” Xia Tian has not concealed, this time comes is causes trouble, therefore he has not planned friendly. Meanwhile, the person who these are watching the video, all issues the order, sends for beginning to investigate to this Xia Tian. On the other hand. Orders, changes to the SS level to be secret the Xia Tian status and all news, anybody is unable to inquire.” China No. 2 figure has directly issued the important order. That person moved toward three buildings with Xia Tian directly. „Does Mr. Xia Tian, you take this sign to go to do?” That man puzzled asking.

Met you to know.” Xia Tian mysterious smiles: Was right, most not over a half hour, outside thorough was surrounded, do you have the ability of self-preservation? When the time comes I do not have the thoughts to protect you.” Many thanks Mr. Xia Tian relations, I cannot die absolutely.” That man said. After they arrived at three buildings, here and following two were different, here ray was also bright. The men maintained with Xia Tian ten meters distance, Xia Tian walks in front, he in behind. However what made Xia Tian have doubts, in this three buildings unexpectedly has not seen any danger, Xia Tian comes up to destroy a monitoring, because he does not want to make the enemy know his trend. Afterward Xia Tian to fourth walking, that man followed hurriedly. Bang! At this moment. Behind that man was blocked outside of big iron gate, afterward thick bulletproof glass fell. What situation?” That male hurried retreat. At this time was closed in inside Xia Tian is also puzzled looks to the surroundings. He had been sealed completely here. Whistling! The bunch black smog from sweeps across to come in all directions, is only the flash, in the entire airtight vessel completely was covered by these smog. Toxic smoke, unexpectedly was the toxic smoke, Islander is really too mean, their unexpectedly coped with one enemy who with such mean method from rushed directly.”