Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 702

Island Country unexpectedly use toxic gas. This simply was too mean. Although Xia Tian intrudes the Prime Minister's Residence directly, this is the capital crime, but Xia Tian intrudes from the front door, this had first indicated he is not sneak attacks, but is challenges. The method of but challenging also has extremely. Such being the case, Island Country should send out Expert or the special troops of oneself country counterattacks, is present Island Country unexpectedly with the toxic gas. This let the people of other national and organization is looking down upon Island Country specially. Is watching the video below, the commentary area scolds sound one piece. Prime Minister Island Country now also in looking at this video, after he leaves the Prime Minister's Residence, he noticed that black online had the news, looked at the title time, he had almost not been irritated, he has not thought that black net unexpectedly such disgraced matter will come out to the live transmission. This made Island Country lose completely honor. Especially in the flash of use toxic smoke. The following scolding sound were more. The person who can watch the video here may be leaders and major organizations in each country figure of chieftain rank. This lost disgraced has sent greatly, the hateful black net, your unexpectedly also had the person here.” Prime minister angry saying of Island Country, he directly once more issues the order at the same time: Reinforcing unit quickly gives me to pass, must kill to me Xia Tian, the person of that black net.” Hateful!” China No. 2 figure, right hand makes an effort a racket on table: Mean, was too simply mean, Xia Tian kills from the main entrance, Island Country unexpectedly can shameless to this degree.” Hello, I think that everybody present is certainly shouting'mother-fucker', actually I have the same feeling, Island Country was really too TM is not the thing, what a pity this video recording could arrive at this to end.” The person of that black net does not know why one will add on a possibility. Was he were perhaps many one lucky. But he is unable to believe that some people can live in such strong toxic gas.

When all people sighed. Toxic gas is reducing, looked quickly that the toxic gas is reducing.” Suddenly some people type in the commentary area. Toxic gas is reducing, the toxic gas is reducing.” Man surprised shouting of that black net. After ten seconds, in space of that seal, toxic gas vanished was clean. After the toxic gas vanishes, Xia Tian stands in the man of inside to black net waved, then his hand has patted the bulletproof glass of surrounding seal. Vanished? How is this possible?” Prime Minister Island Country whole face inconceivable saying. Ha, I know that your boy has good luck ever, cannot die.” China No. 2 figure laughs was saying. Bang! The right hand congealing fist hit directly in the basket. The iron basket builds with the steel and iron, a general shock is 15 centimeters, but unexpectedly was bent by a Xia Tian fist. Lying trough! Is this monster?” That person surprised saying of black net. Xia Tian in basket shook the head, afterward right hand golden light flashes dodges, the airtight glass vessel and was cut open by him directly: With!” Afterward Xia Tian walks toward above once more, arrives at another time, the [gold/metal] blade in his hand once more chops, front also will divide directly an start to talk. Quite fierce, how you were made the toxic gas a moment ago no?” The person of that black net asked hurriedly. Secret!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, actually Xia Tian had a scare a moment ago, sees the surrounding these toxic gas the time, he wants to run away already without enough time, these toxic gas just contacted his skin, his skin must have the fester.

When he wants directly to clash, that necklace outbreak change in his pocket, one group of black rays his entire body wrap, periphery these toxic gas all were absorbed then by this necklace. He has not thought that this contained Death aura necklace unexpectedly also to rescue his life. Although he can also exit with [gold/metal] Daochong a moment ago directly, but these toxic gas corrode was too quick, after exiting, he must fast expulsion of toxin. They succeed arrived at four buildings. Arrives at four buildings time, Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps! The person of that black net has doubts looked to Xia Tian: Stopped?” Sulphuric acid flavor.” Xia Tian looked up to the ceiling. What? The sulphuric acid, Island Country was really too mean, unexpectedly used the sulphuric acid, they undoable?” That person of angry saying of black net. Meanwhile. The commentary area is a crazy bang explodes once more randomly. Prime Minister Island Country soon did not have the face to continue to look, he will comment the area shielding directly, but is quick he to discover that some people of unexpectedly used a 100,000 dollars super tuba to start to scold. This type of loudspeaker is unable to shield, moreover rolls in the place above of video. Super tuba one after another is tumbling. Eight! Eight! Eight!” Cursing angrily that Prime Minister Island Country keeps. Front floor, so long as steps on the same place, the above sulphuric acid will directly sprinkle, that many sulphuric acids, can swallow me instantaneously.” The Xia Tian vision in the front looks that he was trying to find the solution in the past.

„Can you pass?” Xia Tian asked. Ok!” The person of that black net nodded, he had the special ability in the past. Good, I passed first.” The Xia Tian right foot steps on directly on the wall, makes an effort a step on, afterward a left leg step on, he uses the wall to work as the ground again, back and forth leads the way on the wall, this did not need to move the floor. The sulphuric acid will not sprinkle. When Xia Tian in the past, he discovered that the man of that black net also came, but Xia Tian had not seen how he comes. Prime Minister Island Country in all things the room has smashed at this time, only remaining this can watch the live transmission the screen, he does not have to think one not only lost face, but also these mechanism unexpectedly exist in name only to Xia Tian. Snort, no matter you now are imposing, meets you same to die, Expert of accurate shade level can instantaneously your Insta-kill.” Prime Minister Island Country angry saying. The person of Xia Tian and that black net moved toward fifth directly, this building altogether six, that hat on sixth, in other words, this Xia Tian is going to face terrifying figure. Island Country Ninja army vice- leader, is Expert of accurate shade rank. In Island Country one of the topest Expert, his strength endured with on to endure with these on specially completely is not a level. When the person of Xia Tian and that black net arrives at fifth, Xia Tian discovered that here is very spacious, several other all have the office, but this does not have, this should usually be the leisure and exercise place, but these facilities moved out now. But the Xia Tian front is standing a person. This person of seal brown clothes, standing proudly there.