Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 704

This blade seems like cuts gently. However on the knife contained the endless strength. Xia Tian the sword in front, he knows how hurriedly horizontally, regardless of run away, this blade is unable to avoid, therefore he can only resist. Although that person of black net was cracking a moment ago also a joke, but he discovered that accurate shade level divided this blade the imposing manner of time whole person to have the startled day change. This blade seemed like chops in the vacancy. Bang! Shakes the intense impact noise to transmit, the body of Xia Tian was struck to fly directly, but the sword in his hand has also divided into two. Good. Quite fierce, is this Island Country accurate shade level Expert strength?” That person of surprised saying of black net. What Kungfu is this? So will be why fierce, will the China boy who also got the advantage a moment ago why be chopped to fly directly?” That blade has not chopped the person, how does he achieve?” „The blade directly has cut off, what Kungfu is this?” Video below commentary was brushed instantaneously has exploded, moreover watches the population to increase unceasingly. Snort, this is our Island Country blade class, is non-solution blade skill.” Prime Minister Island Country noticed that accurate shade level Expert assumes an awe-inspiring pose, he opened the commentary area directly, the present arrived at him to start the act high and mighty time. His person cow B, he must naturally coming out attire. Let others know that fierce of their Island Country, can enter the person who here watches, is big figure, he naturally must boast one. Although exposed a blade class is not the wise choice, thing that but this situation next blade class most can drum up support now, a blade class exposition will increase very big face to Island Country. But Prime Minister Island Country this just a speech, everybody immediately starts to attack him. He also thinks one can coming out attire, everybody see finally he also spoke, immediately a moment ago the matter of toxic gas and sulphuric acid took to say the matter. Lying trough! Is fiercer than a former that person blade class.” Xia Tian felt that own arm somewhat tingles with numbness, the when might of that blade fought in Hong Kong that Ninja round on strong did not know many times compared with before a moment ago. On endures to send out specially, one is the accurate shade level sends out.

Between both radically not in a scale. The strength day leaves badly. Another must need many people to shield together, moreover gathers the strength to be very long can see a blade, although has left behind very serious wound to Xia Tian on, but that is because Xia Tian does not have the reason of resistance. But Expert of front accurate shade level is different. His that blade Xia Tian has made contribution to resist, but is unable to block, moreover his arm was also shaken tingles with numbness. This time I thought that you are also used to resist.” Expert of accurate shade level holds up the sword in hand once more. A blade class. Hateful, must try to find a solution, otherwise this way sooner or later will directly be broken out by him.” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye takes a fast look around the surroundings fast, in the mind is calculating. How he is wanting then to cope with this blade class. Is watching these person also concentrating on video stares at the screen to look, suddenly, the commentary area was also peaceful. All people all stare at the screen to look. Just like Expert of that accurate shade level said. Will Xia Tian this outcome cause to be used to resist? Mother! Spelled!” Xia Tian directly flushed, in flash that he clashes, the accurate shade level Expert blade fell. Bang! In the flash, Xia Tian has turned the head. dāng! Sparks flying in all directions. Xia Tian has not been injured.

But his clothes have damaged. That person of black net changed on scene Xia Tian. Because his present wears a glittering vest. Golden soft armor! Em?” Expert of that accurate shade level stares slightly. Whistling! Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath, although the might on blade by gold thread soft armor neutralize, his five main internal organs (entrails) that but that formidable strength shakes painful. Mother! You force the father.” One side Xia Tian places the signboard in left hand, then he picks to switch hands on and carrying a heavy load on leg, threw to that person of black net directly: Helps me take.” „!” The person of black net is directly single-handed to meet to carry a heavy load. Bang! When his right hand catches carries a heavy load, his body directly falls to the ground. What?” That black net inconceivable of person whole face. He has not thought that this seems not big carrying a heavy load unexpectedly is so heavy. Hello, I explained to you, was not I wanted to sway the scene a moment ago intentionally, but was I meets Xia Tian to throw down to my carrying a heavy load, you believe certainly that such small playing ought to have multiple, I think that I told you, you cannot believe that I performed an experiment to you.” That person of black net takes up then directly loosens own hand. Bang! The floor drills the pounded smashing . Moreover the ground was also pounded a pit. Saw, these four that I received a moment ago carried a heavy load altogether is more than 800 jin (0.5 kg), in other words he has brought more than 800 jin (0.5 kg) carrying a heavy load to fight a moment ago.” The person of that black net had been shocked completely. He has not seen such terrifying person. shit, how a person brings 800 jin (0.5 kg) thing is walking, is this person?”

China Expert like this practices?” „It is not right, no matter fierce Expert, cannot every day bring more than 800 jin (0.5 kg) things to walk.” The commentary area blasted out all of a sudden. This boy is up to mischief, how on him to be bringing such heavy thing.” No. 2 figure doubts of China looks at the screen. Snort!” Accurate shade level Expert cold snort. Hey, opposite that Ninja, I heard that you are in Island Country most top Expert is right?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Expert of that accurate shade level. That is natural.” Accurate shade level Expert arrogant saying. I just am in China ordinary a very person, in China most little have several hundred compared with my strength strong person, actually today I must have a look at your Island Country Expert to have any skill.” Xia Tian straight standing there, behind left hand, before right hand double direction. Courts death!” Accurate shade level saying of Expert coldly, he holds up the sword in hand afterward once more. Bang! The body of Xia Tian appears in that accurate shade level Expert front instantaneously, double directs. Useless, your blade class had been seen through by me, although its powerful force, but gathers the strength the time to be too long, before you indeed leave, on top grade is endured to by that I massacre, but you same need to gather the strength the time.” Xia Tian double refers to aiming at that accurate shade rank Expert saying: You did not have the opportunity.” Expert of that accurate shade level has stopped own body, has taken back in the sword the scabbard directly. I make you have a look at Island Country Ninjutsu.”