Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 705

Expert of this accurate shade level must use Island Country Ninjutsu finally. Everybody paid attention, Expert of accurate shade level must use Island Country Ninjutsu immediately.” The person of black net reminded. Xia Tian contemptuously looked at a that accurate shade level saying: Regarding others, your Island Country Ninjutsu truly can play the unexpected role, can therefore sneak attack frequently successfully, but your so-called Ninjutsu just tampered with five lines of techniques of China, in my eyes is nothing to speak of radically.” Although the opposite party is Expert of accurate shade level. However in Xia Tian X-Ray Vision at present, these Ninjutsu is nothing to speak of radically. Finger of Consonance Second Layer! The Xia Tian right hand double refers to ejects instantaneously, a giant finger empty shade direct hit to Expert of that accurate shade level. earth escapes! Dirt wall! That Ninja front floor unexpectedly turns instantaneously, has blocked Xia Tian this directly. Lying trough! Comes.” Xia Tian saw dirt wall time stares slightly, he has not thought that this fellow unexpectedly also really can raise up the dirt wall, but Xia Tian has discovered immediately the different places. The X-Ray Vision eye saw the below of dirt wall instantaneously. Originally uses the stage prop to add on Inner Strength, sets up this dirt wall. The fire escapes! The technique of big fireball! That accurate shade level Expert puts out a fire group instantaneously, the hot group presses up to Xia Tian. Flickers the body technique! Narrow squeak.” Xia Tian flickered the body technique to leave same place. Oh! mygod!” The person of black net saw this time has expressed an exclamation, his unexpectedly saw that in the mouths of some people can spout the flame, this was also too terrifying. Is this!” Xia Tian looked, this Island Country Ninja so-called fire escaped just sends out the flame with the special material, then the body made a fire protection surface layer the chemistry goods, then blew out the flame with Inner Strength, in others opinion this was technique of the big fireball.

Flame (spear|gun)! That accurate shade level Expert both hands fast switching, the flame was really then shot by him . Moreover the flame speed of projecting is not slower than the bullet. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! The Xia Tian speed is fast, these flame bullets cannot bump into him. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step! Xia Tian arrived at that Island Country Ninja front instantaneously. Bang! Xia Tian double refers to fast point to that Island Country Ninja. The Island Country Ninja speed is also the quick instantaneous counter-attack, sleep tramples to Xia Tian. Whiz! This fellow is not good to cope, although his Ninjutsu does not have the too big threat to me, but he truly is Earth Grade Expert.” Xia Tian deeps frown, actually this Island Country Ninja some extremely in relying on Ninjutsu, otherwise solely only depends on the body technique, he can very relaxed tackled Xia Tian. After all Xia Tian is just a Profound Grade late stage person. „Aren't you taking together the sign of sick man of east? Happen to after I kill you, uses this sign to gather up dead bodies to you!” Expert of that accurate shade level disdains looks to Xia Tian. From fighting, he looked, Xia Tian radically was not his match. Lying trough Damn!” Xia Tian hears sick man of east these characters time, the body vanished in directly same place. Bang! Bang! His speed is fast, moreover attacks one time to trade an enemy side. Expert of that accurate shade level has not thought that Xia Tian speed unexpectedly can be so quick, immediately became has been thrown into confusion.

Hateful, do not think that your speed is fast, I cannot be what kind of you, have the skill you to come to hit me.” A Expert both hands row of that accurate shade level, a directly under regiment meets to appear in both hands, afterward he was transferring a circle same place. The flame barrier appeared together. Inner Strength manifestation. Earth Grade Expert Inner Strength manifestation of meeting. Installs Damn B.” Xia Tian disregarded that flame barrier directly, the body flushed instantaneously. Bang! A foot kicked directly on the body of accurate shade level Expert. Expert of that accurate shade level has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can clash, therefore he by Xia Tian these has kicked a solidity. Plays with fire before me, courts death.” A Xia Tian racket, flame vanishes gently directly, the ancestor who he plays with fire, Expert of this accurate shade level can only depend upon the external force use flame. Xia Tian is but different. Xia Tian uses own stamina quantity to use the flame, moreover he understanding degree to the flame may that accurate shade level must be fiercer. How is this possible?” Expert of that accurate shade level stands, whole face inconceivable saying. What has not to be impossible? Your idiot, you said that what skill you also do have? I told you, the signboard of this sick man of east was I must give you Island Country, the people who I must let the world know that who was the genuine sick man of east.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, flushes away to Expert of that accurate shade level once more. Snort!” Expert cold snort of accurate shade level, a right hand fist rumbles! Inner Strength manifestation! Whiz! Xia Tian vanished in same place. Flickers the body technique!

moda foka, unexpectedly started to act shamelessly.” Although the Xia Tian speed is quick, but the Inner Strength manifestation speed is also quick, therefore he can only use to flicker the body technique to avoid Inner Strength manifestation. „Did everybody see? That Island Country Ninja has no longer used Ninjutsu, because his Ninjutsu absolutely does not have any use to Xia Tian.” The person of black net explained. Below I come to explain Islander so-called Ninjutsu for everybody, the earth that he used a moment ago escapes crushes the floor using Inner Strength, then lets the soil rapid hardening using the chemistry goods, this is the true colors of dirt wall, that big fireball technique, he had smeared chemistry goods of fire protection on his body before, then greases using the Inner Strength in addition to the control ****** leaves, this was the big fireball technique.” Xia Tian was saying to black net person hand that miniature camera. Heard his words, in the commentary area of video once more fiery. Everybody understood actually Island Country Ninjutsu was how a matter. From now henceforth Island Country Ninjutsu again did not have any superiority, their people of these big national big organizations will not have the unknown fear. Only then unknown is most fearful. Before they think Island Country earnest was very fierce, their Ninjutsu unparalleled in the world. Because they can control the flame, land, current of water wait / etc.. Now looks like, they just fuse in the science and technology and Inner Strength together, then add on the camouflage. Since knew, then they in having any fear. You shut up to me!” Expert of accurate shade level hears the Xia Tian words complexion changes, killed directly to Xia Tian. Bang! Although Xia Tian has blocked his part of attacks, but was struck to fly. Hateful, this way is not good, must think that means make the camera not pat me.” The brain of Xia Tian is pondering fast. Then, I deliver you dead.” Expert of accurate shade level gives a loud shout, the right hand threw two flash light bombs directly. Sees the flash light bomb time, on Xia Tian face one happy.