Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 706

If because of the camera, Xia Tian does not want to defeat this Island Country Ninja to be perhaps easier, but this camera here, he cannot expose his strength. Moreover changes the words of body is really too dangerous, changes behind side effect is too big, moreover then does not know that also will have any danger, he must guarantee that has in the situation of escape route to use changes the body, otherwise with bringing death not to have what difference. As for the left hand, this is also his card in a hand. Cannot expose in the world. When Island Country Ninja of that accurate shade level throws the flash light bomb, Xia Tian knows that own opportunity came. Finger of Consonance Second Layer! This time is the left hand uses. Bang! A giant finger empty shade has shot at that Island Country accurate shade level Expert directly. Island Country Ninja of that accurate shade level thinks uses that ten seconds of flash light bomb, can kill Xia Tian, but he thought that cannot think Xia Tian has X-Ray Vision eye type of thing, even if in using the situation of flash light bomb. He in this case, has trained has not known that many times, he has been able accurately to judge the opposite party position, then strikes to kill. What he depends is the feeling, hearing and smell. However what Xia Tian depends is the eye. Therefore Xia Tian first his one step. Bang! Formidable Inner Strength manifestation hit directly directly on Island Country Ninja of that accurate shade level. Quite white, actually a moment ago what happened?” The person of black net has opened both eyes slowly, was too a moment ago white, has not been a little able to adapt his eye to the present, when he opens the eye, he saw inconceivable one. A moment ago sneak attacked should be Expert of that accurate shade level is right.

But at this time Expert unexpectedly of that accurate shade level kneels in the Xia Tian front, the front is the blood, the look is all lax, seems received very big wound to be the same. How can like this? Actually a moment ago what happened? Obviously is the flash light bomb of that Island Country Ninja use, he so will be why miserable.” This Xia Tian in had used some strength a moment ago in a flash.” This was also too terrifying, Island Country accurate shade level Expert unexpectedly will lose.” Commentary area once more crazy, because they had not noticed that actually that Island Country Ninja how loses. This time Xia Tian left hand takes that to write the signboard of sick man of east, the right foot is stepping in the shoulder of accurate shade level Expert, the imposing manner is extraordinary. Has succeeded, his unexpectedly really success.” No. 2 figure excited saying of China, just started to see that Island Country accurate shade level Expert time, he is also worry, because Expert of this rank has been able compared with China Earth Grade Expert. Moreover fights in such narrow and small space, even if will be ordinary China Earth Grade Expert will also lose. But Xia Tian now unexpectedly wins. Hateful, hateful!” Prime Minister Island Country is mad soon went crazy. Ninjutsu unexpectedly that Island Country most is proud had been revealed by Xia Tian in the presence of everyone . Moreover the vice- leaders of Island Country Ninja army being defeated. Owed in a big way, lost in a big way. This Xia Tian the tour of Island Country, let Island Country is owes simply in a big way. What last words do you have?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Expert of that accurate shade level. Xia Tian, do not kill me, my cultivation until now Realm was not accidental, I have spent a lot of time and energy, I do not want dead.” Saying that the Expert sound of accurate shade level shivers, he in fear. Expert unexpectedly of accurate shade level begged for mercy. Such phenomenon makes that person of black net gawk: „Didn't this have the strength of spirit? unexpectedly links an ordinary Island Country warrior not to compare, most at least you come to commit hara-kiri also good, but Expert unexpectedly of accurate shade level kneels down to beg for mercy.”

Knew that what these characters did read?” Xia Tian asked. „The sick man of east, I acknowledged that our Island Country is the sick man of east, so long as you have put me, I promise your me to leave Island Country, does not return to Island Country, moreover I do not help Island Country handle anything.” Expert of accurate shade level begged. Really your Island Country is the sick men of east.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. So long as you have put me, I can become the little brother to you, you make me be any me to make anything.” Expert of that accurate shade level already thorough gave up the self-respect. „The person like you give me, when the dog I am not willing to want, my little brothers are the man of being indomitable spirit, therefore I planned that delivers you dead.” Xia Tian coldly looks that accurate shade level Expert said. No! No! Xia Tian, you die like a dog..” The words of that accurate shade level have not said that his forehead presented a blood hole, afterward entire body unwilling but actually. Died. Expert of accurate shade level such died. The person of that black net walks up. Actually a moment ago what happened?” He was too self-confident, without clarifying match strength unexpectedly dares to have a low opinion of the enemy, therefore he died.” Xia Tian not explicit explained. The person of black net nodded, Xia Tian did not say that he will not ask intentionally, after all he is photographs surreptitiously, but Xia Tian had not felt embarrassed him: Yeah, has not thought, Expert of accurate shade level will also beg for mercy.” This does not have anything to be quite surprised, the strength is stronger, a status higher person, fears death on exceed.” Xia Tian said that walks toward the building directly. Hears Xia Tian these words time, the person of black net has thought deeply about a meeting, afterward nodded. But in the live transmission video commentary area unexpectedly was peaceful. They as if by Xia Tian these words were said was at heart same. Truly so, the strength is stronger, a status higher person fears death on exceed, they are afraid lose oneself present to have.

They are considering, if were changed into that accurate shade level Expert, oneself will be what kind of! Can same kneel down to beg for mercy with him? Afterward they think, the answer cannot. How because they again fear death, some compared with dying more fearful matter, that is the reputation. Although dies is very fearful, but if reputation did not have, they will live to might as well die. Finally must arrive at the destination, is less than ten minutes, here must be surrounded.” Xia Tian light saying. That person of black net followed hurriedly. Sixth must arrive immediately, this is also the final level, the hat in this, the hearts of all people have all hung, because fifth had Expert of accurate shade level. What then the sixth outcome will have? All these make the person anticipate. Shade level will Expert in Island Country that legend also appear? That is Island Country figure in legend. Once had conquered pirate on an island by strength of the. Xia Tian has also filled with the anticipation to this sixth. Sixth, I came!” A Xia Tian half step rushed to sixth directly.