Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 707

For these days, the Islander honor lost completely. But lets person who they lose completely the honor, unexpectedly is the same. That is Xia Tian. When Xia Tian arrives at sixth, anything had not discovered that here peace was static, even tranquil somewhat terrifying, the Xia Tian vision took a fast look around in the surroundings. Any danger does not have, does not have mechanism, nobody. Is so relaxed?” Xia Tian direct stand forth, biggest that glass room should be the office in Prime Minister's Residence. Because of other here not rooms, only then some sofas and desks. Thus it can be seen, this usually should few individuals be able to come up. The Xia Tian left hand is carrying the signboard, moved toward the office of prime minister directly. That person of black net distant. When Xia Tian arrives in the Prime Minister's Residence, he throws the signboard directly to airborne, afterward two silver needles have shot at the both sides of signboard, the entire signboard pastes directly above the wall. This wrote the signboard such tight post of sick man of east above the wall of Island Country Prime Minister's Residence. This classics, must pat.” That person of black net has given a signboard feature article directly. Was watching these people of video again already thorough smiling insanely. The office in solemn Island Country Prime Minister's Residence, the national highest order sent out unexpectedly to be sewn a signboard, on the signboard has written sick man of east these characters, this simply was the huge joke. Too comedy, was really too comedy, solemn Island Country highest figure office unexpectedly had been hung up such sign, was really too disgraced.” „After Island Country, did not need to present in the stage of world again, the Island Country prime minister is unable to gain ground for a lifetime.” This world biggest joke, most disgraced matter.”

The commentary area has raised a rumpus once more, this time Island Country lost disgraced in a big way, they not only the air-defense base had been exploded, but also a mysterious blade class and Ninjutsu were also broken. Expert of accurate shade level was killed. Now in the office in Prime Minister's Residence also has been hung up ‚the sick man of east sign. Hateful, hateful!” Prime Minister Island Country has soon been wild with rage: I do not believe you to take the hat.” After Xia Tian the signboard sews, he directly turns the head to look to that hat. I am participate to rob the gate congress, therefore my goal is that hat.” Xia Tian referred to that hat saying. That person of black net has aimed at the hat the scene directly. It is said this hat is Emperor Island Country remains, just started is because everybody to commemorate the emperor, therefore is remaining, afterward gradually was regarded is a faith token, the new prime minister will take over will connect with this hat.” That person of black net answered. This hat probably was the China ancient imperial jade seal is the same in the Island Country status. Xia Tian walks toward hat there. When he arrives at the hat , the right hand must take away to the hat directly. Bang! An alloy box of seal appears to wrap instantaneously directly the hat, then that places the counter of hat to start to drop directly. Plays this set with me.” In the Xia Tian right hand golden light flashes dodges, the box of that drop was broken out by him directly, the right hand grasps, the hat of that Prime Minister Island Country appeared in his hands. I heard that this hat is very precious.” Xia Tian has held appreciatively several in the hand the hat: Goes back to wear on the pig that raises in the countryside.” Hears the Xia Tian words, Prime Minister Island Country who is watching the video could not bear again, he front large screen will pound directly crushes, afterward he has made a phone call: Assembles all armies, land , sea and air, the special troops, the Ninja army, deploys the army that Island Country all can deploy, snatches to me the hat.” Bang!

After he hangs up the telephone, the whole person fainted directly. Said goodbye, I must start to become a fugitive the profession.” Xia Tian looked at a person of that black net, afterward jumped from the window directly. Hello, what I want to take a look at him to wear the hat of that Emperor Island Country really very much in the pig head am, what a pity I must leave here, had ended this time video to here, asking everybody to continue to pay attention to the black net, the black net will provide a better video for you.” The man of that black net said that discarded the camera directly, afterward his body by above wall. The whole person disappeared in same place. ! „The Rank 1 warning, all residents please do not leave their room.” Various Tokyo places are broadcasting the broadcast, hears this broadcast time, is getting up to cross the person of nightlife all in the avenue to run away in nearby room, this is the Rank 1 warning, is not cracking a joke. But Rank 1 warning strategic warning. Is erupts into the war time warning that can sound, this warning, once sends out, if you also on avenue, was killed by the stray bullet, some people will not manage you. Islander usually has the exercise, once the warning has sounded also on the avenue will be caught the police station. However exercises will only disseminate news one time, but this difference, this broadcast is broadcasting. In other words, this time is not exercise. Xia Tian just escaped from the Prime Minister's Residence to hear the alarm sound. moda foka, unexpectedly plays such in a big way, uses the Rank 1 warning.” Xia Tian cursed angrily one, Island Country was not concerned about face really the family, unexpectedly started the Rank 1 warning, the Rank 1 warning, but war warning. At this time the entire Tokyo and neighbor all police and special troops wait / etc. all sent certainly out . Moreover the head of Xia Tian presented the airplane. The land , sea and air block comprehensively. Island Country with good breakneck to have planned, Xia Tian has made them lose completely the honor, now they had been cared are losing have selected, they do not allow Xia Tian to wear absolutely the hat, otherwise Prime Minister Island Country was the present died, did not have the face to see the Island Country deceased emperor.

The Xia Tian form is shuttling back and forth fast. Such does not get down good, on avenue a person does not have, I will be caught quickly.” In the Xia Tian mind is thinking fast, his Spiritual Force is very strong, so long as has presented in his mind the path, he remembered. In his brain as if turned on a 3 D three-dimensional map to be the same. Is this direction, so long as I crashed in that forest to have the opportunity to leave from the small rivers.” Xia Tian has thought jumps perfect route. Starts directly! Bang! Bang! Bang! Xia Tian has bumped into the police. They see Xia Tian time, direct to open fire. The sound of gunfire the neighbor special troops also will attract. Ping! In these special troops takes may be the submachine guns, when they catch up, starts to strafe directly. Hateful!” Xia Tian has hidden hurriedly: Here was could not escape, ran away from above.” Xia Tian said that crawls directly to the building, his body keeps is seething, this, the thinking building in bit by bit jumps. Pit-a-pat pit-a-pat! When Xia Tian just jumped roof, he discovered the airplane, the Island Country airplane is opening to him, but on the airplane also has machine gunners.