Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 708

Mahler desert!” Xia Tian cursed angrily one to jump hurriedly. That is an airplane, Island Country unexpectedly large quantities of airplanes sent out continually, now misses the fighter aircraft not to use directly. To catch him. Jumps down Xia Tian of building, rapidly changes said that his has the police in all directions. Hateful, were they insane?” Xia Tian is shuttling back and forth fast, he does not dare to stop, so long as he stops, quick will have the surrounding person to pursue, once these people pursue, the consequence will be dreadful. Was not good, carries a heavy load cannot want, otherwise my life must build in this.” Before Xia Tian left a moment ago, will carry a heavy load has put on, but he knows that now cannot wear again, otherwise he could not escape. The quantity of enemy was really too many. Although carries a heavy load very expensively, even can be said as the expensive oddness, only then Bai Yu can buy, but this thing expensive impossible to be again more expensive than his life. dīng dīng dāng dāng! In the Xia Tian hand golden light flashes dodges, will carry a heavy load to cut directly broken, he does not want to leave Islander to do the research. Although said that they studied have not been possible to have the result. But Xia Tian to provide against contingencies. Got rid of the Xia Tian speed of carrying a heavy load to promote a scale instantaneously, his speed to was quickly inconceivable, he directly has even fled from these police, these police have not discovered him. Finally must see to hope.” Xia Tian entered in the jungle, he most liked this type of jungle, the speed that because in the jungle the opposite party pursued will be slow. Bang! At this moment, side a Xia Tian big tree was exploded directly crushes, but Xia Tian is also retreat that keeps, he felt a moment ago an intense crisis, he does not have the slight hesitation, flickers the body technique to use directly. If not he responded that quick, this tree was his being out. What person?” Xia Tian looks up. Together form falling slowly. Ninja. The opposite party has worn a Ninja clothing. When Xia Tian sees opposite party first, directly opens runs away.

Cracking a joke. Shade! Opposite party unexpectedly is shade level Expert. Shade in Island Country only legend. Xia Tian instantaneously speed promotion to limit. Rumbling! The Xia Tian surrounding trees explode unceasingly, but Xia Tian actually does not dare the slight slow-down speed, on his face and arm has delimited dozens wounds, is the sawdust that these were exploded fly delimits. moda foka, how will have shade level Expert.” Xia Tian depressed saying, when he is in the Prime Minister's Residence has not seen shade level Expert, he thinks shade level Expert not in Tokyo. But he has not thought that at this time this shade level Expert unexpectedly appeared. Moreover this shade level Expert strength simply is the anomaly. Until now, Xia Tian does not know that he is using any Ninjutsu, but Xia Tian actually completely cannot feel his aura, is unable to get rid of him to be the same probably. My speed has promoted to the limit, why he can also with.” Xia Tian deeps frown, is running, he does not dare to turn head, he does not dare to delay any faint trace the speed. This shade proved with the strength. Island Country Ninja, not only meets the camouflage. They have the real skill. Bang! The Xia Tian surrounding trees start to change, these trees started probably change were exactly same, their branches started to keep brushed the surroundings, Xia Tian was feeling one quick nowhere have stopped over. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step launches instantaneously, body shuttle of Xia Tian in these tree strip. „Is this wood escapes? This absolutely is not the camouflage.” Xia Tian surprised saying. Shade level Expert had the essential change. Before his strength and that accurate shade are the day have compared badly, although listens not to miss many, but faces truly time, actually Xia Tian knows shade level Expert dangerously.

Hateful, was pursued completely is hitting.” Xia Tian depressed saying, but he does not dare to turn head, the opposite party strength was too formidable, person who he is not that type does not have the brain, clear(ly) knows that is not the match must resist. You cannot escape.” Bang! That form appeared in the Xia Tian front directly. Although a moment ago Xia Tian has evaded the attacks of these trees with Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, however his speed also hauled in much, therefore that shade level Expert also pursued. That shade level Expert has blocked the Xia Tian way. ! Xia Tian threw an silver needle instantaneously. But that silver needle has not waited to arrive in front of that shade level Expert, automatically fell. ! The flash, Xia Tian on remaining all silver needles all has thrown. The silver needle of blotting out the sky has shot at that shade level Expert directly. Carves the insect small technique!” That shade level Expert right hand wields, these silver needle unexpectedly all fell on this on the ground. 886.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he knows certainly that these silver needles definitely cannot injure Expert of this shade level, his goal does not injure him, but escapes, a moment ago these silver needles were just a pretence. The Xia Tian true goal is the use flickers the body technique to escape. Facts showed that he succeeded. You cannot jump.” That shade level Expert turn around, kills directly to Xia Tian. Flickers the body technique! Flickers the body technique! Flickers the body technique!

The Xia Tian flash used three times to flicker the body technique, afterward was fast flushes away forward, the speed was getting more and more fast. At this moment, that shade level Expert has used Ninjutsu once more, the surrounding trees launched the chaotic attack once more. Flickers the body technique! Flickers the body technique! Flickers the body technique! Xia Tian was three flickers the body technique to flee from that region directly. Whistling!” Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath, the long-term usage flickers the consumption of body technique to be very big, he has not dared the long-term usage, otherwise his speed certainly to be affected again, that shade level Expert chases after and never gives up. Ha Ha, the water flavor, had the rivers.” The five senses of Xia Tian are very strong, he can smell that water flavor that the wind blows. Some people will say that the water does not have the flavor obviously. When you stand the seashore or the waterfront, front surface breeze blows, you will smell the water the flavor. The straw that Xia Tian as if held life-saving is the same, starts to dash about wildly rapidly. Following on the heels that shade has also kept, his speed reached the limit, because he uses Ninjutsu unceasingly, these Ninjutsu can slow down the Xia Tian speed, therefore he overtook Xia Tian gradually. Rivers are rivers!” Xia Tian saw the rivers finally. His leapt the step to jump in the rivers directly, there is a water, he had the opportunity of escaping, man who he will shut the qigong. Expert of that shade level also pursued in behind, sees Xia Tian to plunge into the water, he stood on the water surface directly, right, stood on the water surface, afterward his both hands patted directly on the water surface. Flee from within the water! Big water dragon!