Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 709

When the hand of that shade level Expert pats on the water surface, Xia Tian discovered that water surface unexpectedly turned into two halves directly, then these water fast gathers to the middle, pounding down maliciously. This is anything!” On Xia Tian face one startled, afterward flickers the body technique first time to use in the water. Flickers the body technique! Flickers the body technique! Flickers the body technique! Xia Tian trod the long-term usage of water in the water three times to flicker the body technique. Bang!! The position that he was at a moment ago, the water surface had the huge explosion, this explosive force has swept across that region instantaneously. Narrow squeak, perhaps if I in that will directly be swallowed by the wave a moment ago.” Xia Tian does not dare to stay the body to move in water fast, that shade level Expert steps on the water surface Kungfu, although is fierce, but cannot treat the too long time probably. Therefore his direct turn around left. Has not pursued. This finally was safe, the tour of Island Country almost wanted my life.” Xia Tian is sighing with emotion, he this time almost lost the life in Island Country, was good because of being out of danger finally successfully. Although Island Country has blockaded the harbor, but Xia Tian does not run away in the harbor, but enters the sea through the rivers, naturally, in his mind had already calculated the direction of route, if makes him such swim in Pacific Ocean, even if were not eaten by the shark, died of exhaustion him tired. The Xia Tian tour one will approach the shore to rest a meeting, the nearby already the thorough security. After the rest, swims again. Several times, Xia Tian left the region of Tokyo, then turns toward the harbor surrounding to swim away.

Although Island Country has blockaded the harbor, but they also intensified the inspection, they cannot prevent the turnover of trade ship, Xia Tian after the shore has rested for night, bypasses a harbor great-circle directly, afterward on secretly a small merchant. The merchants have their goods warehouse, Xia Tian casual took on a coat ship on the ship, then after he has pried open the door of goods warehouse, hid. This goods warehouse usually is the inspectors turnover uses. Ok, locks from outside, my silver needle did not have, first does not lock, if some people discover, my conceal deeply.” Although Xia Tian wants locking to restore original design, but did not have the silver needle he unable to accomplish. Therefore he can only outside meddles on little moving, this can maintain this door does not open. Shouted! Finally can rest to be good to think, must die of exhaustion me simply.” Xia Tian recently these naive quite tired, especially on the road of escaping, he that shade level Expert chases down, has exhausted most Inner Strength, afterward in water he almost put together oneself all strengths. When Xia Tian sleeps, the cabin door of merchant suddenly was opened, Xia Tian rested just fragrant, therefore he has not felt to realize, when he wakes up already late. Any person! Comes out!” The opposite party gives a loud shout, his followed two people. Excuse me, builds to be suitable for sailboat, when I I will surely give you to the place money.” Xia Tian awkward saying, he felt that he has a feeling of being a thief probably. Probably is sneaks across, informs the captain.” Is that person of head said that in other two manpower is taking the speargun vigilantly looks at Xia Tian. I am really well-meant, but had no way out boarded your ship.” Xia Tian answered hurriedly. No matter you do have the evil intention, you come out first, when our captains punish.” That person shouts. Xia Tian has to stand up, slowly walks toward outside. That two person entire journey are monitoring Xia Tian, the speargun end in the hand, so long as Xia Tian dares to have slightly the illegal action, their direct to open fire.

Quick, the captain walked, his followed several people, the captain is a 60-year- old person, he sees Xia Tian time, high and low sized up one to ask in the China language afterward directly: „Are you China person?” Em!” Xia Tian hears the opposite party to speak in the China language, on face immediately one happy. Was good, gives him to prepare one clean clothes, prepares a meal again.” The captain has not asked anything again, but opens the mouth to say directly. Yes, Captain!” Several other people managed directly. The prestige of this captain is very high, these person of any objections, generally, a stranger has not embarked, that is not the friendly matter, because the sea has many pirates, moreover some people of sneak crossing are very dangerous. The average people are not will not agree that makes a person of unknown origin keep on the ship. But after this captain asked Xia Tian a few words, not only has given the Xia Tian clothes, but also makes the person prepare the meal to Xia Tian. Thanks!” Xia Tian this is thanks of the heart, he really will also be afraid the opposite party to throw to return to the sea directly, after all present Inner Strength may not have the remaining anything, because long time will swim, his hands and feet also will be the severe pain, does not dare to make an effort. Even if he not possibly had that ability he to kill the person on this ship, after having killed, did not know the route, moreover oneself will not set sail, same will die in this Pacific Ocean. Food was good!” A 20-year-old female beckons to Xia Tian, the female body puts on is not magnificent, on the face has not drawn any makeup, but she is very worth looking, moreover the female said is also the China language. Xia Tian walks toward female there. Food and vegetable are cool, you cope to eat the mouth.” The females carried the meal. Thanks!” Xia Tian does not select now, he two days a night has not eaten meal, the opposite party can the mouth food eat to him, this is a gracious gift. Xia Tian has eaten greedily. Slow point eats, on storeship has.” The females see the Xia Tian table manners, helpless shaking the head.

Xia Tian has not spoken, has kept is eating, along with the Xia Tian eating meal speed, the female could not close the mouth surprisedly, because Xia Tian had had 18 bowls of food a moment ago, moreover looked that his appearance has not eaten to the full probably. However the food did not have, moreover cleanness that vegetable was also tidied up by him. This did not have, if you have not eaten, on wait / etc., two childhood meals should be good.” The females noticed that the Xia Tian appearance said. Thanks!” Xia Tian does not know actually one had said many time thanked. He little said to others before thanks, because he almost little needs others' help, but this time he met misfortune. Meeting misfortune time also has bumped into this kind of group of people of good intention. After having eaten meal, Xia Tian stamina also restored much. Thump! At this moment, the ship rocked suddenly fiercely. Thump! Also is! Was bad, is big fish!” The female complexion changes, runs directly to the cabin, Xia Tian also followed.