Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 710

This ship is not big, on the ship all people add also more than 20 individuals. This small trade ship profit is not big, but they are the fishermen, points at this to live, therefore they will run this long-distance freight transportation. Xia Tian arrives at the above time, all people all came out, in their hands is taking the speargun, the fishing net and harpoon wait / etc.. Big fish! Is their general name to the build big fish, including the whale and shark is part of big fish. How?” Xia Tian goes forward to ask. Big fish is hitting our ships, if it continues such to hit, the goods on ship might scatter very much.” That female answered a moment ago. Massacred it not to be good?” Xia Tian asked again. Where has you to think is so simple.” The females are disgruntled, she thinks that Xia Tian speaks irresponsibly and sarcastically. Xia Tian looks to the surrounding that several people, they probably in frightening that big fish, want to frighten off it, the fish is very flexible in the water, especially this big fish, only then the torpedo to their functions is biggest. What a pity this type of small trade ship does not let provide the torpedo. Therefore they only with using this means pursue the big fish. „It is not good, this big fish does not walk.” Surrounding person depressed saying. With the speargun, has aimed at hitting to me.” The captain said. On ship altogether ten spearguns. to open fire that ten people keep together. But after having hit two rounds, anything has not actually projected on. The words this way, the goods of their this ship must malinger.

This is their first running far way goods, if such has malingered, they compensated, the initial capital compensated not to have. Before they were the running short distances, this time was to hear others runs long-distance makes money, therefore they also want to try one's luck, they naturally know that the sea had many dangers, but in the riches and honor danger asked. „It is not good, Captain, the speed of this fish was too fast, we do not hit.” I try!” When the captain is most depressed, Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly. You?” The captain has doubts looks to Xia Tian. Em, I want to try!” Xia Tian nodded. Other surroundings several people reveal very discontented expression, because Xia Tian throughout was a bystander, now they do not hit, this bystander unexpectedly opened the mouth to try! If not the captain, they will not make this fellow of unknown origin embark, moreover speargun, but on this ship lethality biggest weapon, if he took the speargun to threaten them to go bad in turn. However they have not spoken, on this ship, can make the decision only has the captain. However they are divulging the discontented expression with the look to captain. The captain naturally saw everybody's expression, but he really cannot think of any better means now: Good, lets try one time.” Ship.” Some people wanted to go forward to say anything, but held on by person. I know that your worry, relax, my this whole life have not misread excellently, he will not injure our, makes him try, if succeeded!” The captain knows that everybody was worried after Xia Tian took the speargun, in turn aims at them. Reason that the person on this ship such listens to the words of captain , because they are the captain has saved the person, part is the adopted son of captain and does daughter. Now listened to the captain saying that they also nodded. Trust thank you.” Xia Tian received a speargun to look, has thought over in the hand several, afterward turns head to look to the captain, when he turns head several other spearguns have all aimed at him.

Do not be anxious, I want to ask, on the thing that shoots can tie up the string?” Xia Tian saw that their vigilant looks answered hurriedly. Has, but tied up string to affect the accurate aim.” The captain said. Has not related, ties up a string.” Xia Tian said. The captain made one to bring the string, the string was not thick, but was actually very solid that made with one material with the fish line. After Xia Tian the string ties up, vision directly to submarine looks. Thump! The big fish separates one to hit disembarks. Xia Tian has still not moved, but is being ready with the rifle firing stands there, the sniper before the game has not appeared will not move, even if there is mosquito bite, will not move, this is requests to an outstanding sniper basically. Everybody is also looking at Xia Tian, nobody spoke. However on their faces writes is not believing, because they do not believe from the bottom of the heart from the start Xia Tian can hit, reason that they have not gone to say anything because of the reason of captain. On this ship, so long as is the matter that the captain spoke, that will not have anybody to reject. Xia Tian maintained this posture already nearly five minutes, did not have to open fire, the big fish also shook twice, but was leaves to walk randomly. Saw that Xia Tian for a long time does not have to open fire. The captain also started to shake the head. However he too big disappointment, just had not started him also merely to make Xia Tian after all try. ! At this moment, Xia Tian to open fire.

Bang! The big fish was passed through by the speargun directly, the big fish under breaking off ache has not been killed violently directly, but makes an effort on the water surface has whipped several. „!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, these people make an effort to draw hurriedly backward! Xia Tian also put down the speargun in oneself hand to draw with everybody together. If normally, he can draw, but his Inner Strength has not restored now, moreover on the arm and leg are the serious pulling injury, therefore he also can only draw with everybody together. Person many strengths are big, that big fish directly by pulling. After big fish by pulling, still keeps in the deck is kicking. This big fish has more than one meter to be long! Such big fellow.” The captain looks at this big fish surprisedly, but he thinks immediately that the hero of uniform big fish, he turned the head to look said afterward to Xia Tian: Really was laborious you.” „It is not laborious, you give shelter to my words, I already ruined in the sea.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. I have not really misread the person, informing everybody today to eat up.” The captain patted the shoulder of Xia Tian to say. Other people are also walk up, 11 shakes hand with Xia Tian, that (spear|gun) had made Xia Tian obtain everybody's approval a moment ago. Knew after everybody simply one next, the chefs started to process this everybody, the captain has given a Xia Tian small stool, they also sat there help the chefs process this big fish. Is also familiar with on the ship?” The captain asked. I can eat the fish now, but is not the fish eats me, if you must abandon in the sea me at that time, I turn into the fish to eat now.” Xia Tian said. Captain, looks quickly, what is this?” The chef who that just abandoned fish maw shouts loudly.