Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 711

Xia Tian and captain simultaneously looked to that fish maw position. At this time the big fish had opened up the stomach by the chef, the fish maw child is lying down horizontally a big pearl. Sees the fish maw child inside thing, the captain and Xia Tian simultaneously stares, what the captain sees is that big pearl, but what Xia Tian sees is under pearl these small black pellets. However on their faces has simultaneously shown the joyful expression. Pearl, such a Freshman pearl, our time got rich.” Captain excited saying. He turns the head to look to Xia Tian time discovers Xia Tian vision also in the fish maw child, therefore he opens the mouth to say directly: Therefore you kill, how pearl divides, you decide.” The captain is a very heroic person, although he knows the pearl precious, but he will not handle the matter that type gets angry does not recognize people absolutely. Pearl turns over to you, under I want these small black ball balls!” Xia Tian has referred to under the pearl small black ball. „Can this be good? We cannot occupy you to be cheap.” The captain thinks Xia Tian to repay the graciousness of life-saving, therefore declined directly. No, Captain, this should be I takes your advantage to be right, how the pearl is precious is also valuable, but these ten small black balls regarding me actually priceless.” Xia Tian very earnest saying. „It is not good, these black small beads we did not know, if were not you said that you wanted, we discarded, regardless of that thing in your eyes value how much money, but they were not worth a red cent in my eyes, but this pearl was very in my eyes valuable, I must divide you.” The individuality of captain is straightforward, he will not always go to covet anybody's small advantage, assignment time is also most even, because of so, therefore everybody is convinced to him. Captain, you listened to me saying that I was not short of money, what I lacked was the treasure, in my eyes, these black small beads the pearl values in value your eye were the same, therefore these black small beads turned over to me, the pearl turned over to you, is good.” Xia Tian has taken up fish maw child in these black small beads directly. Good! Your this friend I handed over.” The captain has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian. He thinks that Xia Tian is the same with him, is the real personality people, had anything to say anything, always did not cover up. Told the brothers, our time has gained, after going back, we divided money, if also wants to do with me changed the steamship.” Regardless of when the captain thinks is the brothers, although he is a captain, but he divides money each time is the equal distributions, he is not many takes a point. Although the ship is not big, but is not small, but this ship appeared specially tiny in the sea.

It looks like grain of dust in desert is the same. After the simple help has processed one next, the captain has put that big pearl, on this ship, regardless of the how expensive thing does not need to be worried to lose, because they are not corrupt. Money regarding them is just a digit. What they care is the friendship. Therefore their condition also deep infections Xia Tian. Xia Tian sits in the deck rests directly, then that several beads in hand, this bead not greatly only then the pinky covers the size, if not the X-Ray Vision eye, Xia Tian cannot see this bead the profound and abstruse principles. When he opens the X-Ray Vision eye, saw the true colors of bead. Buddhist Relic. These ten beads are ten Buddhist Relic, but these Buddhist Relic are not big, does not have compared with the means with his ancient Buddhist Relic. However these ten Buddhist Relic have very major function regarding him, the strength in ancient Buddhist Relic were getting fewer and fewer, ancient Buddhist Relic regarding the treasure that him saves a life. If not ancient Buddhist Relic, he does not know that died many to return. Food was good!” The females noticed that Xia Tian is in a daze in the deck, shouts directly. „, Came!” The Xia Tian war sets out to walk toward cabin directly, although this ship is not big, but unexpectedly can generate electricity, this also so as to avoid they eat the canned food and so on thing. That big fish has cooked one-fourth one time. After having gotten down the cabin, everybody is waiting for Xia Tian, the custom on ship is the person all cannot eat meal, naturally, setting sail does not calculate.

Since the person were in attendance, we start to eat meal.” The captain said that all people start the chopsticks. This big fish is very big, one-fourth ate Bao Bao one on enough these people, Xia Tian not polite, can have the rice in the sea, this simply was the too happy matter. That female knows a moment ago Xia Tian can eat, therefore gave Xia Tian to prepare many food specially. Good astonishing capacity for food, how he eats.” Does not know that he has eaten the 20 th bowl, moreover in the morning heard that he has eaten 18 bowls.” „Is marksmanship good person capacity for food big?” Surroundings that several people all dull looks at Xia Tian, they do not do clearly, actually the Xia Tian appetite from where comes. His stature seems is not fat. These fish sufficed them to eat almost two, but after they finished eating, remaining by a Xia Tian person eliminating. „, Ate to the full finally.” Xia Tian felt own full happy heart. Xia Tian discovered other people all strange visits him. „Do you visit me to do?” Xia Tian asked. Actually do you how eat up that many things?” The captain looked asked puzzled to Xia Tian. Such eats.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Can eat.” The captain showed a faint smile, went out of the cabin.

Other people have also been raising up the thumb to Xia Tian, then went out of the cabin, returned to own post. After Xia Tian has eaten the thing, stamina also had some restorations. Afterward he continues to study Buddhist Relic in hand, he does not know that actually this thing this uses, he wishes one could to eat now directly, but after eating? If stomach ache what to do. Ok, is putting personal, if which day it used.” Xia Tian receives that ten Buddhist Relic. On his present had the thing that three are unable to grasp, first is that small cauldron, second is Buddhist Relic, third is that rescues his life the necklace. The speed of ship is not fast, Xia Tian has lain down for two days on the ship, although over the two days fully has not recovered, but most minimum was not painful, but Inner Strength is unable to restore in a short time. Bang! After the hull rocked fiercely one next, the ship stopped. Em?” The Xia Tian opening eye slowly, walks toward outside. Pirate, is a pirate.” In the deck some people shout. Was bad, ran into the pirate.” The captain complexion changes.