Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 712

The pirates, are in the sea most terrorist one group of people. They rob merchant fisherman who passes by the road specially wait / etc., even some large-scale pirates roll have also plundered the commodity of country. In the past the most famous 2010 Island Country events were a pirate roll the Island Country military transport ship continuously plundering, this was Island Country at that time the biggest shame, afterward Island Country that legend shade level Expert sent out, the single used seven day to extinguish that large-scale pirate gang. A living witness has not remained. This also saved Island Country some faces. But this sufficiently proved strength and wild degree that these pirates roll. At this time Xia Tian their this ships run into the pirate, in the common pirate hand has the (spear|gun) and torpedo, after on Xia Tian deck discovered that the people all vigilantly look that blocks that pirate ship in front of them. „The following that merchant is listening, we only seize property, does not kill people, hands over the treasure or the cargo on ship, we put you to walk.” The opposite party shouts with the tuba, although their ships are not big, but population actually more than 30, moreover in their hands has the (spear|gun), although the weapon is irregular, but they really have the (spear|gun). The disparity of (spear|gun) and speargun is very big. Moreover in opposite party each individual hand has the weapon, although the (spear|gun) are not many, remaining is also the spearguns, but that several (spear|gun)s sufficiently shook the scene. Hateful, unexpectedly is a pirate, all people get ready for action.” The captain threw to a Xia Tian speargun. If you do not give up resisting, our to open fire, once you resist, we will slaughter.” The opposite party has sent out the threat, has saying that they can give people a very tremendous pressure. Because before them, has said that so long as money, not awfully. Therefore can the opportunity that the person one type does not need to go all out, if he comes up to kill people, that Xia Tian they at risk of life will certainly resist. Although they are the pirate groups, but they do not hope that their person is injured.

Therefore this is trick that they habitually use. I finally said that a time turns on the bridging, making us pass, the thing takes us to walk.” The pirate group has issued final diplomatic note. Captain, spelled.” Is, spelled, this group of pirates did not have the prestige.” Turns on the bridging.” The captain looked at periphery these person of one saying: You are I most valuable wealth, I cannot make you have an accident.” These people have all chosen silent. The bridging was opened. The person who the pirates roll saw them to obey, sent for walking directly to this ship, first came one team of people to look at Xia Tian they, Chief that then that pirate rolled walked: I want three-fourth cargos, in addition you 50% spearguns, are not excessive.” Em!” Xia Tian their captains nodded. Chief that the pirates roll under waved to person, afterward these people prepare to lift the goods. Your several go to search, has a look to have any good thing.” That pirate rolls Chief to wave to behind several people, that several people walk toward the cabin directly. Saw that these people run to the cabin, the complexion of captain immediately changes. Boss, has the treasure.” In the cabin some people shout suddenly. Cannot move to draw back to me.” The familiar sound passed from the cabin together.

Is that to the female of Xia Tian food, at this time her in the hand is taking a speargun, compelled to draw back that several people, in the narrow and small cabin, these people does not dare to act rashly, otherwise the speargun in her hand can shoot through the heads of these people directly. Old Freshman that pirate rolls waves, the person who these removed goods all stopped the movement in hand, has aimed at that female the weapon in hand. Yo, long good.” The Boss who that pirate rolls noticed that in the time look of female revealed the greedy look. Boss, inside has the treasure.” A young pirate said. „? Is what treasure?” The Boss who that pirate rolls asked. Pearl, a very greatly very big pearl.” That young pirate excited saying. Anything!” On Boss face that pirate rolls one happy, has shown the excited look: I have decided that the cargo on this ship does not want, but I want that pearl, this female.” „It is not good!” His words just fell, surroundings that several people all carried speargun in the hand, a captain face angry looks Chief that pirate rolled said: Pearl I can you, the person you unable to carry off.” Snort! To being concerned about face.” Chief cold snort that pirate rolls, the surrounding these pirates all have held at the same time up the weapon in oneself hand. The strength of both sides has obvious disparity. In the hand of that Chief has also put out a pistol. What did you say? Also one time!” He has aimed at the captain the muzzle. Pearl and cargo you can take away, the person is not good.” Captain neither arrogant nor servile saying. I, if can carry off?” Chief that pirate rolls is impossible to stress the prestige, had not embarked a moment ago, they will also think a little troublesome, liked you to go on board, their people have completely controlled the aspect, he will certainly not have slightly was polite.

Fights valiantly our, wants you dead.” The meaning of captain is very clear, here has ten spearguns, at the worst everybody fight in which both sides perish, we die must draw you, when pad back. Old fogy, cannot look, your actually a little boldness, but you think how many spearguns by your can contend with me? The speed of bullet may be faster than the speargun.” Saying that Chief that the pirates roll disdains. „But if is the speargun away from your head to have one centimeter?” At this moment seems the devil same voice of appears together, in that pirate rolls Chief, Chief that pirate rolls is startled immediately. He even can feel the cold air that on the speargun transmits. Is Xia Tian, was Xia Tian had dived a moment ago quietly, then aimed at that pirate to roll the head of Chief the spear head. Em? Do you want to do? I warned you, if I had any accident, the people on your this ship must die.” That pirate rolls the Chief threat to say. All right, we do not fear death!” Xia Tian light saying. „Do you fool me?” That pirate rolls Chief to look that said to Xia Tian. You can try me in fooling you, I give you three seconds, making them put down the weapon in oneself hand, remembers, only then three seconds, after three seconds, I start to play a very interesting game.” Xia Tian cloudy evil smiles. You think that I am frighten in a big way? Come, to open fire, who having a look at us to fear death!” That pirate rolls Chief wickedly looks at Xia Tian to say. One! Xia Tian has not paid attention to him, but starts Zha Shu, heard Xia Tian start Zha Shu, on the ship all people all has turned really very quiet.