Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 713
Xia Tian unexpectedly really start Zha Shu, this representative not moderate leeway. Two! When hears two, that pirate rolls Chief to deep frown, he has not thought that this fellow is one plants: to open fire, has the skill you on to open fire, the father comes out to mix has not feared dying now.” That pirate rolls Chief for face, but also is carrying on the shoulder hardly. He does not want to lose face before oneself these little brothers. Come, three, look up Chief that Ah! that pirate rolls not to believe that Xia Tian dares to open fire. Three! Puff! When Xia Tian looks up three, a finger high throws! Ah! A pitiful yell rolls in the Chief mouth to shout from that pirate that his finger unexpectedly was cut by front fellow. Boss!” These little brothers come on the strategic place hurriedly. Do not move, who dares to move, I kill him.” The Xia Tian vision is taking a fast look around in these people, afterward turns the head to look that said to Chief that pirate rolls again: I look up three integers again, finally you are very certainly clear.” One! Mother D, had to plant you directly to kill me.” That pirate rolls Chief angry shouting, he has to kill people, although he also fears death, but the finger cuts off now, he also came the anger. Two! Xia Tian has not paid attention to him, but continues Zha Shu.

These crew see Xia Tian to get rid so very ruthless, stares, they have not thought this has saved accidentally the person, unexpectedly said begins to begin. Comes Ah! that pirate to roll Chief to shout loudly. Three! Puff! Also is a finger high throws! I one after another all cuts your finger, is the arm, later is the thigh, I only look up three integers each time, do not suspect that I do dare to begin, naturally, you , to extricate earlier, can your to begin, but I can guarantee that I can certainly before kill you at the point of death.” The body of Xia Tian revealed intense murderous aura, this murderous aura embezzles Chief that pirate rolled instantaneously. Cold! Chief that pirate rolls felt one fell into the ice hole to be the same probably, he had heard had a thing to be called murderous aura. However murderous aura must kill many talented people to form. But front this seems on the young young fellow unexpectedly will present murderous aura, he did not suspect that now the opposite party will kill him. One! Xia Tian started Zha Shu. Puts!” That pirate rolls Chief to shout loudly: Puts down to me the weapon.” This was not right!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Goes to pick the weapon.” The captain said directly. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment, behind the ship suddenly has the People sound to shout.

All people all looked at the vision to that person, Chief that pirate rolled frowns to look to that person: „Does the second child, you want to do?” „Do I want to do? How long these (spear|gun)s were we accumulate to get so far as, your unexpectedly must put, was not good, the (spear|gun) did not have, our anything, you were not an Boss right, so long as has killed you, I was an Boss.” That person aims at Chief that the muzzle that pirate has rolled directly. I thought that anyone of you dares, you are the rebellion.” Chief angry shouting that pirate rolls. I, if you, will not do such stupid matter, I can guarantee that makes you see own brain fluid before your to open fire.” Xia Tian turns the head to look that to the second child who that pirate has rolled? Ha, why? Depending on your hand in that broken speargun?” Saying that person disdains. The finger of that person deducts to the trigger directly! Bang! On the head of that person presented a blood hole, the brain fluid has flowed out from that blood hole, is (spear|gun) that Xia Tian fired, he wanted to buckle the flash of trigger in the opposite party a moment ago, the left hand snatched that pirate to roll the (spear|gun) in Chief hand, instantaneous to open fire. Although his Inner Strength has not restored, but he is god gunners. I told you to leave such do.” Saying that Xia Tian regrets. Sees the Xia Tian to open fire speed, the surrounding person was all shocked: Now you can lay down the (spear|gun), Captain, went to them to put on to search for also to have the weapon and torpedo.” Good!” The captain led several people to move toward the ships of these pirates directly. (Spear|Gun) must all stay behind, speargun you can carry off ten, but I do not want to see you again, therefore after you, should better hit me again.” Xia Tian calm saying. Em!” Chief that pirate rolls covers own injured palm to nod. The captain is leading the person really obtained by search the torpedo from their ships, moreover obtained by search two hand grenades, these present turned over to Xia Tian they. Brings your ten spearguns to walk.” Xia Tian said to Chief that pirate rolls.

Chief that pirate rolls had the person to leave directly, he knows that own today has planted, but these things he can gain, but the second child was cold his heart, he has not thought of his brothers, when were most dangerous unexpectedly to betray itself. Thanks!” After that pirate ship has driven away, the captain arrives at the Xia Tian side to say. Xie Shenme, everybody is my brother, moreover words that I do not get rid, I will be also same will die.” Xia Tian answered. Thanks!” That female also goes forward to say. How you suddenly all of a sudden became such polite.” Xia Tian a little does not adapt. Comes on the liquor, today makes an exception, 50% people take up the weapon guard, 50% people drink the celebration!” The captain shouts loudly, hears the words of captain, everybody is one cheers, after this time matter, on ship all people to Xia Tian specially polite. Xia Tian their luck are good, has not bumped into any danger all the way again. The captain they hid the (spear|gun) on a nearby unmanned island, then set sail to sail to a minor port, this harbor was the personal harbor, the harbor Boss was also the friend of captain, therefore has not inquired the Xia Tian origin. Although the captain they have made a wealth, is the pearl, but they have not let success go to the head because of this, the cargo does not want, although these cargos cannot compare including pearl 1/10, but they are careful all unloaded the cargo. Can see from this, they are the serious people. After the goods download, has the Boss in wharf to process. Xu Boss! Came back, what kind of? Matter that previous time I said that do you think?” At this moment a man came from the distance, the man shaved flat head, the upper body is tattoos, lower part of the body colored greatly underpants, on the neck wears a big gold chain, on the face wears big sunglasses, in the hand is taking one string of beads in rubbing that keeps. He behind also followed two little brothers, dressing up of little brother to imitate completely his. Walks to sway.