Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 715

This Young Master [gold/metal] Da father diamond opens mouth, that aggressive four leak. Opens mouth curses at people, moreover that imposing manner is, who dares to bully my son, I wanted his life: Anyone, is, stands to me, mother D, my sons do not know.” „Are you that diamond? Is long like the orangutan, reversed image is not a big stupid person of pregnancy.” Xia Tian saw that diamond time cannot bear say. The diamond hear the Xia Tian words, immediately is infuriated, goes forward to say directly: Small B bastard, you with whom.” This diamond small Northeastern Mandarin scolding hoodwinked Xia Tian. Good cow B words.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Mr. Xu, he is your person is right?” The diamond looked that said to Captain Xu. Big stupid person, my whose person is not, your son said a moment ago your very good B, I do not believe you to hoodwink the public, therefore I in this you.” Xia Tian looked that said to the diamond, he knows this troubles to be solved, otherwise this after the Jin fathers and sons also will feel embarrassed Captain Xu. Captain Xu the natural disposition is good, is staunch, sooner or later will plant in the hands of these two people. „Does young animal, you court death?” The diamond right hand has extracted the pistol of oneself waist directly. The muzzle points to Xia Tian. You the words will say again.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looked that said to the diamond. I said that is small.” His words have not said that he saw inconceivable one, (spear|gun) unexpectedly in his hands fell in the hand of Xia Tian a moment ago. Well! How this thing plays.” Xia Tian looked the (spear|gun) in own hand. Cannot move.” Several other police have aimed at Xia Tian muzzle. Well, such plays.” Xia Tian turned a circle in the hand the (spear|gun), afterward the entire (spear|gun) had been removed a pulp by him, a pistol like this was removed by him rottenly.

Anything!” diamond whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Has saying that Xia Tian the gave to shake him, the instance that turned the hand a moment ago, his (spear|gun) unexpectedly was torn down, this opened the speed of (spear|gun) too to be also terrorist. Excuse me, fumbled and broke up the show.” Saying of Xia Tian face apology. Catches to me him.” The diamond shout hurriedly, he felt that front fellow is not common, this person must bring to go back to tidy up, regardless of any person, so long as will bring back to the police station certainly to be honest. He has to see has punctured the head, person who especially these have become a soldier, they is a lofty character, these person of he does not have little bullies. After area to police station inside, person on honest. Any person, so long as the police station, handcuff has put on, that must be honest, moreover in the police station snubs the method of being annoying to be many. I warn you now, you regret also with enough time, once please go in me, wants to make me come out to be difficult.” Xia Tian looked that said to that diamond. Snort, you felt relieved that you could not come out.” The diamond said that his subordinate Xia Tian to the handcuffs on, Xia Tian this time has not revolted against directly, boarded the police vehicle with them directly. Brat, your unexpectedly dares to offend me, this time you died.” Young Master [gold/metal] Da wicked saying. Small seven anxious looks to Captain Xu. Captain Xu has given him a relieved expression, he after and other people leave immediately gives that telephone number to telephone. Small seven, Mr. Xu, you considered, the evening of if considering, I have not been able to guarantee that he can also go on living.” Young Master [gold/metal] Da is taking advantage of somebody, he is threatening small seven and Mr. Xu, he could see that these people care about Xia Tian probably very much. Therefore he will export the threat, is compelling slightly seven to obey. Mean!” Small seven angry looks to that Young Master [gold/metal] Da. Young Master [gold/metal] Da shows a faint smile, direct turn around leaves, he must go to the police station to watch the fun, but he has not ridden the police vehicle, because he is drives, big Land Rover.

After Young Master [gold/metal] Da leaves. Captain Xu took a cell phone directly, has dialed that cell phone number, when he dials the cell phone number the flash, that side has put through, that side not any voice. Hey, hello.” Captain Xu very polite saying. The opposite party still does not have any response. Captain Xu remembers the words that Xia Tian spoke, he said hurriedly: Is the phone call that Xia Tian makes me make.” You wait / etc., yes Xia Tian is right?” The opposite party answered finally. Right, he is brought to XXX local police stations now.” Captain Xu said according to the Xia Tian words. Good, he has been all right, you telephone conversation record will erase, forgot that this number, from now henceforth does not permit to make this phone call again.” Telephone that warning said. Honk toot toot! Afterward Captain Xu has erased the telephone conversation record hurriedly. Captain, how?” Small seven asked. Xia Tian has been all right, he is not an ordinary person.” Xu light saying. This time Xia Tian was brought in the police station, is not the local police station, but is the police station, when Xia Tian fed in the police station interrogation room, examined injuries the report directly to be patted in the Xia Tian front. Heavy injury! Two all are the heavy injuries, you most little must do over ten years jails.” Police look at Xia Tian to say wickedly that but the diamond and his son are sitting outside at this time see a play, the glass of interrogation room makes with the special material quality, outside can see inside, inside cannot see outside. Your examining injuries reports are really quick, the patient has not delivered to the hospital, examined injuries the report to come out, was really too fierce.” A Xia Tian face admiration looks that police said. Bang!

That police right hand pats directly on the table, if the average person, his these will certainly have a scare, but Xia Tian looked from the start continually has not looked at his one eyes. I was thirsty, gives me to select the water!” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Dissolute, you regarded this are your family, gave back to your water.” That police look at Xia Tian to say wickedly. At this time outside diamond. Gives him the water, but must to him the boiling water, boiling water of big cup, probably make him drink.” diamond sinister and ruthless saying, he is vice- Bureau Chief of police station, therefore here person all listens his. Before long, in interrogation room, the Xia Tian front was put one water. „Don't you want the water? Drinks.” That police said. Looks at the steaming hot boiling water, Xia Tian looks up to that two police. Drinks quickly, if you do not drink, we help you drink.” That police said that walks toward Xia Tian directly. Dingdong! The footsteps of that police have stopped, he saw handcuff drops on the ground. But a moment ago by handcuffs on Xia Tian unexpectedly anything did not have, a moment ago when in other words his unexpectedly did not know, opened handcuff, moreover his hand is taking away to the boiling water.