Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 717

Receives the calls of two management one after another, that police Bureau Chief felt immediately the situation is not right, the status of front person is not absolutely ordinary, otherwise is impossible ******** personally telephones. Moreover hears that manner not to release people probably must have the important matter to occur to be the same. He has sized up in front of this person, how regardless of he saw that thought he is only a few Toshiro, just started her also to think that is the son of the influential of which family, therefore has not responded. But now he determined that this is not the son of the influential so is absolutely simple. A son of the influential also please motionless ********. A moment ago mayor and ******** made the call, asking me to leave you, you said that how can you walk?” Bureau Chief looked that asked to Xia Tian. Hears the Bureau Chief words, the vice- Bureau Chief diamond whole person stares, he just started to think that this fellow is not simple, but he has not thought that this unexpectedly is not so simple, mayor and ******** acted. I said that I do not walk, I lived in this, this was good, but also some people served tea to pour water.” Xia Tian lazily by chair. Do not give to be concerned about face, asking you to leave, you walk.” That [gold/metal] vice- Bureau Chief shouts loudly. Bureau Chief has not spoken, so long as can make Xia Tian, any means are good. „Do you frighten me?” Xia Tian looked that said to that [gold/metal] vice- Bureau Chief. You do not exit, I send for putting up you.” Gold vice- Bureau Chief angry looks at Xia Tian to say. Good, happen to thinks bored, making me have a look at your this police some multi- cow B.” Xia Tian ponders smiles, since he came, then this person cannot remain. Whom otherwise he perhaps must damage in the future. Comes the person!” Gold vice- Bureau Chief said with the intercom. That Bureau Chief has not blocked him. Before long, has come in more than ten police. Gives me to put up him.” Gold vice- Bureau Chief said.

That many police walk toward Xia Tian directly. When they must go to put up Xia Tian. Bang! Bang! Bang! They several bodies all but actually, more than ten police less than ten seconds, all lay down on the ground. Yeah, the sincerity insufficiently hits.” Xia Tian helpless shook the head to say. Snort, you think that I do not dare to execute you.” That [gold/metal] Pok Bureau Chief vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian to say. You can try, I can guarantee, before you kill me kills you, moreover I have killed you, my definitely not crime, but if you have killed me, no one could guarantee you.” Xia Tian very optional saying. The expression that he spoke was very optional, the words that however said were really not optional, the threat, this was the naked threat, threatened vice- Bureau Chief of police station. „Are you how is it?” Bureau Chief of police station asked. Is very simple, just started me only to plan to examine him, now you must be.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Examines me? He he, is really the huge joke, here nobody examines radically I.” Saying that the diamond disdain. Right?” Xia Tian takes up ground a cell phone of police waist directly. Hey, Young Aunt, I am Xia Tian, I in XXX police stations, you help me look up two materials and details now, one is Bureau Chief, one is vice- Bureau Chief, in the family has three big house also to have Land Rover.” Good, the local Operations Office person in the past will support specially you immediately.” Good.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, has dialed another telephone. After the telephone has made a connection, that side nobody spoke.

I am Xia Tian!” Xia Tian comes straight to the point, hearing was Xia Tian, the opposite party had the response. You wait a bit, my this goes to look to you.” Before long! Your brat, I also think that you cannot live.” Another of telephone has broadcast the national No. 2 figure sound. Almost, afterward presented the shade level Expert, almost gave to kill me.” Xia Tian is chats the daily family activity to be the same probably. Happen , after you return to Jiang Hai City, my also mission must give you.” Does not have the human nature, I just now come back, has mission.” Capable work more.” I now in XXX police stations.” „Didn't I make the person take you to exit?” That may not have, they must put up me to exit.” What? My this calls them.” No, now I do not worry, I want to examine first trial police station Bureau Chief also to have Bureau Chief, his son said that his family has three big house, a Land Rover car(riage), police station vice- Bureau Chief of head so is rich this year, moreover Bureau Chief also harbors probably.” My this let the person in the past.” I have called the Operations Office person specially, I believe that in less than a half hour, the material can deliver, the key was they said this city nobody examined radically they.” You are waiting in that immediately some people of pasts.”

Bureau Chief and vice- Bureau Chief of police station do not know that whom Xia Tian in giving telephones, but they, when hears specially Operations Office the complexion changes. Whom you are giving to telephone!” Bureau Chief of police station frowns to say. „No. 2 figure of country.” Xia Tian light saying. Snort, you blow, depends on you also to national No. 2 figure to telephone.” Saying that the diamond disdain. A half hour, the person should arrive.” Xia Tian said. In Hidden Sect. Jiang Shao, has an accident.” Yu He shakes the feather fan in oneself hand gently. In pool that this time Jiang Tianshu bubble in immortal fog winds around, hears the Yu He sound, he has opened both eyes: What matter?” Hu Fangye has not died, moreover he resembled the variation, he controlled the strength of oneself within the body probably, the skin that festered also vanished.” Yu He has not thought that can be such result. „? unexpectedly grasped the violently poisonous strength, what to do do you want?” Jiang Tianshu asked. Hu Fangye this person cannot remain, he in the poisonous pond, twisted at heart certainly, if keeping him, perhaps after he in the future will have the ability, will retaliate you, moreover he now is not good to control.” Regarding Yu He, the person of not good control, does not need to remain. Em.” Jiang Tianshu nodded. That makes him cope with the Xia Tian friend, finally makes him go to and Xia Tian internecine strife, if he kills Xia Tian, that Yin Nie naturally cannot let off him, if Xia Tian kills him, definitely also meets in the body violently poisonous.” Yu He answered. Your brain miraculous glow, such manages, in Hidden Sect, he does not dare to begin casually, but he certainly very much hates me now, therefore he must die, will go to Jiang Hai City truly to be able forever to eliminate the future trouble.” Jiang Tianshu nodded to say. Xia Tian has not arrived at Jiang Hai City, a crisis must arrive.