Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 720
Sees such scene, all people were all shocked. Everybody may be a moment ago noticed that this man is looked down upon, but here unexpectedly presented entire Mercedes-Benz team now. Moreover looks at the imposing manner completely is the big shot. That taunted the Xia Tian man is surprised, he had a dream cannot think that has this grade of terrifying status by boy unexpectedly that oneself were looking down upon. unexpectedly is the motorcade, an entire simultaneously Mercedes-Benz team. Altogether more than 40 car(riage)s, even are more, because does not look to the end, these from airplane these people were all shocked, they do not understand actually really this person is any status. Hello, our Xia Group welcome everybody, if no person who the friend meets, can take the car(riage) of our company, which to the driver told that has been OK, I welcome everybody to come Jiang Hai City to play on behalf of Xia Group here.” Xia Tian was saying to the people. Xia Group, unexpectedly is Xia Group. This seems average not wonderful male unexpectedly is the Xia Group person. This. How is this possible?” Inconceivable of that male whole face. He does not have to think that person unexpectedly that one most look down upon is the Xia Group person, moreover looks that the stance status is not low. His unexpectedly offended a Xia Group management. Humph! Other surroundings people also all are inconceivable of whole face, no wonder this person on the airplane dares saying that shut out his man to discuss the inadequate this single business. Everybody starts to whoop. Snort, even if you are the Xia Group person are also what kind, discussed that the business is not you can decide, we such big company, definitely to Xia Group these shareholders talked that you did not have the qualifications to participate.” That man hears the surrounding discussion sound, very discontented saying.

„? Right!” Xia Tian turns the head to look to that man: What did you hear them to call me a moment ago? Chief Xia, Xia Group, only then Chief Xia, is I, you said that I do have that authority to make you discuss inadequately.” What?” Hears Xia Tian these words, all people were all shocked. Chief Xia, Xia Group Chief Xia, is Xia Group that mysterious Boss. Person unexpectedly that a front this wear fisherman takes is Xia Group Chief Xia, this was also too inconceivable, their unexpectedly saw that Xia Group Chief Xia with own eyes. This was honored simply. Afterward they think that truly so, Jiang Hai City can use such luxurious motorcade to meet the person, perhaps also had Xia Group Chief Xia. Really has been honored, my unexpectedly saw that has contributed 30 billion dollars Chief Xia, moreover we also sat on an airplane.” Really has not thought that contributes casually is 30 billion dollars Chief Xia unexpectedly puts on such simply, is really a richer person is lower-key.” Chief Xia, you sign to me.” Surroundings these people specially excited. He.. His unexpectedly is Chief Xia.” The mouth of that female could not close. Everybody boards, the person who if all right in the evening, can go to our Xia Group hotel to eat meal, everybody is acquainted is the fate, I invited, had the matter, can tell the driver that they will deliver to the position that you assigned.” Xia Tian said. Young [gold/metal], charming natural, the manner is amiable, does not have the temperament. Simply is the put on airs.

On airplane these single female students, all are two see stars. Boards.” Xia Tian said to that female that female stares slightly, afterward boards hurriedly. Other people were also on each one Mercedes-Benz, the food that Chief Xia please have, how they possibly did not eat, finally, only left behind that to shut out the Xia Tian man to stand there, he noticed that everybody boarded, he was also thick the facial skin to want with coming up, but he was actually blocked by the driver. From the start does not have the driver to draw him, behind these empty car(riage)s do not have any person to pay attention to him. On vehicle. Contract that you must sign?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that female. „! In this.” The females put out their contract hurriedly. Xia Tian opened the contract to look at one, this type of contract generally was only the prospectus of opposite party company, generally came out to discuss will bargain, especially negotiated with the Xia Group big company like this. Drew an analogy, the negotiations said that they must by 10 million use for the represent fee, was used for represent they in the Xia Group cosmetics of region, at this time Xia Group can increase price, 20 million, 50 million wait / etc., had the possibility. This female comes time, their Boss told her, must discuss that not at any cost this business, in other words hundred million they must discuss, so long as there is a Xia Group this reputation, that money was fond of playing jokes. Xu, has signed it.” After Xia Tian has looked, gave the contract sat in Xu Grandfather of copilot. Good.” After Xu received the contract, the direct signature, Xia Tian said the bamboo slip, any he countersigns. Was good, the cooperation has been completed, does well!” Xia Tian has given that female the contract.Volume! That female stares slightly, she has not thought that such simply has handled, this was also too simple . Moreover the Xia Tian unexpectedly anything condition has not raised makes the person sign. Xu, meets you to give her to arrange a hotel, tomorrow will send for bringing her strolling well our Jiang Hai City!” Xia Tian said.

Good!” Xu said. Sits in front of you that is Xu, I should make you save his number a moment ago, later has any matter to telephone to Xu directly on the line, Mr. Xu is very good, he is also Xia Group one of the four major stockholders, the contract that he signs has become effective.” Xia Tian said. Anything!” Females slightly one startled, she does not have to think one during one day unexpectedly saw these many legendary figure, Xu Laobu in that on the television spoke: I think that I discussed the person of cooperation is the average people of marketing department, but has not thought that my unexpectedly saw Xu of four major stockholders, I have only seen on the television.” He he, you felt that I am I lead or on the television lead?” Xu turns the head to crack a joke to say. Ha Ha!” Xia Tian saw that the Xu mischievous appearance smiles. The females have not thought of unexpectedly Xia Group major stockholders is so amiable, a rack does not have, she also wants to smile, but actually endures not to smile. Gives you, this is the material that you want, when a news is I just came on the road receives.” Xu light saying. Looks at your appearance, likely is not the good deed.” Xia Tian looks to Xu. Hu Fangye came back.” Xu said. He should be goes to Hidden Sect to be right, how he possibly dares to return to Jiang Hai City, only if he had an assurance to preserve his life.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Now what to do?” Xu asked. Leads me to go to his home, then you deliver to the hotel her.” Xia Tian said.