Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 721

The females had not spoken, static listened to Xia Tian and Xu is always saying there. She knows that this certainly is any important matter! You are careful, Hu Fangye dares to come back, that absolutely is not simple, he is impossible clearly to know that is brings death also comes back, moreover he comes back does not have the suspicious feeling, is very optional.” Xu reminded. Relax, can kill my person to have, but he does not match.” Xia Tian knows that person who in this world can kill his are definitely many, actually even if he has not seen this world many Expert now. However he does not believe Hu Fangye can in such a short time have to kill his ability. Naturally, he also guessed, Hu Fangye had certainly some special ability, looks like Wen Ya such . Moreover the strength is suddenly to increase, therefore he dares to return to Jiang Hai City. Therefore Xia Tian must be careful. Frank and upright Hu Fangye definitely is not his match, but Hu Fangye had certainly some fierce method. Em, I believe you.” Xu said. Ha Ha, just came back to stretch the physique, was right, Xu, this hat is the hat of Island Country last emperor, is the faith token of present Prime Minister Island Country, you take to wear it in the head of pig, then photographs to send online, then delivers to the museum it.” Xia Tian has given Xu that hat of bosom. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the hat of Emperor Island Country, you were really more and more mischievous, but this was also right, in their Island Country museum has displayed the cultural relics of that many our countries, this we also displayed their one.” Xu sees the hat in hand to say. This is really the hat of Emperor Island Country?” That female could not bear finally, asked one. Naturally, how in my hand possibly to have fake.” Xia Tian said. „Can I photograph?” The females asked. „It is not good!” The Xia Tian direct rejection said.

„!” Saying that the females lose. I am afraid you to have danger, once exits according to the laminar flow, Island Country will send countless people to assassinate you, when the time comes no one could guarantee you.” Xia Tian saw the appearance that female answered. „, I understood.” Losing on female face all did not have. She also thinks a moment ago one did not have that qualifications, now seems like because Xia Tian cared about her. You can go with Xu together to the pig the photograph, but those words, you cannot pat.” Xia Tian said. Good.” On female face one happy. Quick, the vehicle has arrived in the Hu Fangye family. Xia Tian gets out directly, the Hu Fangye villa, Xia Tian had not made one to move. Hu Fangye, leave!” Xia Tian stands in Hu Fangye villa institute shouts. Bang! The glasses of Hu Fangye two buildings crush instantaneously, the body of Hu Fangye falls on the ground, he flushed a moment ago from the glass. Xia Tian, has not thought that you dare to court death really!” The Hu Fangye whole person imposing manner had the huge change, these flowers and plants of his side wither instantaneously, black air/Qi emits from his within the body. Anything!” The Xia Tian complexion suddenly changes. I heard that you can the medical skill, not know you did save you.” Hu Fangye coldly looks at Xia Tian to say.

Toxin! Is this possible? How on you possibly to have such violent gambling.” Xia Tian whole face inconceivable looks at Hu Fangye, present Hu Fangye completely is a poisonous person, his surrounding imposing manner can kill by poison the flowers and plants, thus it can be seen, the toxicity of his within the body actually strong. Right, is poisonous, Kungfu that Jiang Tianshu to practice hundred not to invade poisonously, making me work as the medicine actor's opening words, I have died, but I lived, the goal that I lived has killed you, he was the Hidden Sect eldest son, I could not kill him, therefore I must kill you first, then found the opportunity to kill him again.” Hu Fangye appearance fierce saying. I have urged you, what a pity you do not listen.” Xia Tian said. Receives your hypocritical, I was look to understand, in this world only then the fist had the right of speech hardly, therefore I have exercised present this poisonous body.” Hu Fangye wicked saying. Hateful, such gets down is not the means!” Xia Tian does not dare to approach Hu Fangye, his toxicity was too strong. Xia Tian, I like your present expression really very much, although you are very fierce, but you always also are just a normal person, but I am different, I have not been a person, therefore you radically are not my match.” Hu Fangye excited looks at Xia Tian. Good, Hu Fangye, has skill you to come my family, I in that you.” Xia Tian turn around hurries to the direction of his family directly. Good, I go to your family, but you also are really moron, this anything age, your unexpectedly also with running, the father had the car(riage), died of exhaustion you.” Hu Fangye looks that the Xia Tian direction shouts. Xia Tian has not paid attention to him, but is runs directly to the direction of family, his speed is not slower than the car(riage), moreover he can the running straight line, avoid circled the tortuous path, but drove not to be impossible. The Jiang Hai City road is in itself not straight. Paternal grandmother, Hu Fangye unexpectedly turned into the monster now, coped with the monster naturally to want on the monster.” Xia Tian rushes to own family directly, he planned that asks the Great General to help. Dealt with Hu Fangye such poisonous person, Xia Tian definitely does not dare on, once he approaches the toxic gas to swallow him . Moreover the Hu Fangye whole person was poisonous, his toxin was very fearful, even if Xia Tian were away from him to be so far, felt very uncomfortably. Thus it can be seen on Hu Fangye at least carries over a hundred types of toxins. Now his whole person is invincible, only if bombs with the airplane cannon, but Xia Tian goes to transfer the airplane cannon.

After going home, Xia Tian puts out that several stones hurriedly, then entered Tomb General. Great General, help, I need your help.” Xia Tian is shouting to the coffin. Bang! The coffin moves! The Great General jumped from the coffin, stands looks at Xia Tian there. This necklace I put on to you, you should be useful, then helps me deal with a person.” Xia Tian helped him absorb the toxic gas the necklace to put on to the Great General that although the Great General is unable to speak, but the Great General can actually understand that the meaning of Xia Tian, left big Tomb General with Xia Tian directly. ! Goes out of that moment of goal in the Great General, the strange event occurred. That necklace unexpectedly on Great General neck was illuminating the moonlight that moment to invade his skin directly. This type felt that somewhat to be how similar to the meteor tears.” Xia Tian puzzled looks at that necklace on Great General neck. The moonlight according to the necklace, after necklace has absorbed the blood of Great General, has sent out the quiet blue bright: Thanks.”