Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 722

Anything!” On Xia Tian face one startled, words that he had not misunderstood a moment ago, Great General unexpectedly spoke. The Great General is still enjoying moonlight in that. Great General, you said anything a moment ago, said again.” Xia Tian looked that said to the Great General. Great General time has not spoken, but enjoyed the moonlight in that. Do not enjoy, the enemy must come immediately, after waiting to solve him, tonight makes you stay outside.” Xia Tian looks at the Great General to say. The Great General is motionless. „, Have you understood me to speak, good, you did not speak, when I you complied.” Saying that Xia Tian thought aloud, he does not know in any case the Great General has understood. Hu Fangye drove his car(riage) to come. Cannot think that you are very quick, it seems like has taken the shortcut!” Hu Fangye saw Xia Tian stands in own main house gate contemptuously smiles. The position of Xia Tian is not secret, therefore Hu Fangye very relaxed had found the Xia Tian residence. Hu Fangye sees Xia Tian looked for a helper the time, on the face presents the expression that disdained, he thinks that Xia Tian this has feared him, will therefore look for the helper, thinks that here he was a little young excitedly, Xia Tian unexpectedly feared him. The geomancy transferred finally in turn, since that very good B Xia Tian unexpectedly has feared him. He had not been short of by Xia Tian before is bullied. Today he has the opportunity to bully Xia Tian finally. Hu Fangye, since you have brought death, you could not get away.” Xia Tian does not believe that by his sneak attack and Great General on together, cannot kill this poisonous person, although Hu Fangye from top to bottom is poisonous, making Xia Tian not dare to approach, but Xia Tian had given itself to equip a silver needle a moment ago. The silver needle may, no matter is virulent. In any case this thing is distant transmission.

Ha Ha Ha Ha, the joke, you think that depends on you to win me? Anyone, so long as approaches me, that must die without doubt.” Hu Fangye does not think one will lose, although he has feared Hidden Sect these Expert, but he does not fear Xia Tian. Hidden Sect inside Expert were too many. Therefore he does not dare to begin to Jiang Tianshu in Hidden Sect. The Great General has not waited for Xia Tian to speak, turned the head to look directly to Hu Fangye. Great General, kills him, but you may probably be careful his toxin.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Snort, but also the Great General, how you did not call the marshal.” On the face of Hu Fangye has filled disdaining. Bang! At this moment, Hu Fangye the body of whole person was hit to fly directly. ! The black blood spouts from his mouth. Volume, is so fierce.” Xia Tian stares slightly, he has not thought that Great General unexpectedly became such fierce, the speed also has promoted, on his fist has contaminated black air/Qi, but the black air/Qi dissipated immediately without a trace. Poisonous unexpectedly is invalid to him. Anything!” Inconceivable of Hu Fangye whole face, he has not thought that front this everybody unexpectedly is so fierce, moreover his poisonous unexpectedly was invalid. Hu Fangye, you died.” Xia Tian excited saying. Hateful, you force my.” Hu Fangye angry looks to Xia Tian, afterward his skin starts a large area of fester, the body of whole person becomes mounts, moreover disgusting smell transmits. Bang!

When Hu Fangye just wanted act high and mighty, his body fought with the fists directly by the Great General in the place. Xia Tian, lets off me.” The Hu Fangye manner had 180 degrees shallowturn, rampant incomparably he, now unexpectedly starts to beg for mercy a moment ago. You do not want to kill me a moment ago!” Xia Tian disdains looked at Hu Fangye one. I asked you, I do not want dead, so long as you let off me, I collaborated to cope with Jiang Tianshu with you, later my anything listened your.” A Hu Fangye face looks at Great General panic-stricken, he biggest skill is poisonous, but in front of him the fellow does not fear the toxin, his defense also instantaneously was broken through by this everybody. Bang! His begging for mercy words, the Great General does not listen, the Great General direct foot the smashing that his head steps on. The black blood, black brain fluid in all directions is. Quite disgusting.” A Xia Tian right hand row, lit a flare directly, then took a fuel to throw on the body of Hu Fangye, afterward he started to ignite, if Hu Fangye such poisonous person did not process appropriately, if the toxic gas diverged may trouble. Ability repelled one another is really too terrifying, if were I attacks Hu Fangye, I did not dare, the silver needle did not have the too major function to him, can only sneak attack, [gold/metal] Dao has not dared to use, if contaminated the toxic gas to trouble, but has not thought that Great General unexpectedly three killed him.” Xia Tian says with emotion. The Great General returned to the entrance of tomb directly, then static is enjoying the moon/month light bath. Great General, you became look like a normal person more and more, after a period of time went a Witchcraft Sect buried treasure with me, there definitely had many suits your treasure.” Xia Tian looked that said to the Great General. Nod of Great General unexpectedly once more user-friendly. „, I communicated with you have used energy, can sometimes understand, sometimes could not understand.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Xia Tian lay down on the ground directly, eyes closed has maintained mental tranquility, the Great General also studied his appearance, lay down maintains mental tranquility in his side eyes closed. Next morning, yesterday looked down upon Xia Tian that man early prepared, he must go to Zeng's Group, he does not believe that Xia Tian was Zeng's Group Boss, he thinks that Xia Tian and these people were certainly fake, installed. Therefore after he gets up in the morning, fast has tidied up, combs the Sir to touch the type the hair, wears a charming western-style clothing, then looked for an upscale breakfast shop to have a breakfast.

He walks , on avenue, appearance that everyone is looking down upon, in his eyes, are noblest, surroundings these person of busy people are just the poor devils. Is reading that contract in hand, he is confident. Xia Tian getting up early, the mayors has made a phone call to Hong Kong, yesterday met, Xu brought the new cell phone and card to him. Brother, helping me sneak across the same thing.” You were insane, I was the Hong Kong mayor, your unexpectedly made me help you sneak across the thing.” Volume, is not right, I spoke incorrectly, is not the sneak crossing, ships, I told you an address, you helped me transport the thing to Jiang Hai City come.” Any thing!” (Spear|Gun) and bullet that my Island Country steals again, is the good things.” Good, this afternoon transports to you.” Xia Group marketing department. Near that man arrived here later to inform the onstage, the onstage to tell him to go directly just wait. You are any manner, I am discuss the cooperation, do you know that our company big, your unexpectedly dares to neglect my me.” That man exploded immediately hot.