Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 723

That man such shouted that shouted directly the security. What happened?” He causes trouble here.” The onstage receives to say. Your several are also gawking doing, throws to me him, he is the Chief Xia illegal resident, company that lifelong can not cooperate.” Inside manager saw that man time waved directly. What? Chief Xia? Is that person really the Xia Group manager?” Before that man , is still thinking that these people are acting in a play, but he finally understood now, that by the person who he shuts out is really the Xia Group manager, his intestines regret was blue. Brothers, he shuts out broken that our Chief Xia puts on, what to do did you say should?” That manager is shouting to the security. Throws!” Snort, our Chief Xia manner low key, is you can understand, if you thought that you are rich, contributes 27 billion dollars to have a look.” That manager said that the security has thrown that man directly. Ended, after this goes back, certainly will fire an employee.” That man has wanted to cry but have no tears. Issues the circular, the company that person is at for a lifetime will not become our Xia Group partner.” Big windmill squeek long extension, here scenery really attractive, the day is attractive, attractive, one group of joyful little friends. The Xia Tian cell phone ring tone resounded. This time he has traded cell phone ring tone of tidal current. „The police spend the elder sister, did you think me?” „Can you trade the sentence lines.” Department head elder sister, you thought me.” Good, we discussed the proper business, one batch of cultural relics are being traded in the desert, the chief department head hopes that you made in the past the cultural relic, that was the wealth of country, cannot make them sell the overseas absolutely to go.” This mission is quite laborious.”

Careful, this time cultural relic is not it is said simple, was the big figure grave is discovered.” „!” Xia Tian just hung up the telephone, cell phone ring tone once more makes a sound. Big windmill squeek long extension, here scenery really attractive, the day is attractive, attractive, one group of joyful little friends. Hey! Who.” I!” „, Senior Official, has anything to instruct!” I have arduous mission to give you.” But I have met mission.” All right, does not conflict, after you come back, completes me to give your mission again on the line.” What mission?” Is the personal bodyguard!” Senior Official, I am Expert, Expert, how can go to work as the bodyguard, fell the share, killed does not go.” Is the big beauty personal bodyguard.” Goes, so long as cannot kill, I go.” Good, the address message meets me to send to you, when you completed mission directly later in the past on the line.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone , is very depressed: I so am how busy.”

He is also only a student, but his unexpectedly was busy at this, the recent matter were getting more and more, he was also getting more and more busy, moreover in August 15 also had less than two months. Time also only remaining two months that the Heavenly Connection foreign country opens. The Xia Tian influence has covered entire Jiang Hai City gradually, entire Jiang Hai City now is a giant safety net, regardless of what Expert comes, cannot ask for the advantage, ordinary Earth Grade Expert comes, naturally has the Fire Cloud evil god they to tidy up, fierce Earth Grade Expert has Yin Nie. Ordinary Profound Grade Expert comes that to bring death simply. The entire Jiang Hai City public security was also better, because Jiang Hai City presented a mysterious women's army, after they appear, the attack criminal case, the people of these crimes were suppressed K in all directions finally, then places the police station entrance. In the afternoon, Xia Tian received the (spear|gun)! When he arrives at Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office, Lin Bingbing is still bustling about there, she has resigned the work of police, start wholeheartedly was this Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office department head. How you are busy become this, before my Young Aunt, is very relaxed.” Xia Tian said. I just took over, lots need to study, naturally wanted to be busier, gave you, this was the material.” Lin Bingbing threw the mission general material to Xia Tian. Called to me the big cow.” Xia Tian sat there reads the material. Before long the big cow came. Teacher, you called me!” The greatly good whole body carries a heavy load came, is training evidently. This thing turned over to you, gave me to use well.” Xia Tian was loaded with the Sniper Rifle black package to throw that to the big cow. The big cow received the black package, fished out is any thing, on his face immediately one happy, the thing that the teacher sent out how possibly missed, he untied the package hurriedly. Humph!” Sees that moment of (spear|gun), the greatly good whole person was shocked. Uses this well the (spear|gun), this is I steals from Island Country, the (spear|gun) all (spear|gun)s is better than you have used . Moreover the inside ten rounds of special bullets, this bullet has not arrived at the critical moment not to use, one round is 500,000.” Xia Tian said.

What? A round 500,000!” Inconceivable of greatly good whole face. Naturally, now in the world only then a person dares unscrupulously uses this type of bullet, that is the world first (spear|gun) god, the Quicksand vice- leader.” Xia Tian answered. Teacher, I loved you.” The big cow threw to Xia Tian directly. Bang! A Xia Tian foot greatly Niu Chuaifei: Father does not like the man.” The big cow held the (spear|gun) to leave the room excitedly. Was right, you have a look at this, recently Jiang Hai City presented a number of mysterious figure , helping the police catch the unprincipled person specially, moreover they also voluntarily enforce the law.” Lin Bingbing has given Xia Tian a material. Did not need to look, was the Xia Family armed forces does.” Xia Tian already knew this matter. I know that is definitely related with you, although they do is the gentlemen of justice, but they after all are not the police, the words that such makes are not perhaps good.” Lin Bingbing said. Anything is not good, they may be Assassins, if you do not make them look for a matter to do, I was afraid them to idle to kill people.” Xia Tian light saying. Good!” Lin Bingbing helpless shaking the head. This is the Xia Xue telephone number, you have the matter her to call, she is the leader of Xia Family armed forces, is my younger sister, when the time comes you said that you is a my wife, she naturally was obedient.” Xia Tian told the Xia Xue mobile number to Lin Bingbing. Who was your wife.” Lin Bingbing angry looks at Xia Tian to say. Department head elder sister, I walked, fights a battle to force a quick decision, I have other mission.” Xia Tian said that left specially Operations Office directly, he just started also to see several females, but definitely does not have the time now. He must go to the desert.