Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 724

Before going to the desert, Xia Tian has arranged the Jiang Hai City matter. Recently will have lots of troubles. Especially Island Country. This Island Country face has lost completely, they must retaliate China, because Xia Tian is the China person. Meanwhile! China Jiang Hai City came three big figure. These three big figure usually are only a legend, their three also little converge in together, but this time their three are to actually ride an airplane, these three people steal the day, robs the Saint and demon robs the Saint three people. After they arrive at Jiang Hai City, stared, because they go to the Xia Tian residence. When they arrive at the Xia Tian residence, has bumped into seven points and the others, they are rehearsing the dance there. „Who your three are?” Qi Huan saw these three unexpected visitors time goes forward to ask. We look for Xia Tian.” The demon robs the Saint to open the mouth to say. He just walked, has the words of matter, did not have on the airplane to call him while him.” Qi Huan knows that Xia Tian friend are many, therefore reminded directly. Good!” Stole the day to put out own cell phone directly, Xia Tian had told him the mobile number, therefore he has dialed directly. Hey!” Xia Tian, is I!” Steals Heavens!, how? I must board craft immediately.” Our three came your family to look, planned to go to you.” This is not easy to do, you three arrogance were too full, you under the status to my hand affirmed high.”

Relax, before coming, we have studied, the hat of Prime Minister Island Country had been admitted the museum by your person, the picture of online that pig, everybody was convinced to you thoroughly.” Good, you told the status to one call Xu, making him arrange to you.” Xia Tian said that has hung up telephone directly. At this time Island Country! Eight, eight!” Lies down Prime Minister Island Country angry shouting on hospital bed. Faith token hat unexpectedly of prime minister was received the China museum, moreover online also spread one group of pigs to wear the picture of that hat. Sees this picture time, Prime Minister Island Country has almost not been wild with rage. Does not hesitate at all costs, snatches to me, since the hat in Jiang Hai City, I must make Jiang Hai City have great disturbance.” Prime Minister Island Country such shouted that the direct oxygen deficit, has fainted once more. In China. „, Is which Venerable Xu?” Steals day very polite asking. I am!” Is practicing Xu Dechuan of blade to look that to stealing the day said. Xia Tian makes us turn over to you to arrange.” Steals the day to say. Ha Ha, it seems like were also many three brothers, your three said the status first, like this everybody can also mutually under the understanding.” Xu Dechuan light saying. I called to steal the day, their one was to rob the Saint, another was the demon robs the Saint.” Steals the day to say. „Does Fuck! steal the day? Are you day that secretly that first under Heaven god steals?” Xu dumbfounded looks to steal day, he does not understand that Xia Tian from which lane such several anomalies, these three people may be resounding big figure. But now unexpectedly must mix with Xia Tian. Good, was needless to say again, basically has understood.” When Xu hears their names known was similar: Happen to recently Xia Tian had given me mission, you can add on busy.”

What mission?” Steals the day to ask. Now Island Country knew that hat in the Jiang Hai City museum, therefore they will certainly retaliate, moreover they also want to steal the hat, your three are experienced, happen to we in this aspect together studies.” Xu said. Good, this our old profession, has us, no one can steal away.” Steals the day to strike one's chest the guarantee to say. I transferred all people who Jiang Hai City we have been able to transfer, has defended all crossroads, moreover 24 hours monitor.” Xu Grandfather said. Interior gives us three on the line, how many people but our time has? I feared that they snatch hardly.” Steals the day to say. Snatches hardly? Earth Grade Expert that we can transfer now has two, Profound Grade late stage three, other Profound Grade intermediate stage and Initial Stage more than 20, Yellow Grade over a hundred people, entire specially Operations Office and Jiang Hai City all police can coordinate with us.” Xu Dechuan light saying. Hears the Xu Dechuan words, on three people of faces presented the surprised look. They have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has such terrifying strength. Entire Jiang Hai City on the bedding the unescapable net, the Island Country person came simply with bringing death not to have what difference now, although they three mission hears are very arduous, but now looks like, these people cannot arrive at the museum by the sweep trace. Whiz! A white form appears in the front of people. Bai Yu, you also came.” Xu looked that said to Bai Yu. Bai Yu nodded, then looked that to stealing the day and robs the Saint. Their vision interwine, fought intent thorough sweeping across in the same place. Their three have fought, moreover robbed the Saint and steals the day they cooperated also the success the thing has stolen away together, that was Bai Yu first slip. Old enemy! They are considered as absolutely are old enemy Lu E.

Bai Yu, their three now were also the Xia Tian people.” Xu was worried that Bai Yu gets rid suddenly, therefore reminded hurriedly. Lively, was really too lively.” Food Zhuifeng and Zhaoshan river they also arrived here. „, You are really bored, must hit a bit faster.” Xia Xue brought ten Expert also to walk from behind. Harmony, the 21 st century most needs is the harmony.” Lin Bingbing brings more than ten Jiang Hai City Operations Office Expert to get out from the distant place specially. Lively. Today here was really too lively. Happen to you come was similar, the sky net plan can start.” The material in Xu Laojiang hand has given the people, inside is the complete content of sky net plan, the essential content of sky net plan is to kill these person who wants Jiang Hai City to cause trouble. This time Xia Tian does not know his family that chaotically, because he boarded the airplane, the airplane can only arrive around that region, when the time comes he must back up. „Can desert, what pleasant surprise have?” The Xia Tian innermost feelings have filled with the anticipation. His strength winding speed is quick, but he is still unable to contend with Hidden Sect and Quicksand now directly. Therefore he must find the way to promote his strength once more. Had that to intrude the Hidden Sect opportunity by oneself, after all he complied with Yun Miao, must go to Hidden Sect to look her. Hopes that the tour of this time desert can give me some brand-new challenges.” Xia Tian likes this type in the feeling in adverse circumstance growing. Little brother, do you also want to go to the desert of Tibet?” At this moment, Xia Tian side that wears the man of sunglasses to look asked suddenly to Xia Tian.