Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 725

Em!” Xia Tian nodded. I think your likely novice, works what kind of me? 73, I seven, you three.” That sunglasses man opens the mouth to say. What meaning?” Xia Tian doubts looked that asked to the opposite party. Do not install, although this airplane goes directly to Tibet, but in this to Tibet under has four people, these four goals of people absolutely are one, your let alone you are travel, usually whose this month share goes to Tibet traveling.” A that sunglasses man face smiling face looks at Xia Tian. „, I understood.” Xia Tian nodded, originally this person is a grave robber. Truly so, this month the Sun of share Tibet is most sinister, who is all right the idle this month share to travel, moreover travels does not ride this airplane, this airplane go a long wayed around. That man saw the Xia Tian airplane ticket a moment ago, therefore he thinks that Xia Tian is also searches for the treasure. How is it? I thought that your physique is good, our two cooperation, can fish one absolutely greatly.” That man extended olive branch directly, his is not old, seems is not experiences the old fogy high. Is more like the boy of that making a debut. Good, but I understand are not many.” Xia Tian must go to the desert in any case, happen to some people guide, he is also glad idly. Relax, I understood, have waited till the place, we also had the person of high skill to guide.” That man mysterious smiles. „” Xia Tian nodded, ships out very excited appearance. That man noticed that the Xia Tian excited appearance disdains. The airplane flies the final time, to that man said that altogether, only then their four, other people already got down here. Another two people are coldly after sizing up their one eyes, has alit from the airplane respectively.

After having alit from the airplane, that man brought Xia Tian to go to a yurt, after entering this yurt, inside person turned head to look at Xia Tian and that man: Came.” A grade big person said. Em, Seventh Uncle.” Said with that man who Xia Tian comes together. The Xia Tian vision has sized up in the surroundings, in this room is counted their altogether ten people, but looks like has three is the person on one's own side, other six are the same with Xia Tian, by pulling. Since the person were in attendance, we started to say the matter, this time came everybody to get rich, this nearby some people searched a grave, this grave was very mystical, our time must dig out another exit / to speak, after waiting for the thing to succeed in obtaining, your money must have, I ensure these money sufficed you to spend for a lifetime that old person said. How much money can give us?” Some people asked. Least nobody 3 million.” The old that Seventh Uncle said. Hears 3 million times, on these person of faces all presented the excited look, this were also too many, made them get rid of poverty to become prosperous to rush all of a sudden well-off. Under the generous recompense must have Isao! This motion is very secret, you must be obedient, if who is not obedient to cause to have anything to lose, I deduct money.” That Seventh Uncle looked that said to the people, what although he said is deducts money, but everybody listened to not any disgruntledness. Because of an Seventh Uncle such saying, everybody believed the Seventh Uncle really to them money, if the Seventh Uncle did not propose money from the start the matter, they want to ask for money to use energy. Relax, the Seventh Uncle, we definitely is obedient.” Is, if who is not obedient, we cannot let off him.” Seventh Uncle, you introduced that two little elder brother to us.”

Everybody was expressing own loyalty. They, called knife, another was called the pangolin.” The Seventh Uncle introduced for everybody. Is called the knife with that Xia Tian comes together. Xia Tian had not spoken, static standing in corner: If I have not guessed that wrong, that grave that this group of people dig should be Young Aunt to my mission, certainly was some patriots also had discovered this tomb, they know others must snatch, therefore they sought the help of country, does not hope that the thing was taken away by others, because these people sold, majority were to sell the overseas goes.” It seems like I need to inform that several to love the public figure careful point first.” Xia Tian puts out the cell phone quietly sends SMS. Afterward the hand mechanism machine. The SMS content is I by, you were careful, remaining gives me.’ That side that I think you fair and clear, but the muscle block is not small, you when the time comes the multi- selling point strength, I give you to select money.” The Seventh Uncle looked that said to Xia Tian, what at this time on Xia Tian puts on is a leotard, therefore in the semblance looked that can see his strong body. Present Xia Tian after the long-term excess load exercise, before the physique already was not that delicate person. On his present muscle block has been full of the explosive force. Thanks the Seventh Uncle!” Xia Tian disguises excited saying, because he knows, if were too quiet, the opposite party will suspect him on the contrary. Em!” The Seventh Uncle nodded. The night falls, the Seventh Uncle their three has carried on the back a large package, then gives Xia Tian their seven person of shovel, a person flashlight, they start afterward. Here is also not the genuine desert land, majority are the mountain and jungle, but the jungle is not luxuriant.

You with me.” The Seventh Uncle referred to Xia Tian saying that then waved to the knife and pangolin: Your selects three to dig following inside.” That entry hole made by a robber had been dug several days later, in cave entrance has formed an entrance. What the Seventh Uncle brings Xia Tian to go is a track. Seventh Uncle, how don't we dig with them together?” Xia Tian asked. I thought your little Zichang is very simple, the physique is also good, therefore your Seventh Uncle I, teaches you today, learns is the work.” The Seventh Uncle looked at Xia Tian saying: In tomb pit has many dangers, therefore we must for keep means of livelihood, this road is our means of livelihood, even if when the time comes really had anything to be dangerous, we could also run away.” „, Does the Seventh Uncle, when you meet most dangerous one time has been?” Xia Tian asked again. Hears this issue time, the Seventh Uncle knitting the brows head, has not spoken. Xia Tian took the shovel to start to dig, special going all out that he dug, dug a cave by his strength simply is too relaxed, if were not afraid the exposition, he used [gold/metal] Dao, several can open a hole. Paternal grandmother, the father really became a grave robber.” Xia Tian innermost feelings depressed saying. The Seventh Uncle has not begun, sits in the Xia Tian side, planned that said well one time: I have met most dangerous one time, besides me, other people all died.”