Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 726

„Does Seventh Uncle, how they die?” Xia Tian asked that he was continue dig. I do not know that I have not gone, at that time I drew that person of camera outside, finally I the camera pulls back, discovered that the camera has not patted to their several people, but was the entire journey is blocked by half face, in other words, when they went , the camera has been keeping off by that half face, they do not know.” The Seventh Uncle answered. Seventh Uncle, let alone, was quite scary.” Appearance of ten points fear Xia Tian installs intentionally. The Seventh Uncle noticed that Xia Tian has been afraid , the corners of the mouth have raised the disdaining expression, afterward looks Xia Tian continues to dig there, Xia Tian more digs on exceed thinks does not suit, this direction absolutely is not the exit / to speak, moreover is not interlinked with another hole. It seems like this Seventh Uncle is dishonest, this radically is not the escaping hole, but ruins our caverns, he wants to wait till us after he digs the cavern, us directly kills here.” Xia Tian has seen through Seventh Uncle's plot, but he has not spoken. He thought another plan. Xia Tian such carried to start to dig to Seventh Uncle, the Seventh Uncle saw the Xia Tian back, the corners of the mouth shows a faint smile, the right hand put out a (spear|gun), was thinks of the (spear|gun) of silencer. Boy, I delivered you to start off first.” The Seventh Uncle said. Bang! A (spear|gun) hit in the Xia Tian back of the body, the body of Xia Tian but actually. And several other people work, they can also accompany your, the Seventh Uncle is good to you so, how to ask you to leave lonelily, forgot to tell you, the previous that story was I arranges, that several people were killed by me, because the treasure was really too appealing.” Seventh Uncle's was saying to the Xia Tian corpse that he as if for dying content that to let Xia Tian dies. After the Seventh Uncle said that turn around left. The Xia Tian excavation speed was quick a moment ago, therefore this hole was deeper. The Seventh Uncle buries continually has not buried Xia Tian, direct turn around left. After the Seventh Uncle leaves, Xia Tian followed quietly, he uses the Ninja magic of making oneself invisible, camouflaged surrounding earth, followed behind the Seventh Uncle. The Seventh Uncle went to another cave directly.

Your this does exactly, the speed is really slow, you have a look at that boy, works diligently, I promised him, must receive him for the disciple, you also give me to do well, so long as the treasure succeeds in obtaining, I not only divide your money, display best I also receive you to be the apprentice.” The Seventh Uncle continues to coax these people. However after these people hear Seventh Uncle's words, that worked goes all out. Goes all out one by one. Because the Seventh Uncle visits them, they go all out may be received by the Seventh Uncle for the apprentice, mixes with the Seventh Uncle, the auspicious day must come. On the knives and pangolin two faces have filled disdaining. They know that these person of final fates, they also know that carried off the fate of that person by the Seventh Uncle a moment ago, because this matter they are not first time do. The speed that these people worked also was really quicker and quicker, various types of tools on. These two hours of after pasts, they really have also dug up that tomb pit. Good, everybody rests, you are good.” The Seventh Uncle will prepare some good water also fish steamed buns beforehand and so on eats to them! The quick these people eat was similar. Finished eating, gets up, to help that boy, the ability that he works is limited.” The Seventh Uncle shouts. That six people all are lift up the tool to walk like Xia Tian that cave. Back and forth about ten minutes. Really was arrived tired, body felt that a vigor did not have.” Yes, possibly is the matter that here air does not circulate, is really tired.”

I good to sleep.” That several people felt the own more and more tired whole body is the perspiration. A bit faster walks, how just to praise your several to start to be loaf.” Knife discontented saying. These people have to walk forward. However they more walk are really more tired, finally simply all lay down on the ground. „Can Seventh Uncle, begin?” The knife asked. Begins, here has sufficed the depth.” The Seventh Uncle nodded, afterward the knife and pangolin they put out the blade on leg, to that several person who cannot move, the throat has all cut open. Walks!” The Seventh Uncle disdains looked at these person of one. Corrupt! Follows died, these people are too corrupt, therefore they died. 3 million, if so is really good to gain, they already increased the family fortunes. Xia Tian hides in the hidden place looks at their actions, these three people are really this, after letting they dig the hole, silences a witness of crime, these three talented people are the genuine grave robbers, moreover they have also used the free labor force. This tomb pit has certainly many people to search, recently had many people, but they do not know that actually this tomb pit is anything, therefore several enter several not to attain any thing.” The Seventh Uncle said. Seventh Uncle, is actually this tomb pit what thing?” The knife asked. Big secret, concerns in a Ancient buried treasure secret, here tomb pit was under a past Chinggis Khan famous artisan the tomb pit of brave warrior, in his grave might have the news of Chinggis Khan Tomb pit very much, if we once had discovered Chinggis Khan's tomb pit, that has sent, we will become the world biggest wealthy men, in the past Chinggis Khan swept away the Europe and Asia two states, his wealth may all hide in his tomb pit, moreover it is said in the true wealth also had him to train the secret of invincible master, had his number the endless rare treasure.” The Seventh Uncle said here time excitement that makes ready especially.

Seventh Uncle, is this possible? Chinggis Khan's grave impossible to be discovered radically, moreover some people had discovered a trail probably, but these people all disappeared finally.” The pangolin said. Others cannot achieve, does not represent your Seventh Uncle I unable to achieve, the grave that I pass through may be more than road that you pass through.” The Seventh Uncle said that took the lead to enter in the channel of that tomb pit directly. In this tomb pit has the air, should ventilate. Moreover the tomb pit is moist, showed that the nearby has the water source. Cannot think that also makes me eavesdrop on a such big secret, has thought knows this secret person are not perhaps many.” Xia Tian following quietly in that three people. These three people are not simple, especially that Seventh Uncle. He is not boasting absolutely, but really some skills. Seventh Uncle! The situation is not right, was too peaceful.” The knife said suddenly. Stops!” The Seventh Uncle shouts hurriedly. How? Seventh Uncle?” The pangolin asked. I smelled rotten smell, is fresh, front has certainly mechanism, time that person died absolutely not over seven days.” Seventh Uncle and the others have put out the weapon you.