Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 727

In the tomb pit deceased person with no reason at all, any place of deceased person, certainly will not have mechanism and so on place. Knife, gives full play to you.” The Seventh Uncle looked that said to the knife. Seventh Uncle, gives me.” The knife strikes one's chest the guarantee saying that afterward his hand approaches the wall to touch, touching inch by inch, touches is very careful, his hand has not let off, even if any place. The Seventh Uncle and pangolin they use the flashlight to illuminate the surroundings, periphery to guard presents any mishap. „Hasn't knife, touched?” The Seventh Uncle asked. Does not have, probably in this, I do not go to the other aspect to trace looks.” Knife cautious and solemn has arrived at the other aspect, on the high-amplitude wave has tried then to find out the moment, quick: Seventh Uncle, had found, really has mechanism.” This mechanism average person cannot break, but the knife energy, the finger of knife trains since childhood, compared with others long one, can enter in mechanism directly.” Seventh Uncle proud saying , the knife and pangolin are his two treasure. Otherwise already massacred by his disposition. Seventh Uncle, good!” Knife excited saying. Quite fierce, these three people absolutely are not the average people, that Seventh Uncle's nose spirits than the dog, finger unexpectedly of this knife can put in the pinhole.” Xia Tian first time sees such long finger. This three people of groups now only then the skill of that pangolin, Xia Tian have not seen. Three people of stand forths, arrive in front of them directly the time, finally saw that these putrefactive odors, seven people who where from passes on, here entire seven people, their seven were shot dead by a moment ago these mechanism. Yeah, what a pity, has killed their is the poisonous needle, otherwise meets us also to save many troubles.” The Seventh Uncle said. Seventh Uncle, do not cannibalize the dead flesh, that thing really quite disgusting, moreover after finishing eating, three months do not brush cleanly.” The knife hears Seventh Uncle's words, depressed saying. Brat, making you eat to let you maintains a livelihood, perhaps in has the thing that does not recognize people.” The Seventh Uncle has knocked the head of knife with the hand.

Lying trough, this fellows also cannibalize the dead flesh, does not fear the poison.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he has not thought that this group of people dare to eat including the flesh. The Seventh Uncle is bringing the knife and pangolin they walks forward fast. Xia Tian follows hurriedly. Seventh Uncle, the water were getting more and more, what to do?” The knife asked. Here is not some first people came, but periphery does not have including the wooden raft, this showed that front definitely has the outlet, turns on the folding hovercraft, the pangolin, favored to me, front is not perhaps simple.” The Seventh Uncle reminded. Several people early are prepared, a small hovercraft was inflated by them, then three people come up directly, slides with the small wood-pulp forward. Mother, this fellows, they rides the hovercraft, I how with?” Xia Tian looked at the surrounding wall, his both feet steps in the wall, both hands treat as the pivot with the silver needle, followed. The silver needle pricks the wall, afterward pulls out, inserts once more. Although Xia Tian Inner Strength is deep, but is he, after the silver needle has used ten times repeatedly, was unable to use again. For he does not bring to the attention of opposite party, therefore with is very far. Seventh Uncle, is the phosphorescent light! Phosphorescent light that on the personal bone emits.” The knife shouts loudly. Careful, such big piece phosphorescent light, here definitely has died many people, moreover any place that dies the oversized group of people, has the hemophagia insect.” The Seventh Uncle is ready in full battle array. Squeek psst! An intermittent strange sound conveys from front.

bo bo bo! The sound of wave, conveys, afterward on the water surface the dark thing one after another has fluttered. Seventh Uncle, what to do, these black fellows will break by biting our ships.” Knife anxious shouting. „It is not the black, is the red and green, because the ray is dark, therefore seems is the black.” Seventh Uncle unhurriedly saying of: If you disembark, they will certainly eat you, but they will not nip the hovercraft, rubber smell on the hovercraft is they are most repugnant.” Shouted, I felt relieved.” The knife has patted own chest. That flock of food corpse insects bit by bit passed, has not attacked them. These food corpse insects have really gone round their hovercraft. Also really can enter the inside of this tomb pit perhaps with these three fellow me.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Thump! Thump! At this moment a clock sound transmits, the Xia Tian spirit shakes absent-minded, almost falls from the wall: „, This is any sound, my Spiritual Force such strong unexpectedly can also be affected.” Ah! Seventh Uncle, my head good pain.” The knife shouts loudly. Covers the ear, do not listen, this res-focus one's energies the sound of clock, altogether seven sounds, remember, do not open the eye.” The Seventh Uncle shouts loudly. The knife and pangolin close own eye immediately, does not dare to open, they listen to Seventh Uncle's words very much, the Seventh Uncle enables them to open the eye, they will not open, they know that here happens any mistake, may die. Their three have closed the eye, but Xia Tian does not have, moreover his X-Ray Vision eye opened instantaneously.

Fuck! this is any thing, the ghost, is exactly the same as the ghost that Han Zifeng they raise, these ghosts were pursued by the ding probably, is fleeing in all directions.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, is at this moment, he suddenly discovered that these ghosts flushed to him. Mother D, you think that father affable is.” Xia Tian throws dozens silver needles instantaneously, above adhered to stick cohere Inner Strength, the silver needle penetrated these ghosts directly, these hit ghost dissipated directly. This tomb pit is really strange.” After the ding ended, Xia Tian continues to follow. That Seventh Uncle and the others have not continued, but approached the shore the hovercraft, because this shore started to have the cave. Seventh Uncle, here has three caves, we what to do?” The knife asked. I inspect, three holes were called the fresh dead hole generally, only then a hole is lives, other two holes go are impossible to live coming out.” After the Seventh Uncle disembarked, has inspected several in the surroundings. His brow wrinkle is deeper. „Can't Seventh Uncle, divide?” The knife asked. These three holes some people had entered recently, but nobody has come out.” Seventh Uncle light saying. Seventh Uncle, that what to do?” Knife puzzled asking. Simple, the pangolin, all makes a connection with me these three entrances, under which having a look at to be spatial, is the false hole.” The Seventh Uncle looked that said to the pangolin. „The ability of this pangolin must use finally.” A Xia Tian face anticipates looks to that pangolin. The ability of pangolin has not used to the present from coming, now finally must use.